Remember the LUSSW magazine 'style snaps' feature I told you I photographed for ? Well, it's finally on newsstands everywhere for all to glimpse. I heard it's sold out completely in Japan. Maybe, they'll reprint issues depending on consumer and market demands.

The present cover features new male it-model (pictured) Wendell Lissimore (works with Hermes, Emanuel Ungaro, etc.) .

Thanks again to photo superstar TeKay for choosing Mr. MSR to showcase genuine style.

UPDATE (8/4/2008): I was able to capture the layout from the magazine. I'm the first gent on the left side.


It’s often said, "thoughts thought, are inevitably magnified by the universe."

If I was skeptic of this phrase, I am a total believer NOW. Earlier this year, I found the boldest and coolest African fabric boasting large elephants, structured leafs and pineapple husks. The color mix was perfecto for summer. Because the fabric was lightweight, I decided I was going to have the tailor make some cool sundeck shorts for beach-y excursions.

Recently, flipping through HAMPTON Style I saw my envisioned board shorts being happily sported by bellmen working at Tracy Feith’s surf lodge in Montauk, NY. I was disappointed. I figured the bold printed shorts were exclusively designed by Tracy for his surfing establishment, because they are not at his shops. Tracy Feith’s clothing is known to portray exotic prints, bold textiles, and breezy fabrics.

Procrastination continues to champion because I still see the fabric in a raw state.

Monsieur Tailor here I come!


Taz Arnold, Mr. MSR, and Meka clearly caught by surprised.

Goyard, since their ferocious reemergence (roughly 2 years) won the eyes of fashion-forwards everywhere. From Collette on Rue Saint-Honoré to Barneys on Madison Ave. you’re bound to see the intricate-logo brand seated on display. These days consumers are voting for utilitarian (wearable) luxury pieces. Yes, there’s Louis Vuitton, but more opulent options are needed.

Maison E. Goyard didn’t notice the sumptuous clothing lacking, but instead, Michael Cromer Munchen (MCM) has. Referenced as the “trendy 1980s bag maker”, MCM is revamping with fresher and ritzy ready-to-wear. And we should thank one person for the fresher look, and foray back into clothing: Taz Arnold.

As of recent, press shots and videos have been mingling through cyberspace with Taz sporting flashy and swanky MCM garments. My favorite pieces seen thus far: a tan motorcycle jacket with killer gold hardware; a black letterman jacket with pigskin leather (MCM traditional material) sleeves; and a sea blue monogrammed cap. Style reporter, Cathy Horyn, found his ‘cubist’ style at the Paris men’s show, simply fascinating. Imagine when she finds out his designer-creative inclusion with MCM’s newfound image.

Mr. MSR has seen Taz’s Paris shots clad in MCM; and tons of others from performances with Sa-Ra. However, a recent pleasant interaction with TAZ and his MCM in person fueled this article. It was about two weeks back when I had the opportunity to briefly chat design with the invited designer of MCM. My first remark was “are you customizing these MCM pieces”, I have been seeing you rock? If you saw the stop-traffic drawstring he sported in Europe, you would understand the forward inquiry.

Taz laughed, but quickly assured all were authentic, and it’s from his collection he’s whipping up at the luxury house. Instantly, after hearing the good news, enthrallment takes center. Taz Arnold has been envisioning, and crafting a lot fierce pieces (as pictured); ranging from outerwear to stylish accouterments. His worn samplings only wet our fashion appetites for the new collaborative collection. Hopefully, the newsworthy garments will soon rollout at your nearest better luxury boutique.




In the Present

Learn to discern how thought filters perception.

Then you will begin to see how much of your experience is a product of imagination and expectation.


Thanks to rising oil prices, Exxon reports profits of $11.68 Billion. Exxon made U.S. history!

Washington post columnist Howard Kutz speaks on Barack’s ease and smoothness to handle to the barrage of negatives firing towards him. I believe, Howard, it’s call self-confidence at premium levels.

Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List is out. See if your favorite arbiter of style made this list. One thing I can say, that Carla Bruni is a gem of grace and sexiness.

Ludacris, how idiotic can you be to release music as such? Especially when you know what your so call “presidential boy” stands for.

