Step back Kanye for the 2nd time. The real LV Don—Pharrell Wiliams—is front-and-center again. You can’t forget the extra embellished LV ads ‘Skateboard P’ shot last season(pictured above). This viral video (superb marketing on the luxury fashion house part) for Pharrell + LV newest collaboration (Blason Jewelry) has been circulating heavy through the internet pages. The jewelry—as depicted in the video—is exquisite men’s furnishings Mr.MS R surely appreciates.

I am confident the readers will appreciate the line after watching the video clip.



Cupid is set to draw + aim the red arrows. Are you ready gents?

I’m happy because this fellow gent is free (this year at least) from the female obligations of Valentines Day. My mother most definite is getting a fine dinner out, but other than that no, no personal obligations to get immersed in for this [overly] celebrated holiday. In my opinion, I think V-day has turned into clichés; couples should celebrate LOVE [and GRATITUDE] each day spent with one another. Another thing I don’t understand (any maybe you gents can comment further) is: Why are relationships and their significance gauge on ONE particular day?

But in the real world we’re living, we must always rise to the occasion on V-day! So here are some tips (from another gent to another) to achieve a successful holiday.

Flowers- Ladies enjoy bountiful roses (a little cliché) that receive the ‘ooh’ and ‘awes’ from spectators or individuals who may come in contact with the floral arrangements. In my opinion for flowers, ditch the generic reds and opt for attention-getting (red and yellow; white and pink; sky blue and red, etc.) contrasts. If you’re local florist fails try visiting online florists: Teleflora, ProFlowers, FTD, 1800-Flowers, Virtual Flowers, just to name a few. Show some artistic abilities—get creative at Zefrank and wow her observers! If you prefer more subtle arrangements purchase block colored roses.

Chocolates- All I can say is purchase premiere and the finest chocolate you can get a grip on.
** White Chocolates are more ideal for the occasion.

Gifts- The most simple and thoughtful (I won points in this dept.!!) gifts are most appreciated and favored. Don’t just overspend or splurge just because.... Get to her core—what is it she likes?; what’s she always buzzing in your ear about; where does she enjoy traveling besides your couple getaways. Be focused and intentional with the gift you lay this V-day.

These short-tips are clear and will definitely make Cupid a happy fellow!


SAG Styling!

Red Carpet restlessness came to a screeching halt last night in LA. The current writers’ strike couldn’t stop celebrities from presenting their fashion best. I watched the SAG red carpet and thought the gents showcased Old-Hollywood and Mod-Hollywood with their wardrobe selections. Traditional single breast suits were popularized by gents on the red carpet. And their suit togetherness was much laid back (many actors went sans tie)…..almost too suave for this type of award show.

MaleStyle Review Best Dressed:

1. Ryan Gosling (hands down!!!)

2. Brad Pitt

3. Ben Foster

4. Jeremy Piven

5. Forest Whitaker

MaleStyle Review Worst Dressed:

1. Jay Manuel

2. Viggo Mortensen

3. Julian Schnabel

4. Judah Friedlander



It’s old news; but MaleStyle Review is bringing it back retro style. Plus Gents, isn’t everything old new again!

Armani and Ralph Lauren bit the [construction] dust when GUCCI Group won the space (45,000 sq. ft) bid war for their new flagship at TRUMP TOWER. I decided to resurrect this story because I got hold of their store launch invitation for next month. The architectural exterior/interior layout is just as superb as a pair of Gucci horsebits (loafers for non-Gucci fans). The glossy brown 4X6 invitation two-fold booklet came enclosed in a white matte heavy-duty envelope. The inset included the new floor directory (slight changes from the old boutique) and boutique facts. The backside featured the signature Gucci signature (script version) with new 5th. Ave. address. In addition, the new three-tier structure is going to be the world’s largest Gucci boutique!!

