Last year, I mixed out a roster of products tagging a highfalutin caliber. Although amidst tumultuous economic times, it never hurts for a one splurge, now does it? “NO” is the exact response I have too. This year I blended in services and an exotic locale you wouldn’t mind tallying to a commanding AMEX.

Taj Lake Palace

Once you reckon “Taj” and “Palace” in the same breath, luxurious feelings start taking court. Nestled in the heart (on a private island) of Lake Pichola, the white-marble palace sparkles atop azure waters. Taj Lake Palace affords surrounding un-obstructive views of Udaipur, India and village treks and temple tours. Travel and Leisure coined Taj Lake Palace “One of India’s most romantic hotel.” What more can you say after that!

I say book the “Sajjaan Suite” (nights runs approx. $660) when securing reservations. You won’t regret it!

Soho House

Member’s Only social club oftentimes is the bastion of olden society. Stuffy and gaggles of nose-up patrons held memberships. However, for contemporary times, Soho House marks the best antithesis to age-old membership clubs. Having a strong New York (Meat Packing District) authority and several outposts in London—with more opening—we highly promote having a ‘Soho House’ membership. Fellow members are always dipped in the best gears and make great conversers. As we said, it’s members-only so expect undergoing a very precise (any possibly juried) application process. The notorious episode of SATC when Samantha got rooted off a pool deck for stealing a membership card was for the well-liked Soho House.

Membership Type MSR encourage: A lofty $2.000 membership grants FULL access to Soho House establishments worldwide.

Dior Homme Lace-Up

Off all the footwear purchases I made, I never treated my Sz. 12’s with Dior Homme. This year if I change face from Prada, Gucci, or Adidas I have my eyes dead-center on these killer lace-ups. Cleanly streamlined, the leather-laced shoes marvel. No lie. Just take notice of the frontal contour. Because of the easy-on-the-eye sexiness, I say it’s a definite must-own (only $780.00), Gents.

Quintessentially (Premier Concierge Service)

Who wants to wait for an overly busy hotel concierge to plan vacation activities? Although grateful for the concierge’s expertise, I rather have must-do’s sorted before jet setting. That is why you need Quintessentially on board. The luxury concierge service will privy you to the happenings buzzing in the vacationing area (events, boutiques, restaurants, partying, etc.). The company makes serious differences for jet setters of all sorts. “A club for those who believe that life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second-best”, is a Quintessentially axiom.

For inquires on membership and six-star concierge services, visit www.quintessentially.com .


Anonymous said...

Soho House is the best social hot spot ever created. And the DIOR shoes are sizzling!!

MS Reviewer said...

It's definitely a scenic place. Re: DIOR Homme shoes, I totally concur.