The massacre and attacks erupting through Mumbai, India seized today. CNN's hands-on coverage delivered a sobering focus which moved us. So many lives lost, and so many survived. They're several viewers based in India (not sure if Mumbai) that read MaleStyle Review. We extend our condolences worldwide to everyone affected in any shape by the massacres in India.


Be advised, the video below might contain graphic images. It forces you to remember the blessings WE have rising everyday without extreme harms.


I can't tell if this dapper belted trench coat is in season, old season or vintage? On the show, Chuck Bass (and other cast mates) adorn loads of label pieces intertwined with vintage duds. The smashing trench finished with black piping is now on the Christmas list! We'll have to phone the show's wardrobe chief (a genius) to inquire. Readers, chime in if you know who makes the trench!!

See a couple reasons why we religiously tune in. Don't think, it's just Chuck's "bad boy" role he acts off so well.


Searching the radio dial this morning, Bobby Brown's Every Little Step permeated the air. Immediately, running man sprints and head pumps and down-to-the-floor splits crossed our minds. Does anyone remember the saucy music video for the hit? Through nostalgic searching, we pinned it down and couldn't believe our eyes. We're shocked awful 80's suit blazers , waist blazers (boxy structure with dazzle embellishments) and biker spandex shorts beneath suspenders were allowed fashion OK's. Similar fashions from the wild 80's period, seemed to redux into today's culture, albeit with proper fits and eye pleasing styles.

If we see studded sleeves returning rampant we plan to unremorsefully attack YOU. And know, "it's vintage" claim can't save your fashion must-not.

We still jam with the high-energy song notwithstanding the crazy fashion circulating.



The Jonas' come prepped and ready for the paparazzi snaps. Three different smashing style choices conjure collective eclecticism.

NBA star Chris Paul slam-dunks a confident yet assured pose for Ben Watts (best men’s fashion photographer!!) in this month’s GQ. Of all the presented looks, the modern interpretation with denim-on-denim stokes us up.

Usher whips out tailored muted tones for the Victoria Secrets show pink carpet in Miami recently. An appealing smile tied to a kicking three-piece suit makes for good photos—bottom line.

A men’s fashion-pairing (biker chic look) seen everywhere, looks rather delightful on Chris Breezy for last night’s AMA awards show presentation.

Although were bored stiff with the uninspiring gray hues frequently styled on Neyo, we support the completeness the look depicts for his LA Times cover shot.

Nothing brings together an ensemble more than a distinguished coat. Seen here, Rihanna rocks out an elegant Gucci multicolor coat with leather strap closures for a Unicef outing.

Kanye Weezy decided on ultra, ultra-casual for last night’s well-dressed AMA’s. We are alarmed by the low-key dressing choice. We were not stunned though, at the interestingly funky snap-front jacket Kanye donned from his Pastelle clothing collection.



Moments ago, Bergdorf Goodman’s catalog featuring Resort/Holiday collections landed in our masculine palms. I take into fact MaleStyle Review is a male platform. But I know you don’t mind me widening the stage to show you supermodel Sessillee Lopez dominating the Bergdorf catalog spreads. The gorgeous beauty demonstrates through imagery, an outstanding face is just one-part; poses, spunk, and high-energy completes the full package.

A few proof positives:


Mr. MSR has an aversion to individuals spending carefree and wasteful on luxurious duds. Know it’s outright unstylish to clad down in luxury logos not properly meshed together. Wearing labels and logos is absolutely fine...sporting them improperly, is what makes us vehemently tick off.

Please avoid from making the pictured fashion slip-ups. Shoot a quick e-mail to us for style suggestions on blending or incorporating designer labeled pieces.

It saddens us to witness the suffering the LV Damier Graphite pieces are undergoing.
Men's Style Advice: The laden designer logo blend comes across very uniform-like. To proper fix the fashion conundrum, incorporate either Damier merchandise as standalones. Complimenting not obstructing, trumps.

The knockout mink that once starred the runways now looks ordinary due to distasteful blending.



Do you know what the most costly magazine advertising page is? Take a guess… If you thought the back cover, you’re absolutely correct. We became aware of Brioni plastered on the high-priced page, and queried, “What’s this about, Brioni?” In the same minute, the appealing and well-appointed campaign shot replied back: Brioni understands the sign of the time. The Italian label no longer exclusively connects for grandpa and his club lodge cronies. Nowadays, dashing gentlemen’s of a younger generation can now suit up in modern-appropriate selections. Even the temporary Brioni website embodies a lifestyle appeal for younger groups.