Exclusive YouTube: Yves Saint Laurent Men Fall/Winter '08-09 (Homme) Collection

I mentioned in an earlier post that YSL would privy online viewers to their recent tight-vip-attendee menswear collection runway presentation.

So after searching tirelessly all over the net for the YSL F/W ’08 Men’s collection, we finally found it. Always-reliable YouTube delivers once more! The video is slightly over 7 minutes long. Before I give my feedback, much deserve cred goes to Stefano Pilati for thinking outside-of-the-fashion-week-box.

If I was to derive a name for this video I would call it: complex-creative. The complexity comes into play from the non-stop theatrics. The contrived effects: screen spilt pop-outs; mirroring visuals and motioned graphics forces the viewer (I had to replay several scenes) to go back another time to analyze or simply see the collection offerings and details. On the flipside, the creative movement presentation from British actor Simon Woods was enjoyable.

MS R analytical eye managed to ketch some favorites:

A velvet mustard and black hyper-slim suit jackets.

Fresh classic-cut black trench coats that I think will sellout for fall.

Sky-blue shirt (pretty voluminous. reminiscent of 1970’s style) with black round tip collar.

(the only favorites for now. i’m sure once i see the look book I can gather more faves-especially the footwear.)



This weekend Mr. MS R visited some shops and was elated to see the spring merch being displayed so richly and plentiful. A plethora of bright hues blinded me as I scoured the racks. Overlooking the brightness, I spotted a few items that were definite purchasers. Here’s my breakdown of spring essentials to snatch up when on your spring shopping tour.

MS R favorite win-win Spring essentials.

Ralph Lauren- Classic. Timeless. Ralphie never disappoints when it comes to his American-designed spring collection. The collection this season is fun, vibrant, and outdoors-inspired. Each piece (shorts, chinos, polo’s, denim, knits, etc.) offers its own classic design sensibilities.

Shorts: Carrier Popplin Shorts, $ 89.50

Available Colors: White (lily-white in my opinion); Aviator Blue and Burmese Tan

Check the detailing and equal functionality this piece provides. The snap-tap detailing (back bellow and front tab pockets) and heavy duty zipper are cool elements any gent can appreciate (durable for all your loose pocket trinkets).

(the cotton braided belt in the picture (also R.L) is a perfect pairing for dark-hued denims. also comes in a rope style if you prefer a nautical look)

Nom de Guerre – Über-cool. Nom de Guerre is making the noise with modern style and sexiness to boot. N.D.G classic silhouettes are a pleaser for the savvy gent. This favorite is drawn from their ‘Young Americans’ collection (inspired from Pre-Vietnam).

Outerwear: Trench Coat, $ 862.00

Available Colors: Army

Weather the spring chill breezes in this Japanese construction number. This trench boasts a high collar and thick fleece lining. In addition, the excessive detailing is unbelievably wicked.

(trench coat’s travels any attire seamlessly: from day-to-night)

Vilebrequin- Born in St. Tropez and resides currently in every major 'exclusive' retail stockist across the globe. This [upscale] swimsuit company produces some of the best prints for men’s swim wear (mostly beach trunks). The popping prints and shouting creative designs has earned Vilebrequin recognition on white sands everywhere. Their hefty price tags (I just can’t shell out so much $$$ for meshed swim trunks. Besides, I can purchase fabric from ‘Mood’ and have the tailor next door whip up my own custom Vilebrequins. Aren’t I smart!! Lol.) for sure hurdles over exclusive beach admissions.

Swimwear: Beach Trunks

Available Colors: Too many prints to name (see for yourself), Cost: $150+

Boost up your inner confidence and sport them proud. Be sure to tell MR. MS R what onlooker twists their neck to take a peep.

Sperry Top-Sider- I remember as a lad seeing my dad sporting these and I always thought ‘what corny shoes’. Many years later (more style conscious) I would bite those few words and buy my first pair in Jeffery’s. Honestly, if I could wear them season-round and not just spring/summer I’d be a happy gent. I am sure everyone (ladies too) digs the comfort these cool boat shoes offer.

