Searching the radio dial this morning, Bobby Brown's Every Little Step permeated the air. Immediately, running man sprints and head pumps and down-to-the-floor splits crossed our minds. Does anyone remember the saucy music video for the hit? Through nostalgic searching, we pinned it down and couldn't believe our eyes. We're shocked awful 80's suit blazers , waist blazers (boxy structure with dazzle embellishments) and biker spandex shorts beneath suspenders were allowed fashion OK's. Similar fashions from the wild 80's period, seemed to redux into today's culture, albeit with proper fits and eye pleasing styles.

If we see studded sleeves returning rampant we plan to unremorsefully attack YOU. And know, "it's vintage" claim can't save your fashion must-not.

We still jam with the high-energy song notwithstanding the crazy fashion circulating.

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