Like clockwork, I tear through my favorite Art or Men’s-interest magazines and zoom straight to the style section and/or features. Strong and executed fashion stories gets Mr. MSR wedged deep, forgetting about everything else around.

The formula which gives fashion stories timeless or brilliant marks is editor’s or stylists’ keen attention to “style with details.” Simply put, these professionals allow the little elements—detail buttons, colors, hardware, accessories—to define image and subject.

The modish Gents at ‘FineAndDandyShop.com’ sent over some of their lookbook images shot by photographer Patrick Roxas. Let’s just say…I was wedged to my laptop screen for a lil’ while.

Notice how clear and lucid style + details transfer in the following images.


It’s often mentioned when “attractive couples procreate, beautiful kids are the end result!” In relation to the fashion parenthood parents Stella McCartney and Gap gave birth to a striking and nice-looking children’s collection!! (J. Crew’s Crewcuts are on guard I bet.) I caught glimpses of their stylish offspring’s and simply could not break away from the [capsule] collection; a real well thought-out and executed collection I found!

Stella, didn’t reserve the luxuriousness (cashmere newborn blankets can be seen) for our fashion-savvy tykes. Versatile fashion pieces (boy and girl friendly) included: Cotton blazers with dazzling silk lapels, sturdy wool military jackets bedecked with gold embroidery, cigarette-leg jeans (aimed for little fashionistas), ruche shirts, leopard print sweater dress, and tons of playful and lively outfits.

The kid and budget-friendly collection range from $14-$128 in price.


WE HEART: Cole, Rood & Haan Co.

I’ll be honest right out and say "I never took conscious glances at the Cole Haan brand." (Not even when Nike, Inc. took brand ownership.) Feelings changed last week when I had the opportunity to engage, explore, and dive on a Cole, Rood & Haan shoe. The company paid brilliant nods to their 1920s Chicagoan heritage with the Cole, Rood & Haan Co. collection.

Last month Cole, Rood & Haan Co. hosted an intimate brand showoff in a speakeasy (real 1920s!) style loft. Each shoe style, shape finishing, bright detail stitch cuts, drew in Mr. MSR closer and closer. Plush cushioned insoles, luxurious Italian leathers, natural wood bottoms, wide-stitch engineering (a telltale for any durable high-quality shoe) trailed through the well-executed and distinguished collection. The collection breadth holds a varied style range (as you can witness below) and offers wardrobe versatility, as great shoes should.

Mr. MSR is a huge fan and boaster of the label’s dress boots! The pair I’m currently sporting (Boot Leg model) into the NYC ground just cannot break free. I actually don’t want it to either! My other shoes are getting envious I think?—lol.

To shop the breathtaking C.R.H. collection or get stockist information, please visit Cole, Rood & Haan Co. online.

(The Boot Leg style atop)