Check these up-to-the-minute sleek styles for your wrist.



For Fall, Jude Law partners with European label to produce Dior Homme Sport.


Before the viral explosion for ITALIA VOGUE’S Black Issue release, I planned on clenching the historical publication. However, days right up before the launch I was swamped with work. And Mr. MSR was turned-down at every grocer and newsstand requesting the publicized issue. My business/marketing know-how kicked in when I figured Conde Nast would have to reprint issues to fill the stratospheric demands.

On Saturday, touring with girlie, I looked everywhere for the issue. Everyone had the same response, “we haven’t received the reprints.” I lucked up when I walked into Universal News (for non-nyc’ers, it’s a venerable hub known for stocking most magazines). I doled out $15 bucks for the Jourdan Dunn cover. Post-purchase, several individuals cornered me asking me where I landed the issue. Without hesitations, I directed them to Universal News on 14th Street.

The legendary fashion photog Steven Meisel deserves credit and recognition for pitching this revolutionary issue concept to Conde Nast poobah’s and Italian Vogue uppers. I sat down and really dove in and realized Steven Meisel is a frigging genius—a simple genius! Spread after spread, floored me with delight and amazement people. My favorite models and spreads, interestingly, received the most pages. Naomi Campbell (spread title: There’s only one NAOMI) received a whopping 16 pages and Sessilee Lopez (spread title: How to Dazzle)—get this—28 pages! I’m not surprised she ranked out Naomi; this girl makes men feet shake…lol. Other models loaded in the issue were Iman, Veronica Webb, Liya Kebede, Toccara Jones, Chanel Iman, Pat Cleveland, and Tyra Banks, just to name a few.

In all, it’s great to know the overdue issue which advocates fought tirelessly for, finally crystallized into genuine beauty.



Double Breast? Single Breast? Double Vent? Notch Lapel?

The amalgam of suiting jargons might run you into fashion frenzy when sourcing the perfectly fit suit. First thing to know: Your body type. It’s not hard. Snatch a body mirror, and whatever seems to be mirroring back, identify the results as your “body type.” If you are athletically built, psyching yourself up to be Euro-slim inevitably backfires when flocking to menswear shops for suit offerings.

Men tend to have off perceptions of which suit actually beautifies their gentleman physique. To avoid any suit purchasing mishaps, secure the must-do's below, and assure no embarrassments from sales clerks.

We’re not telling the ‘how-to’ with suits (might end up disinteresting you), but rather dishing the simple essentials of securing the perfect fitting suit.

Cut and Fit

A fiercely cut suit—double-breasted or single-breasted—must sit on the wearer. Slim-built to medium-size built guys should seek linear-cut suits. Linear styles lengthen and elongate the shape—providing a lean and slick poise. In addition, it offers eye-pleasing proportions.

If suits ride (front or side gaping) your frames take it in for alteration to a professional tailor (NO Dry Cleaners).

For athletic built frames, opt for double-vent suiting--it syncs with your stature. Why? It gives forgiving freedom throughout the shoulders and back area. Also to note, it drapes coolly when buttoned up. The suit dissects the upper body giving a V-formation shape (the ultimate enhancer for non-gym buffs!).

A perfectly fit suit is cornerstone for gentleman style.

Just remember the aforementioned essentials ,and you won’t have any post-purchase qualms.



In the Present

Seeking is based on a fundamental assumption of incompleteness.

Beyond all seeking lies the discovery of infinite completeness -- an undeniable recognition that nothing is missing.


Ugly Betty Star Rebecca Romijn set to have twins.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bob Novak diagnosed with brain tumor.

Actor Shia LaBeouf arrested for DUI suspicion.

Rapper Nelly stars in FALL Sean John adverts. Honestly, is this a great collaboration? Being that Nelly already has his own women’s label, I felt SJ should of tapped LL Cool J.

Mr. MSR doesn’t drink, but these tasty-sounding cocktail elixirs throughout America make one want to indulge.



Browsing through Men.Style.com , I encountered this cool video (shot last week) with Scott Shuman from The Sartorialist; Josh Peskowitz (a young editor editor who has his finger on the menswear pulse) and menswear authority Tyler Thoreson recapping the recent menswear shows in Paris and Milan.