Footwear: Boat Shoes, Cost: $65.00 +

Available Colors: Come in solid and multicolor variations. (Kelly Green and Navy Blue are the best in my opinion)

Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes paired back to the aforementioned R.L. rope belt seals the naval look!!



Hey gents (and MaleStyle Review ladies). I’m very cognizant that MR. MS R missed two days of essential posting. However, trust that I’m truly sorry. I had some major important commitments I had to attend to. So without further due, this weekend stay tuned for the commentaries, posts, features and everything freshly relevant!




Street Swagger has always been my first go-to choice (runway, magazine, t.v., trend reports were secondary) to see emerging men trends and new styles. These shots of model T. Beckford were cool and unscripted (besides the full body shot), just how I like to take in debonair styles. I find scripted shots never really portray subjects’ authentic and raw style.

What MS R liked about these shots (so much favorable highlights, but we’ll only mention a few for time sake) were the following:

1.Tyson traveled against the ‘fashion safe’ module and included various color palettes and patterns (pinstripe under solid camel top coat).
2.The shirt-tie-combination played back well to seamlessly match the pinstripes on his single breast suit.
3.We’re feeling the light tint copper aviators (never forget the accessory Gents) he paired to compliment the entire look.
4.How can you miss the leather rounded ankle boots (looks like Prada) T. Beckford sported to icing up the ensemble.
5.Last but not least, you have to flash the megawatt smile when being shot in a tailored suit. (Something I’m sure the ladies can appreciate)

T. Beckford, continue laying the wears down strong; if you don’t MaleStyle Review will definitely find out.


Rest In Peace, Heath
We are going to miss a great Actor; I can say that much!!



I saw this recent video-funnie of Bill Clinton via-NY POST.com today and I still cannot believe Bill did this at such a large public platform.

Bill snoozing.....


Last year (or maybe the year prior) I opened an ING savings account to steer away from the traditional rates and low-bearing A.P.Y. (annual percentage yield) banks were offering. Since opening the ING account, Mr. MS R contributed so-so but turned a new page leaf in the end of ‘07 when this financial realization came present: you’re financial house must be clean and in tip-top-shape for future guests (investments, properties, etc.)! I’m happy with ING (the first online bank) and all their unparallel interest rate offerings. In addition to their amazing savings account ING also offers: orange CD’s; 401k and business savings accounts; mortgages and home equity loans and superb retirement and investment options.

Read this brief excerpt I yanked from Arkadi Kuhlmann—President and CEO of ING Direct.

“People have to spend less and save more. Be more responsible with their credit. Live within their means. For example, instead of buying as much house as we can afford (or more than we can), how about just as much as we need? Who cares about keeping up with the Joneses?”

Talk about being real and direct! My Mannnn (Denzel line from A.G.)

Here are some tips to make your credit be great in ’08:

*Get a copy of your credit report and check it for accuracy. Fix mistakes that might bring your score down.You can request a free report from Annual Credit.

*Pay BILLS on time. A healthy payment history MS R reader is the largest factor in determining your score.

*Maximize your debt-to-credit ration. Pay down balances you’re using as little of your total credit limit as possible.

*Establish credit relationships. The higher your average account age the better your score.

*Lastly, limit your credit inquiries. It can hurt your score if your credit report is looked at too much.

ING is a great savings solution to start off the ’08 at your financial best. If after visiting ING you say this isn't for me, research other financial institutions to find the best savings solution for you.


