Call me “bag man” if you want! Briefcases, leather-trimmed knapsacks, envelope attachés, messengers, all stand attention amongst the closet chambers. I’ll own the label without reservations. Supreme men bags I find offers the perfect twofer: Style and Function. So, imagine the rush of excitement I experienced after imagining the high-quality PRADA sporting my top frame for Spring?!

The navy leather/suede accented merse pops a calming effect amongst the seasonal bright hues setting to raid your closet sanctum. Speaking of function, the durable leather strap closure and water-repellant shell safeguards the slick carrier from harm’s way.

I am certain the prized merse will get quickly soaked up once it makes sights on the walking pavements.


Today's I.T.P. comes off the lips of Ali Muhammad, a friend of Mr. MSR.

"Nothing’s realistic, until someone makes it so. Now that America is in an economic slump, I’ve been hearing a lot about being realistic. Like someone said to me yesterday “I can’t do this, I don’t have the money maybe I should be realistic. If we wait on realistic we’ll never accomplish anything. We’d all be sitting around waiting somebody to make things real for us. Don't let the news, the recession, or the recessionist stop you from getting to your goals."

So truthful and on-point.



The extra-springy postcard picture arrived on the glass desk from Martin + Osa and I can't seem to stop staring it over. The shot screams Weekend Style + Stroll with girlie! It also adds, Spring is on the horizon.

I plan on tacking the postcard onto the creative board!


I went hunting and captured these sizzling slew!


The film junkie within is always on prowl for excellent films. Documentaries, in particular, leave off impacting impressions. Looking at the recent Sundance Film Festival lineup I divinely ran into “The September Issue.” I am on tip-toes eagerly waiting for the picture to hit NYC. (Sundance Film Festival brings the entire festival for ONE week to NYC ever year (Brooklyn, to be exact).)

The documentary storms through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors of VOGUE perched with editrix Anna Vintrour and A-team (Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, and many more) and document the step-by-step creation of the 2007 September VOGUE issue; the primetime issue month for VOGUE and most magazines. I noted over 800+ pages in the 2007 September edition in my archive. Can you imagine the vast behind-the-scenes footage R.J. Cutler documented for the aforementioned Fall tome?!!

Before venturing into the menswear expert field, marketing and advertising held my [career] heart. I dissected advertisers and seen the heavy control their ad dollars influenced magazine directions and decisions. VOGUE is completely opposite from other publications when September comes bellowing. Advertisers, ranging from high-glamorous to average denim labels compete for a coveted page in September VOGUE.

To see the behind-the-curtains of a ‘Fashion Bible’ (industry termed) I believe makes this documentary a must-see-must-watch.

Check the September Issue Q&A and Director Spotlight clips below:


Since the onset of the heavily circulated Kanye-Louis design apprenticeship news (mostly footwear) , I have been fully embedded—waiting for the final creation. I wanted to see what the self-proclaimed LV Don would master up!! Coming from an Art background, I figured power and stellar designs would seep from Kanye’s palms. To be candor, I was NOT impressed with the final execution. After tuning into Louis Vuitton’s Paris show for the footwear premiere, I wasn’t the bit WOWED! Like not even a little. It didn’t grip nor interest my purchasing pockets. I liked hearing his vision and semi- methodic process for the mid-top sneaker construction.

The fiery red choice is a power statement, but the design aesthetics just doesn’t make the cut. I'm more apt to wear the white sneaker/boat shoe hybrid with tassle laces he designed for the collection. Kanye's Louis Vuitton shoe line plans for a '09 summer (JUNE) rollout.

I must say though, the sneaker splashed artfully on the Louis Vuitton runway in Paris.

Check video gabbing about LV menswear show:

The featured images below: Louis Vuitton runway still and Kanye West's white Louis Vuitton designed sneaker.


When you discover the privilege and the profound opportunity inherent in being alive, your life will become a sacred blessing for others.

Honor the grace that is Life within this moment.



It’s a glorious Thursday and I returned—with more gusto and flair! Fresh from Inauguration territory, I am reverting back to MSR mode. The spirited energies are still exploding and going off. Mr. MSR setup up living in the Capitol neighborhood (5 min. walk to the swear-in site) and celebrated Barack Obama for 5 days!!

Positive vibes permeated everywhere I walked, partied, and hanged out. Thank You to everyone involved (OPRAH SHOW producers for show seats, Jay-Z affiliates for Jay’s Gala show tickets, friend offering his apartment in the Capitol area, and strangers walking the National Mall) in making my Inaugural Celebration dynamite and grand!!



Today, MaleStyle Review celebrates a healthy 1 year anniversary today! Just to think, I derived the concept and executed the blog layout in the wee hours of a winter night.