Watch how these stylish and candid fashionable Gents interact in the men's fashion closet.

It's really cool!

In the Closet: July 23, 2008


With timeless and creative style, as the reappearing message, these style players dress the part all while looking smashingly good.

Tennis star Andre Agassi, achieves the ‘gentleman’ look on the cover of HAMPTON STYLE. Kicked back in a fitted notch lapel number, matched with a crisp white shirt, a youthful-looking Andre beams.

Looking unbothered, Sir Fonzworth Bentley (host of Mr. MSR’s new favorite show: G’s to Gents) rest on a leather club chair sporting an earth-tone [window pane] plaid jacket with matching denim shirt and pants—very western contemporary!

From the moment I laid eyes on this style dandy, I admired his majestic white suit and royal purple drivers (you know there TODS!) used to flair up his ensemble. Don’t you just this summer look? With his unbutton striped shirt and camel Hermès belt he reminds us why in summer we stock easy-breezy garments—with hints of luxe.

Fast forwarding to Spring ’09, I loved how transferable this silhouette is to Fall. Mr. MSR had to rip it of the runway; to show key pieces Gents can grab, even before the flowers re-blooms next Spring.

Singer M.I.A. and fiancé Benjamin Brewer shows young and stylin’ at this year’s MOMA: The Party in the Garden. Mr. Brewer opts for the traditional gala black and white uniform which he sports and fits well. The lovey-dovey matching crossed-leg posing are way too cool.

On line in CVS recently, this VOGUE cover appeared in the peripheral. The first surprise was the young and regal look the model posed for the cover. The second shocker, it was Kate Moss! Honestly, shots as such, affirm the “chameleon” tag I have placed on Kate.



You remember at the top section of the year, I mentioned the Tom Ford fragrance partnership with earthy-soul songstress Erykah Badu? Well the ad campaign shots for Tom Ford’s White Patchouli—set to debut Fall—are buzzing. (Patchouli is actually a fragrant herb used to hydrate the skin.)

“For this project, I wanted to reinvent patchouli; I loved the idea of mixing patchouli with white florals. We used patchouli orpur, which takes out some of the darker, smoky notes of patchouli. We mixed that with peony, bergamot, and jasmine. Additional notes include rose, coriander, and ambrette seed”, says Tom Ford, in a recent article.

As I stated before “her beauty always translates well.” The new fragrance spreads speaks just that. Erykah depicts sort of a saucy and sultry positioning I actually love. Models, stand way for the possible new it-face. Designers might start clamoring to have her for campaigns.

Well done Ms. Badu!

Speaking of campaigns, check out J. Timberlake’s fall fragrance (entitled PLAY) adverts for GIVENCHY.



In the Present

Each experience is an opportunity to see more deeply into who and what you really are.

Life is our opportunity to deepen our appreciation of the infinite.


Clearly, using carps during your pedicures is effective for scaling away dead skin. This creative method needs to hit the Big Apple.

The graceful yet hilarious Estelle Getty has passed on at age 84.

Tomatoes are clear, however, now FDA is reporting there is a national Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak with jalapenos.

Bosnian warmonger Radovan Karadzic (lead initiator for the massacring of 8,000 men and boys) is captured.

Karl Lagerfeld in his acclaimed documentary (Lagerfeld Confidential) mentioned he hoped to dabble with designing homes. Now, a new partnership in Dubai, (ching, ching!!) has Karl doing just that.



Last night, my uncle hinted me on a cool experimentation using popcorn kernels and cellphones.

I was in awe of the simpleness' provided to demonstrate the unique experiment. Mr. MSR needed to share this video.


When I think luxury monograms, the first brand to appear is always Louis Vuitton.

The Goyard's, MCM's, and Gucci's all follow behind.

The 'Damier' series is a personal LV mongogram favorite. Why? For the simplicity and bold checkered squares. In addition, it's a suitable monogram for men and strongly betters the traditional all over LV monogramming, I firmly, believe. Louis Vuitton continues to roll out statement pieces that clutch our dinero and charge cards.