Photo Courtesy of YouBar

Granola Bars. Wheat Bars. Boost Bars. Since the YouBar launched ,all aforementioned bars became a thing of the ‘boost-me-up’ past. YouBar is the first ever bar that enables consumers to customize their own ingredients. YouBar uses a step-by-step checkbox interface to help you engineer a fully [bespoke] energy snack that'll get you racing out of your comfy bed. To start, you customize a base (peanut butter, sesame butter, etc.) and up to three (3) Arnold(Arnold produces great whole grain products!) protein powders such as wheat, soy, and eggs. Then you choose your picks for nuts, berries, dried fruits and seeds. Hold on, just a couple more items to include…… Next, add grains, sweeteners (honey, molasses, and brown sugar), and seasonings (coffee, cinnamon, etc. ), before topping off with extra shots like "vitamin", "fiber", or "femme”.

After your create-my-bar process, the company stores your ingredient preferences for future orders and re-ups. How cool, huh? Think about it--who would want to customize all those ingredients again?


Courtesy of The New York Times

To be 26 year-old and Obama trust you with his words! Must be nice for Jon Favreau—chief speechwriter to presidential hopeful—Barack Obama! I found out about the young-giant from an article ran in Sunday’s Style section of The New York Times. First off, I was impressed with Jon’s age; second the fact that he’s the leading force behind most of Baracks’ wonderful political orations (even the popular Democratic Convention speech).

Click here to read the article on Jon Favreau.



Mr. MS R was doing his daily online readings and came upon this picture of Jay & Beautiful ‘B’ in Milan for the menswear shows. I didn't take notice of Beyonce pristine face (ok. busted. B then onto J.), but Jay Z’s lax-styled scarf and matching jacket. The grey-black-white elements in this unified look were on point! Since meeting his girlfriend [fashionista] Beyonce, I have notice Jays’ gradual wardrobe transformation. From his music videos to leisurely paparazzi walks the male glitterati stays merchandise in the best wears (even in his jeweled sweatshirts!). In addition to B, I’m certain his personal stylist—June Ambrose—plays a part for his recognized style

This photo seals Jay-Z’s transformation and wins him a spot in MS R style icon log.


Lawrence Tynes after win!

Courtesy of USA Today

Last night was a pretty exciting time for NY’ers! If you been sleeping or hibernating under a massive rock let me be the first to tell you: “GIANTS MADE IT TO ARIZONA FOR SUPER BOWL BABY.”

Ehhm (clearing throat). Before I continue with GIANT praises, let me express my condolences to the Packers; you guys played a good season. However, we showed Wisconsin and all the GIANT naysayer who played the best season.

So here's the victory scene setup .

"I enter my grandparents’ house in the 2nd quarter of the game and plop down with them (best sports watchers I’ve met) to take in the game. Throughout the game we shouted both (excluding Mr. gramps) in cheers and sorrows (Eli and the team started slipping hard). But it came down 00:04 seconds with both teams tied. So Giants decide to field goal (rising score to 23) it in for the victory. Star kicker Lawrence Tynes steps up and readies for the winning quick, but unfortunately misses (Coach Tom Coughlin flips; turning fiery red). Shouts of disappointment and more shouts begin echoing throughout the house. Fast-forward Giants regain the pigskin and guess who’s put to field goal it in again: Mr. Tynes! At this point attentive-watchers can’t believe they chosen Tynes again and the distance now (farther than last kick) he’s aiming for the goal posts. Sidebar: Grams is asking for the bible to PRAY for TYNES (lol). Tynes positions—angling right-foot—and POW, its GOOD!

I don’t even have to share the excitements between us. Let's just say a few more decibels, and the windows would have cracked.

Tynes, Manning, Strahan, Plaxicio and the entire roster for NFC, CONGRATULATIONS! See you in Arizona with my blue on!!


It’s been only a week since I launched; the honesty, positive feedbacks, thankful notes and other forms of appreciation I received were overwhelming (of course, in a good way). I was mentioning to colleague recently, “the driving force behind MaleStyle Review is the readers love and appreciation for the blog.” Honestly, the blog visits/impressions for the first week surpassed my vision and beyond. So in short, thanks for the continued support [males] and continue reading the cutting-edge blog.

I came across some inspiring words that's fitting for the post and MaleStyle Review readers.