I want to express rounds of Thanks and Appreciation for supporting MaleStyle Review and growing the blog to include both local and international readers. Never in my wildest, did I expect the blog's quick expansion.

Continue sharing the good news about MaleStyle Review and let's grow the unit.

For a quick blast to the past, check MSR's first posting.

Thanks once more for the support, e-mails, product information, and favoring comments.


-Mr. MSR



Just conducting a minor test post. Please disregard.


I am sorry to write we're experiencing some terrible html coding and font errors with MaleStyle Review. If you notice, the fonts differ (in certain sections) and various entries are clustered closely. The problem is being handled and we're working at rapid speeds to have MSR back and smoothly running.

Thanks for understanding.

-Mr. MSR



Before I recap killer fashions trampling the red carpet, I must salute SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! The top dog film garnered four golden statues. I told you after previewing the picture; it would gain loads of awards and industry recognition. A true rags-to-riches sensation! The Oscar lead-up buzzes began fiercely circulating after last night nomination scorings. I digress.

With mental note-taking mode ON, I tuned into the pre-shows to analyze sartorial flairs. The majority of ladies of course smashed 100% but real in view focus zoomed on Gents. The men came sharp, dapper, and award-winner-ready in modern penguin tuxes and suiting. The impeccable manly looks continuing buzzing after the ceremony were:


The award presenter came cut in a sharp double-breasted handmade suit! Fresh choice, I say!

Simon Baker

The popular Aussie actor's dashing notch lapel Italian-tailored trimmed suit seized my full attention.
Side note: Next time, Please Simon, shine or polish shoes before suiting up.

Terrence Howard

The minute he graced the podium, I knew his fit-like-a-charm peaked lapel suit won my best-dress title!

Chris Pine and Zachary Pinto

One donning a mod type suit, the other a modernize tux (properly shape might I add) , the pair had to receive wardrobe approvals.

Sean "Diddy" Combs

The natty Gent always round our red carpet favorite list! I favor the footwear switch up from angular square toe to semi-pointy toe. Well done!

Colin Farrell

The rebel always jazzes up the carpets. Last night he came fresh in a luxe peak lapel suit and svelte tartan-print vest.

Blair Underwood

Actor Blair confidently showed off his smooth-looking tuxedo to the flashing paparazzi.


According to John Maxwell, "Our ability to build and maintain healthy relationships is the single most important factor in how we get along in every area of life. All of life's successes come from initiating relationships with the right people and then strengthening those relationships by using good people skills."

I concur John!



Last night, the heart of Downtown (NYC!) visually screamed Louis Vuitton X Stephen Sprouse tribute print. The tribute-centered soirée took place in three-part celebrations ( very insane!). The rainbow-hue prints cornered constructive likings from partygoers and particular invitees, even came partying the popping monogram on their frames.


Sidenote: I am still getting use to Marc Jacobs' drastic yet cool transformation.

Dapper Gents without flaw!


I was blown away (and cracking up) over the Japanese man's nearly-spotless impersonation of legendary Louis Armstrong.

Spoiler: His beat box trumpeting takes the show!


Today's In The Present comes from the lips of pastor Joel Osteen:

"God promises to always lead us into victory! That means, no matter what you are facing, no matter what’s going on in the world around you, no matter what anybody says, you should always be planning for a comeback! In the middle of that adversity or tough time, start making your list of who you’re going to invite to your victory celebration.

You don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to celebrate what God is going to do in your life. Put some action behind your faith. That means if you’re in the hospital, start planning what you’re going to do when you get out. If you lost some money when the stock market went down, start planning your coming-out-of-debt party. When things don’t look good in the natural, remember, we serve a supernatural God. With God leading you into victory, you can always plan for increase. You can plan for restoration. You can plan for a comeback that will make you stronger and better than you ever were before!"



Over the summer, I had the opportunity to style the model (yea, I diversify) above for an on-air MTV segment. Besides beauty, brains, and charming personality, the girl can workup a captivating pose!


Since teen years, I chose shoes & sneakers which tendered edgy cred and enabled distinctiveness from peers. I am sure many of you were and/or now the same way. So I thought, why not launch a section where I can showcase unique footwear (shoes, sneakers, slides, etc.). Hence, I created "MUST BE THE SHOES!" The plethora of well-built and tasteful shoes comes from varied footwear designers. We prefer a mixing up approach!

Feel free to e-mail MaleStyle Review, footwear images or shoe designer suggestions you confidently feel needs spotlighting.

Today’s host of super-duper neat shoes:


When privy to a rare find—whether clothes, a product, or great eatery—you favor being tightly lip about it? Well until now, I felt the same selfish position about cherished design craftsman, Adeleke Sijuwade. Now, I am freely ready to disperse about my bloke and vintage enthusiast turned celebrity designer.

