Taz Arnold, Mr. MSR, and Meka clearly caught by surprised.

Goyard, since their ferocious reemergence (roughly 2 years) won the eyes of fashion-forwards everywhere. From Collette on Rue Saint-HonorĂ© to Barneys on Madison Ave. you’re bound to see the intricate-logo brand seated on display. These days consumers are voting for utilitarian (wearable) luxury pieces. Yes, there’s Louis Vuitton, but more opulent options are needed.

Maison E. Goyard didn’t notice the sumptuous clothing lacking, but instead, Michael Cromer Munchen (MCM) has. Referenced as the “trendy 1980s bag maker”, MCM is revamping with fresher and ritzy ready-to-wear. And we should thank one person for the fresher look, and foray back into clothing: Taz Arnold.

As of recent, press shots and videos have been mingling through cyberspace with Taz sporting flashy and swanky MCM garments. My favorite pieces seen thus far: a tan motorcycle jacket with killer gold hardware; a black letterman jacket with pigskin leather (MCM traditional material) sleeves; and a sea blue monogrammed cap. Style reporter, Cathy Horyn, found his ‘cubist’ style at the Paris men’s show, simply fascinating. Imagine when she finds out his designer-creative inclusion with MCM’s newfound image.

Mr. MSR has seen Taz’s Paris shots clad in MCM; and tons of others from performances with Sa-Ra. However, a recent pleasant interaction with TAZ and his MCM in person fueled this article. It was about two weeks back when I had the opportunity to briefly chat design with the invited designer of MCM. My first remark was “are you customizing these MCM pieces”, I have been seeing you rock? If you saw the stop-traffic drawstring he sported in Europe, you would understand the forward inquiry.

Taz laughed, but quickly assured all were authentic, and it’s from his collection he’s whipping up at the luxury house. Instantly, after hearing the good news, enthrallment takes center. Taz Arnold has been envisioning, and crafting a lot fierce pieces (as pictured); ranging from outerwear to stylish accouterments. His worn samplings only wet our fashion appetites for the new collaborative collection. Hopefully, the newsworthy garments will soon rollout at your nearest better luxury boutique.



~DRAMA™~ said...

this is so my new style icon

prettywings320 said...

Taz has a blog at tisavision.tv