Words from ‘Daily Guru’:


Everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were.
Your opportunity for success is right in front of you.
To attain success or to reach your goal, don't worry about having all the answers in advance.

You just need to have a clear idea of your goal and move toward it.

Don't procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem.
Break your problems into parts and handle one part at a time.
Develop a tendency toward action.
You can make something happen today.

Break your big plan for success into small steps and take the first step right away.

Success starts with a first step.


-Mr. MS R



Courtesy of Restaurant Week

Eat Famously.

Don’t fret any more over sky-high prices at your favorite eatery. No fear, NYC Restaurant Week is here! Yes, it’s back and this time in two installments: Jan. 21-25 and Jan. 28-Feb. 1. The week gives you the opportunity to dine at a bevy of super trendy restaurants in the Big Apple. The pricing structure is standard (no need to break the pockets) in that it’s three-course-prix-fixe; Lunch-$24.07 & Dinner-$35.00. Visit restaurant week to see if your favorite eatery entered the week.

MR. MS R Favorites.

Aquavit (Café) – Scandinavian Dishes.

Owned by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson

Asia De Cuba- Fusion (Only for Lunch)

Asian/Cuban fused dishes comforts any palette. Trust!

Blue Fin-Seafood

Located in the W Hotel in Time Square. Definitely recommend for a cool date.

Butter- Classic American

Chic décor and scenic locale. I recommend reserving a table.

Chinatown Brasserie- Chinese

Spacious but always packed. I recommend reserving table for large parties.

Dos Caminos- Mexican

Offers cool modern Mexican design elements. I recommend sitting at booth in upper dinning area.

The Mercer Kitchen- Mediterranean

Executive Chef Jean Georges is the MAN! That’s all I have to say.

They’re so many other cool eateries to visit during Restaurant Week! So go eat and save room for the other [restaurant] dishes.


Courtesy of Essence Magazine

Essence February issue welcomes “Will You Marry Me?” for the gents. In short, Will You Marry Me is specifically for men who want to publicly use the Essence platform to propose to their female significant. This is the second-time-around for the W.Y.M.M contest. In this go-around after a juried selection process, Essence narrowed down the list to 6 men out of 300 (Yikes! See ladies, we are ready for commitment) applicants.

Here’s one of the letters from the final six:

“Dear Carmen,

Surely God is the best matchmaker that exists, and His timing is always perfect. I trained at your facility in Michigan for eight months, yet our paths never crossed. But when you transferred to Texas in 2006, my destiny was fulfilled. As you walked into that first meeting, you immediately caught my attention. It wasn’t until an after-work gathering that we made a connection. You sat across from me, and I was so taken by your presence that I couldn’t eat. You’ve supported me through the low points and kept me balanced through the highlights. It’s time you knew that I would move heaven and earth to have you by my side. Will you marry me?”- Written by applicant Gregory Harden

To see Gregory and the other 5 gents make the BIG step, visit Essence or tune in Sunday, February 3rd (8pm EST / 9pm PST) to Channel TV One.

Great success with married life gents!!


Courtesy of VOGUE

(Fresh-to-kill even donning a hyper-slim blazer with wide leg striped pants.)

Who is this guy? Why is he Vanity Fair’s best-dressed male? Why does the PRESS go nuts for him? Here’s your answer in three words: He’s LAPO ELKANN!

The heir to Italian manufacturer Fiat; this stylish character is admired and lauded for his abilities to bring "life" to the suit. The New York born industrialist is member to major fashion circles spanning the globe. Italy and Paris are Elkann’s preferred circles to chase. Lapo Elkann is grandson to the late Giovanni Agnelli (also a fashion conscious). Presently, Lapo is spearheading the marketing initiatives for Fiat. His marketing achievements are visible in the brands recent financial earnings—amounting over 1 Billion in revenue. Lapo’s marketing cleverness enabled FIAT to become relevant fashion news when he began pairing FIAT-branded clothing with his haute couture.