Never once stepping foot in a sewing or fashion introduction class, the Nigerian-born sensation followed a beating passion and began crafting fierce design creations. His innate passions lead to features in New York Times Styles section, The Sartorialist, and styling Nigel Barker and Common, to name a few. ‘Olori’ (denotes Princess in Yoruba), his female collection, consists of dreamy frocks and flirty dresses. Adeleke central design focus for Olori collection: rich outburst patterns and sturdy fabrics.

Switching gears over to menswear, Adeleke’s ‘Homme’ collection present a bespoke sensibility with noted flair traces. Let’s just say, his svelte-forming suits emanates sartorial grace. The prints on his evening sport blazers pop a commanding-yet-not-too-pushy statement; qualities I believe every menswear piece ought to dole off.

Adeleke utters, “I’m not inspired necessarily by places, but by the time,” when asked about his inspiration for both collections.

Each sewn stitch; pleated detail; and buttonhole for both collections undergoes manufacturing by veteran tailors in Nigeria, Africa. You heard right! No factory in Italy, England, Thailand, or China, but experienced tailors in Africa.

I gathered Homme collection shots from Adeleke Sijuwade’s lookbook and film stills, for all to ingest. Oh yea, he also added ‘filmmaker’ under his vintage belt.


I see airline passengers are still carrying on with faux terrorist antics. Thankfully kick-butt fearless passengers showed an alleged bomb-in-tow passenger what happens to terrorist wannabes!


Our identification with the physical body is as temporary and short-lived as the physical form
we appear to inhabit.

Do not be deceived by the limited sense of individual identity that appears to be located behind the eyes.

This separate self is only as real as the body with which it is associated.



Darn you Scott Schuman!! It’s a crime to be this lethal with Nikon lenses. The stunning Parisian beauty is ultra stylish beyond measures: Earth tonal jacket and leather pant mix with vented horsebit shoes!


I have heard for sometime Chanel closed the whimsical Mobile Art Center Pavilion electronic slide door panels and set orbit. I held out posting a farewell post to honor—what I and masses believe—the best mobile art project to touchdown, no pun intended. Hoping corporate titans at Chanel Inc. would re-evaluate ending the tour, didn’t bear fruitful results.

THANK YOU Zaha Hadid and Karl Lagerfeld for producing a royal art exhibition.

Mr. MSR’s Mobile Art Capturing


Fashion EIC (editor in chief) Marilyn Kirschner shared with me this morning her “Fashion Rules for the Recession.” After mulling the rules top-to-bottom-and-back-up I wanted to share it with the MSR readers (men and women)!

I gathered my own opinions. Any comments or opinionated feelings on Marilyn’s rules, feel free to jot down in our comments section.


What’s ‘cool’ and what’s not (of course, the ‘coolest’ thing is to ignore any rules, but here I go):

Cool: Having a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously; not worrying about unimportant things; not striving for absolute perfection.
Un-cool: Beating yourself over the head for past mistakes, moaning and groaning about not reaching ‘perfection’, trying for a perfect wardrobe each season (impossible to achieve no matter how you look at it).

Cool: Looking like ‘old money.’
Un-cool: Looking nouveau riche (or in this case, nouveau poor).

Cool: Treating luxurious furs as just another fabric and not as something special to be saved for special occasions. Wearing fur on the inside (turning your fur coat inside out, or taking that old fur and making it into a lining of a Burberry trench); wearing thrift shop finds that are a little worn looking and frayed around the edges; wearing small pieces (wraps, shrugs, boleros, shrunken jackets, vests) or full length coats with the same easy attitude and adding your own look by putting it together in an offhanded, sporty way.
Un-cool: Wearing an unflattering, shapeless, over the top full length fur coat that looks as though it came straight from Fred the furrier’s fur vault. If it’s warmth you’re after, and can’t afford to have the coat altered, try belting it with a great wide belt or forget about it and instead, dig out your favorite cloth coats and/or down filled jackets.

Cool: Wearing something you already own (a vintage trench, tweed coat, nylon anorak, down filled vest or parka), as an evening cover up
Un-cool: Thinking you have to go out and buy a traditional, expected ‘fancy’ evening coat or worse, wearing a pashmina draped over your shoulders (so old fashioned!)

Cool: Wearing non label finds (ready to wear, accessories) that are individual looking and not immediately identifiable.
Un-cool: Buying into the notion that you need to carry a status ‘it’ bag with lots of hardware and doodads.

Cool: Saving money and pleasing yourself.
Un-cool: Trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Cool: Taking stock of your financial life and seeking help if needed. There are many websites and blogs fueled by financial experts and even bankruptcy lawyers, (for example: http://bankruptcy-tips-chuck.blogspot.com)
Un-cool: Burying your head in the sand.