Façonnable is another brand retooling design efforts. I crossed paths with the new appointed director—Eric Wright—and just from his artistic energy, I knew he could produce the shock value and reviving the golf-player label required. Scoping the collection(s) and the impressive fashion depot on 5th Ave., you sense their 50s Hollywood popularity muscling back with vigor. Another rebrand telltale: Façonnable expands into creating cut-to-fit (tailored) clothing for the kiddies.

The clear takeaway from both labels I find, classic high-end tailoring now welcomes dandies of every distinction—from grandpa down to grandson.





Mr. MSR landed his earliest MCM collectors piece (gold rust monogram baseball cap) sophomore or junior year of college. Monogram jackets, caps, wallets, chain clips, and coin sacks later, the MCM enthusiast welcome the progressive comeback from a storied [monogram] fashion house. During a press preview earlier in the month, fresh accessory assortments-boasting innovative ornamentations, prints, and motifs—had us discharging favoring remarks. Remarks like: It’s about time!!!

The killer men’s shopper bags (Visetos Munich Lion model), sharp oversize weekenders, functional travel rollers, knock out a good number of designers constructing menswear accessories (bags, wallets, etc.). Goyard, take notice and Gucci be on watch. MCM statement-making designs bawl major profit margins. Ritzy and posh Plaza Hotel hordes the only standalone MCM shop for the U.S. Although not allotting premium square footage, the saucy collections on show, thrills and satisfies the deep-pockets which traffics the intimate space.




In the Present

Upon what changing circumstances does your happiness depend?

If you find what you are seeking, will the satisfaction last? Wisdom lies in recognizing both the limitations of the finite and the larger reality lying beyond.


California Supreme Court reviews Proposition 8 overturning.

Blackberry Storm Device: The iPhone alternate disappoints. I hope phone carriers know the iPhone can’t be mimicked or copied. Get more artistic with your creative product engineers and present the consumers with innovative offerings.

Muscle bulging and strength increase techniques without the use of illegal substances.

MOCA (LA’s version of MOMA) face severe monetary problems.

A new study finds Ginkgo biloba doesn’t prevent dementia.



The moire of the photo is the actual outcome of the issue cover.
Oh yea, each article of clothing is all by D&G!

Our monthly scope through men’s glossies always contains VMAN. A mixture of art elements and fashion merchandise lay evident on the glossy-texture sheets. This month the publication’s “Mantle of Greatness” earned the prolonged applauses. In fact, the cover featuring clean-cut Chace Crawford netted favoring approvals.

V Man sent JD Ferguson and Marcus Gaab to last season’s menswear runway presentations in Milan and Paris to take family-style portraits of 17 menswear designers and the models who spiffily parade the clothes.

I encourage you to purchase the magazine to see the awesome layout. In the interim, preview our faves.

DSQUARED! Our favorite menswear show last season. And also, our top favorite portrait in the series. The contrasting elements (infused 80s accessories) surprised first, but rapidly grew on us after the second runway look.

Tomas Maier featured with the relaxingly dressed models of Bottega Veneta.

Kris Van Assche displaying his eclectic position on men's sportswear.

The gutsy and fearless Massimiliano Giornetti of Salvatore Ferragamo.

The forever chipper--Giorgio Armani afront his interpretation of modern India's vibrancy. The pieces seem very fluid and roomy. We dig it!

You know Paul Smith when you see him, and his signature preppy striping.

Paul Joes take on the modern sailor. As of recently, we're growing acutely fond of the label.

Angela Missoni (of Missoni, of course) continues whipping out fantastic kaleidoscopes and zigzags we never get dizzy of.



In the Present

Today's In the Present rooted from pal "Reverend Run" of legendary rap trio RUN DMC. This message bears solid truth. And I encourage the readers to get present with the simple message.

"Good morning. When there are ten buyers and only three puppies, every dog is the pick of the litter!! There's only one YOU... People need what YOU have... Put your unique qualities on display... People will pay you for it... People will honor you for it... Take it from the dude who sits in a tub filled with bubbles writing words of wisdom."


Bill Clinton nudges Hillary Clinton towards Secretary of State top spot.

The magazines are spilling out their “Best” lists; PEOPLE took their turn.

It’s looking grim and dismal for Beyonce at the upcoming Grammys. Side note: I heard all the tracks of the super-popularized album. Honestly, I had only two takeaway strong tracks, besides the other currently circulating airwaves.

Tree houses boasting modular details and green-inclined features get us woodsy and eager to trek the nearest mountain land.

Unbelievable! A teenage girl survives with artificial heart for—get this—118 days!



The temps plunged quickly overnight and it dawned that wintry temperatures will whistle in shortly. I figured, we better get a head start to prepare for the bracing weather upfront. The first go-getter I thought: Footwear. Jackets, cashmeres, knits, and various comforts were not heavy on the mind. I went to market and manage to nail down two weather and style-appropriate finds to steer clear of frost bitten toes. Mr. MSR immediately became smitten and head over soles in love.