His vibrant-hued suits (mostly double breasts) are crisp and always measured to the perfect fit. His tall-frame in MS R’s opinion also supports his suave style.



The fight we've been waiting with anticpation to watch is finally here!




Just in and already on the Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion week calendar is MS R’s favorite: DIDDY! The NYC Fashion Week didn’t miss his in-your-face presence because although sans his fashion show spectacle our bro is the front-row fixture at most shows. I heard news about his return a couples month back but I didn’t want to set-it-in-stone until I seen the coveted fashion week calendar. So get ready: Friday, February 8th, @ famed Cipriani,42nd St. DIDDY returns!

It was just yesterday (Fall 03’ precisely); I was watching the show via-internet (lol.) and was amazed to see the rich men’s collection he showcased. But thinking back now, he was still new to the fashion week scene. The menswear collection in recollect included luxe cashmeres, broad-tail top coats,leather pants, chunky knits, fresh-to-death leather uppers and other cool sportswear. The women’s line on the other hand offered fashion opulence. Fur bombers paired with bikinis to leather 60’s shape swimsuit bloomers were being strutted.

This year, I’m not sure what he’s providing to our style senses, but you can rest assured, Diddy's bringing fashion heat!


I was excited when I came across this recent EW article!
Thanks Amy and Beautiful ‘B’ for saving the day!

Beyonce performing at 2007 Grammys:


Frank Gehry

Courtesy of EGO Design

Guggenheim- Bilbao, Spain

Joining T.E.D. (Technology. Entertainment. Design.) has enabled me to the privy best-of-the-best in modern day culture. Recently, I had the opportunity to see Frank Gehry[architectural genius]speak at their forum. If the name doesn’t ring familiarity I am positive his designs wonderments will: IAC Headquarters in New York City; Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain; Issey Miyake NY store or the Disney Village in Paris!

Hands down, I appreciate Gehry for his out-of-the-architect-box approach to designing! Looking at a Frank structure, you almost would think it’s going to plummet to into the earth. His quirky architectural silhouettes and award-winning talents have ensured his mainstay in modern day design culture.

In addition to creating thought-stimulating structures, the influential architect and design icon is a distinguished professor of architecture at Columbia University and YALE.

Sidebar: Mr. Gehry is coming to my neighborhood to design the "Atlantic Yards" for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. Stay tune for more info here on the project

Frank Gehry video at TED session:


Recently, I was doing some cardio on the treadmill and Janet Jackson's new video ‘Feedback’ popped up. I was like okay; SCREAM pt. 2 meets Rhythm Nation all over again! I’m certain the new single will generate some positive buzz if allotted heavy radio spins.

According to Janet, "Discipline has been much on my mind," she says. "It's the idea that unifies the songs on this record. As a concept, and even a lifestyle, discipline goes extremely deep. It can be applied to so much about ourselves. In my case, I see it as one of defining aspects of my character. Discipline was there for me from the start. But it was not until this record that I began to understand its full meaning. In putting Discipline out front-- as both the title of the album and title of a song about sexual surrender--I wanted to announce that I was venturing into new creative waters. That meant working with producers like Jermaine Dupri, Criss Cross, Bow Wow Rodney Jerkins,and Ne-Yo, whose songs spoke to the immediacy of my emotions. Like all my records, this one, whether intentional or not, has autobiographical roots. It's difficult for me to work any other way. I don't feel it, if I don't believe it, I can't sing it”.

After watching I said Janet’s seamless footwork and agile movements are still intact!

Check out Janet Jackson’s ‘Feedback’ Video.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: MaleStyle Review GREAT

I stand on so many shoulders of great powerful men that it was important to dedicate a weekly post to a ‘great’ who’s impacting, has influenced or revolutionizing the world’s shape for the better. ‘Greats’ like it or not, impacts us in many ways that we should always remember to speak their names.