Cool: Recycling by shopping in your (or your mom’s, sister’s, aunt’s, grandmother’s) closet; wearing vintage or thrift shop finds, hand me downs; making your own clothes and accessories. Don’t forget, “Everything old is new again”. Enjoy what you own and try to find creative ways to make new combinations. In fact, this was the subject of Bill Cunningham’s ‘On the Street’ column, Sunday, January 4th. Entitled, “Keepers”, he photographed women wearing the fabulous clothes from their closets, things they have owned for years; proof that great clothing design is like antique furniture…made to be enjoyed for years and not thrown out each season. The column also pointed to another truism (that those of us who are staunch vintage collectors already know): the new ‘stuff’ out there does not hold a candle to the older, better made, more beautifully crafted, authentic versions).

Un-cool: Feeling as though you have to run out and buy something new each season and being made to believe that by definition, new means it’s got to be a better, more improved version.

By the way, speaking of recycling and using what you have, you know how every season, during New York Fashion Week; members of the press receive a gift bag at the Bryant Park Tents? It’s always a large tote of some sort stuffed with numerous products (though each season the bag seems to be getting smaller and smaller and lighter and lighter, which is perfectly fine with me). Well, I often just store mine away in the closet and sometimes forget about them but I recently stumbled upon a large heavy black nylon tote which was just a perfect size for schlepping and it was emblazoned with this slogan in white, “IT’S OK TO BE CLOTHES MINDED”- KENNETH COLE. I've started carrying it around town and it has elicited many smiles, nods, and comments. It is ‘okay’ after all to care about clothes, fashion and your appearance. Just be smart about it. Perhaps that’s the best way to begin the New Year with attitude, confidence, and optimism.


Every experience points toward the true nature of reality.

When you can learn from the immediacy of every event and experience in your own daily life, no other teacher will be needed.



Are you pondering where's this posh surrounding? I was too!!On super-close inspection, I realized it's the pewter confines of Tom Ford's NYC glitz boutique.

T.F. was birth to produce inspiring captures as such!


In the Present

You do not need to escape from the world in order to gain insight into its fundamental nature.

It is enough simply to live your life and learn, by being here and paying attention.


Everything you are seeking -- insight, understanding, fulfillment and completeness -- is inherent within the present moment.

None depends upon external circumstance.

Find the still, clear, undisturbed field of awareness within which your identity resides, and everything will be revealed as a dynamic manifestation and reflection of this.


Last year, I mixed out a roster of products tagging a highfalutin caliber. Although amidst tumultuous economic times, it never hurts for a one splurge, now does it? “NO” is the exact response I have too. This year I blended in services and an exotic locale you wouldn’t mind tallying to a commanding AMEX.

Taj Lake Palace

Once you reckon “Taj” and “Palace” in the same breath, luxurious feelings start taking court. Nestled in the heart (on a private island) of Lake Pichola, the white-marble palace sparkles atop azure waters. Taj Lake Palace affords surrounding un-obstructive views of Udaipur, India and village treks and temple tours. Travel and Leisure coined Taj Lake Palace “One of India’s most romantic hotel.” What more can you say after that!

I say book the “Sajjaan Suite” (nights runs approx. $660) when securing reservations. You won’t regret it!

Soho House

Member’s Only social club oftentimes is the bastion of olden society. Stuffy and gaggles of nose-up patrons held memberships. However, for contemporary times, Soho House marks the best antithesis to age-old membership clubs. Having a strong New York (Meat Packing District) authority and several outposts in London—with more opening—we highly promote having a ‘Soho House’ membership. Fellow members are always dipped in the best gears and make great conversers. As we said, it’s members-only so expect undergoing a very precise (any possibly juried) application process. The notorious episode of SATC when Samantha got rooted off a pool deck for stealing a membership card was for the well-liked Soho House.

Membership Type MSR encourage: A lofty $2.000 membership grants FULL access to Soho House establishments worldwide.

Dior Homme Lace-Up

Off all the footwear purchases I made, I never treated my Sz. 12’s with Dior Homme. This year if I change face from Prada, Gucci, or Adidas I have my eyes dead-center on these killer lace-ups. Cleanly streamlined, the leather-laced shoes marvel. No lie. Just take notice of the frontal contour. Because of the easy-on-the-eye sexiness, I say it’s a definite must-own (only $780.00), Gents.

Quintessentially (Premier Concierge Service)

Who wants to wait for an overly busy hotel concierge to plan vacation activities? Although grateful for the concierge’s expertise, I rather have must-do’s sorted before jet setting. That is why you need Quintessentially on board. The luxury concierge service will privy you to the happenings buzzing in the vacationing area (events, boutiques, restaurants, partying, etc.). The company makes serious differences for jet setters of all sorts. “A club for those who believe that life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second-best”, is a Quintessentially axiom.

For inquires on membership and six-star concierge services, visit www.quintessentially.com .