The new luxurious obsession : Louis Vuitton Damier large knapsack. The knapsack is not your average toting one. With plentiful leather strappings and shimmering hardware, the luxe carrier is camp-ready and streetwear savvy. I would ditch my hand carryall in a flash to schlep the oversize Damier.

I didn't see any release information about the Damier knapsack. I heard it was exclusively crafted for a certain [fashinisto] celebrity, but I need a confirmation. Take my word; I'll be phoning the Louis Vuitton PR office to inquire further about getting my shoulders underneath the fierce knapsack.



In the Present

Powerful words written by Joe Anthony:

This whole matter of Realization revolves around a fundamental question of identity: "With what do you identify?"

The more narrow and limited your sense of self, the greater your suffering.

The moment you discover that things are separate only in appearance, and not in Essence,
then in that moment your sense of "self" will begin to expand.

And, in that moment, you will begin to Realize the magnificence of who and what you really are:
a dynamic manifestation, within space and time, of the Reality which transcends both.


Obama travels to Baghdad to discuss strategy with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Watch the clip inserted with the article.

Jimmy Fallon takes over for Conan O’ Brien, and Conan,for Jay Leno.

Super Bowl halftime show FCC fine with Janet and Justin, gets tossed out.

Dark Knight breaks Hollywood records with a whopping $155.4 million in-house.

Most of NYC restaurants are posting caloric counts for food listed on their menus.


Thom Browne: Fall '08 Argyle Collection

Do we like? Or not?

I actually like the argyle collection; not as a suit, but more as dashing separates. I don't think Mr. MSR can master the full-on argyle suit and matching shoes (which we dig!) in one-shot. On the flip end, I am confident I can sport each item individually and create the sartorial statement.

I still don't fully understand Thom's semi avant-garde designs; not even the hiked up hemline trousers and billowing men's jackets. But with editress Anna Wintour as his biggest cheerleader, it's clear why he's doing well and was an invited chief designer for Brooks Brother.

Let me hear your thoughts and/or feelings about Thom's argyle collection.


Aviators beamed at the word in the 1930s and remained glistening ever since. RayBan, were visionaries—or correctly put—creators of the ‘aviator’ style. Starting with military pilots sporting the accessory, its traveled decades to sit remarkably on loads of nose bridges—especially [eyewear] fashionistas. The designers today manufacturing aviators are plentiful. But we know, only a few, makes the cut for producing spectacular frames.

Austrian label Carrera is cutting deep with some stylish yet affordable frames (starts at $130). Known for using enduring materials and unique processing, the fifty-five-year-old label has kept up with the joneses (other labels) just fine. I heard wind the brand’s currently preparing to rollout an exclusive collection for eyewear emporium Solstice. Mr. MSR’s eagerly excited about the collaboration.

To add, Carrera in the past partnered with aerospace giant Boeing and luxurious carmaker Ferrari to produce lethal aviators. Presently, the brand manufactures eyewear for several categories (i.e. beach sportswear, car racing). The popular sellers are definitely their supreme-crafted aviators.



Three style players joined up to make this sartorial-filled funny music video.

This little kid is too funny!! See how kids feel post-losing a game of Halo.



In the Present

Look at how easily we accept common beliefs in illusion!

Neither the past nor the future has any reality separate from the present moment -- and yet we act as if each is Real.

This is one of the fundamental assumptions I am encouraging you to re-examine and investigate.

Look into the heart of your own immediate experience and you will see, without a doubt, that only NOW is Real.


NBC network giant Jeff Zucker, and mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, in tussle over Project Runway.

I wholeheartedly love Nelson Mandela. His life story alone makes you stand at attention. He celebrates his 90th birthday encouraging South Africans not to lose sight of the less fortunate.

The fall of “The Dark Night” keeps anxious moviegoers up until wee hours.

U.S. scraps AIDS vaccine testing.

The 10 Gents who made great career moves that continues to benefit their success.


ABSOLUT + Kanye West

Today, during a train ride, I featured my eyes on the comical adverts Absolut partnered with Kanye to produce. It has some narcissistic connotations of course, but I found the ad's real comical and strange, coming from a beverage brand that normally whips up stimulating and memorable ad campaigns.