I introduce to you: Arfango Firenze velvet tassel loafers and swanky desert boots by Aquascutum. Our biggest takeaways for both have to be the functioning qualities each shoe make available: Style and Warmth. The loafers are just the thing for a gala or night dinner out. As for Aquascutum ritzy desserts, it affords strokes of flair to winter garbs.

Both shoes may leave a slender dent in your pockets but it’s exceptionally worth the pocket foray.

More color options after the jump.



In the Present

Q. How does one get to Awareness other than by accident?

A. There is no "getting to" Awareness! Awareness is who and what we already are. It is our innate nature. It is the capacity for you now to see and recognize these words while you are reading them on the screen. It is the most intimate part of who you are. It is the very center of being with which you already identify.


GQ dishes 2008 Men Of The Year List!

Saudi supertanker carrying $100 Million worth of oil hijacked by Somali pirates. WOW! You normally expect these scenarios in movies, not reality.

The newest, product-pleasing online men’s accessories shop! It’s heaven for immaculate gallants.

Designers thrust inaugural gown sketches to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Barneys New York celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic PEACE symbol!



I’m browsing for casual day-to-night footwear and summoned up these OK looking spectator styles from Kenneth Cole Reaction. The more urban and rugged collection of Kenneth Cole surprised us; in fact, shocked our Lanvin kicks off. The Reaction collections were dreadful and an ultimate write-off in MSR books. Think a dressy version of Sketchers to visualize the unsightly offerings of Kenneth Cole Reaction. Square angular fronts, heavy-duty stitching (in all the wrong shoe areas), gaudy buckle, and high-traction soles placed on a single shoe, are just repulsive and gross…seriously.

I grew a pinch of faith after spotting the brown suede footwear. Even those multihued bottoms scream heading-in-new direction! The footwear designers leaf a new page and are actually releasing decent looking shoes which would not collect stomach-turning reactions from eyewitnesses. Keep traveling onward in the new direction K.C.R.


Since age twelve, my hairline sharp edges and close shaves have only knew one grooming expert and barber. The loyalty may lighten up after going under subtle hypnosis by John Allan’s. On a recent menswear market preview at Saks Fifth Avenue, I strode into the revamped men’s department to unconsciously unearth John Alllan’s. Although established for a healthy 3 years in Saks, I never took notice. Erecting an airy and fragrant cologne department might of help for hauling me close. I walked in and telepath to new milieus—away from the craze Gucci and Comme des Garçons collections imparted.

The lofty feel of the space and checkerboard window pane dividers allows you to experience every characteristic of the members-only space. The snooty and nose-up energy you expect from clubby surroundings amputated itself. Instead, you encounter upbeat and cheery professionals clipping, shampooing, shoe shining, manicuring, massaging, and shaving away in tune with their client.

The John Allan’s membership prices below $1,000 for the year and comes bundled with The Signature Full Service. Which includes: Scalp Massaging Shampoo (puts you in sleep mode), Conditioning Treatment, Hot Towel (great for exfoliating negative facial properties guys), Haircut, Manicure, Shoe Shine, and a chilled beverage to finish off. The successful men’s grooming club has five establishments offering quality services across the USA.

For more information of membership and services, visit the groomers online at: www.johnallans.com

The John Allan's Experience.


Over the weekend, the Knowles duo (Beyonce and Solange) headlined all over NYC separately; we strategically managed to spot them for most performances. Beyonce SNL's spoof on Saturday did me over with LOL's and stomach spasms.

Take a look...



In the Present

Awareness contains both happiness and unhappiness. It contains the falling stock and the stubbed toe and the broken heart. When we recognize this, we can begin to see that we are always Aware, no matter what is happening.

Awareness is the constant, and it is only the content of consciousness that changes (as stocks fall and toes are stubbed).

NEWS BITS will resume tomorrow.



Over here at MSR, we hanker and ache for great imagery— chiefly magazine covers. The bold visual presentation absorbs the senses. For MSR, moving and impenetrable imagery is our kryptonite. This month we did ooh’s and aah’s for Essence’s December issue cover—celebrating the union ship of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Plus it does not hurt that we heart Big Will. The article (written in conversation style between both) did not fall short, neither dishearten. But more importantly, are the darn SOUL-PIERCING HEART-CAPTIVATING shots of the couple. The fashions weren’t the main focus, (although they brought the FASHHHION. Kudos to Mariel Haenn (responsible for Rihanna’s new look) and Rob Zangardi for tag teaming) the graceful ethereal images I solely agree takes the cake.

See for yourself…