Honestly, I felt the collaboration should of gave birth to something more supreme.

Train Advertisement

The viral video birth from this questionable concept.


I'm noticing this summer, in particular, the masses (worldwide) received the memo: Simple style, with breezy flair. This week's style wrap up, the subjects follow through, and gives it to us without any hiccups.

Señor Oscar de la Renta and Jennifer Lopez hamming it up on the bustling NYC pavements. We like the yellow silk tie and two-toned pocket square. A dashing gent you still are Oscar. I hope to have this youthful presence at 75.

Pharrell great ensemble. The color palette I find summer-appropriate and the accoutrement's equally pleasing. For future, pair a more gentlemanly watch and neater pocket square. The premium denims really adds depth to the getup.

"Confidence" is the operative theme in this capture. Slick-fitting suit and open button-down breathes power and swagger. Awesome, look!

NYC style player, Adeleke Sijuwade, was shot by the "Sartorialist" and I can see why. Take a moment, and just get into the magnificent pairing: Custom made suit (from Adeleke collection) matched with a killer newsboy, bottomed off with vintage cap toe shoes. *Bonus- The high cummerbund-like waist pants and pointy perfected tie shows the effort put into his wardrobe creation.

This shot screams: Man with ace style and fashion know-how. I dig the look--from shoulder to feet. He executed the checkered necktie with a striped shirt real seamlessly. His inclusion of the croc attaché clutch and suede golfer shoes jazzes up the entire look.

George Cortina definitely makes my top five 'Gents with style' list ! Stylist and image maker, he nails breezy and relaxed with all his fashion choices.



In the Present

It is estimated that you have 50,000 thoughts per day. That's about one thought per waking second and you don't even know what they are.

Look for yourself. What are the thoughts that you have already thought in the last half hour? If you are like most people you will struggle to come up with even a few, yet you had about 1800 thoughts!

That's why it appears that your world is not of your own making. This is false!

In actual fact you are incredibly good at creating what you think - you just don't know what that is!


After delivering twins on Saturday, Angelina Jolie is doing great.

In-Bev yanks up Anheuser-Busch for a whopping $52 Billion. Even the drafts are getting pricey.

Yahoo says “no way” to Bill Gates and Carl Icahn.

Take a look at America’s BEST HOSPITALS ranked in ’08.

Karin Nelson features Eve and other style-worthy items!



Honestly, I can’t verbally replay Thierry Henry soccer stats, but his style game, most certainly. Thierry along with D. Beckham are perfect representatives for male athletes that dress to kill with swagger to boot. Of course accessibility to fashion brands (via-stylist or publicist) might be the case with Thierry always-on-the-money wardrobe arrangements. However, the fashion swag Thierry scores is exclusively owned—an unquestionable truth. To add, last year Thierry teamed up with American designer Tommy Hilfiger and über-lifestyle shop Collete, to launch his exclusive trench coat, benefiting The One 4 All Foundation .

Men’s and lifestyle magazines (cover/fashion editors) I encourage taking cues from the pictures below. Thierry without hesitations clutch “style player” credentials.


MaleStyle Review is back full throttle!

In the Present

"We become whatever we attend to. If we allow our attention to wander in the slums of preoccupation, we absorb the contents of the slums. If we regain our power of attention and focus on higher themes, we blend with the higher themes. We must resolve to reclaim our power of attention from flighty mental pursuits. In other words, "stop daydreaming".

As Jesus said, "be alert and awake, for you not know when the Master is coming". The Master is your higher consciousness, but it only comes when your mind is empty of the past and future, otherwise there is no room to enter."


Texas oil magnate gets greener by offering up $2 billion to create a wind farm.

Beach bum Matthew McConaughey and Camila welcomes their son Alan yesterday.

Barack schedule to receive Democrat endorsement in front of 76,000 supporters.

The hip locale NYC revelers venture to for weekend refreshment.

First-ever boutique hotel gets $9 million dollar facelift.



My laptop, my baby, my everything is currently sick with a curable virus thanks to movie downloading. However, I have sent it to the best hospital for treatment and I am proud to say it's resting post-operation. (Smiles.)

Stay tune for MSR relaunch.

Take care MSR community until!