It was both fitting and rightful that MS R honors a particular man whose legacy is still resonating greatness. I present to you the man who had, undoubtedly, a clear dream for our nation: Martin Luther King.

We salute you and we say thanks for the great work.

Although he’s moved on, let’s keep his ‘dream’ alive and thriving by supporting the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

We salute you, and say thanks for the job well done.

In closing, one of my many favorite Martin quotes: “He that is greatest around you shall be your servant.”



Ginny and Tiki Barber

I wasn’t surprised when I came across this clip because his grooming upkeep is evident. I remember the more green years of running back Tiki when he and his twin were just regular footballers laden up in heather grey sweat suits. Now riper and fast forwarding to modern day: Tiki’s wearing impeccable suiting with rich silk lining. Let’s just say EVOLUTION!

Sidebar: Now that Tiki’s anchor on the TODAY show Matt Lauer better step up his winning wardrobe (Brioni now to Savile Row+) in order to be captain. Tiki’s fashion-forward presentation garners touchdowns every time!

2nd Sidebar: It’s all about the GIANTS and New England Patriots for super bowl! Just imagine if T+T (Tiki & Troy Manning) were to go head-to-head!

Clip Link: http://video.bravotv.com/player/?id=205524#videoid=189189


Keep the Kleenex near by for this one!



The “swagger king” I call him doesn’t mess around when it comes to his family.

Academy Award winner Denzel Washington shows off his role from the movie recently.

Check out the article PageSix ran in today’s NY POST!


Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Who: Scott Schuman of “The Sartorialist” blog.

What: The launch exhibit party for some his best works.

When: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where: Danziger Projects
521 West 26th Street
New York, N.Y. 10001

Why: You’re ultra-cool and MaleStyle Review wouldn’t dare steer you in the wrong direction!


Courtesy of AP

The buzz throughout the tech community (Southern California mostly) is Steve’s new invention: Apple Ultra-Slim laptop! The oh-so-slick device was unveiled for salivating attendees at the Macworld trade show this past Tuesday. According to the AP release I read “Jobs unwounded the string on a standard-sized manila office envelope and slid out the ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook computer to coos and peals of laughter from fans at the conference.” The branding expert definitely gets my cheers for the packaging presentation. As its said, product success starts with superb detailing then functionality. Two qualities, I'm confident is present in the laptop.

Apple Ultra-Slim Tech Specs:

The new model is .76 inches thick; at its thinnest, it's .16 inches. It comes standard with an 80-gigabyte hard drive, with the option of a 64GB flash-based solid state drive as an upgrade. Can we say upgrade, MAC Aficionados?


LUSSW December Cover

About a few months back I attended the 55DSL (Diesel more active wear line) store launch party. I was approached by a stylist (Mr. Lee) who I connect with from time-to-time and he asked if I’d be interested in shooting for LUSSW Magazine December issue. Being an ambassador for great style, I said “OF COURSE” and the rest was history…. See a photo below from the ‘NY Street Style Snap’ shoot I did. Also, if any of the readers happen to be in Japan or traveling over, pick me up an issue! My copy is still in-transit!

Courtesy of Photographer (Mrs. Lee).


"Great MOM"

A recent conversation I had contrived this post and MS R wanted to poll your thoughts and comments about this saying. Personally, I believe the saying travels to a certain extent. I look at my mother who stood behind my father, my brothers, and I—indeed she is a great in our books! Feel free to e-mail your response or leave a blog comment.

Two video responses MS R received so far for the recent polling. Thanks for your feedback Jacqueline.

Gents, let's speak up or at least forward a response video...lol.


Valextra Laptop Case!

Splurging: gratification your core feels after purchasing a well deserved (definitely creating some gawking) product. I told myself I wanted to be realistic in splurging this year………even though it might be challenging. What’s on your list this year? Whatever is, splurge smart and wise. Splurging aimlessly is pointless and only brings mounting debts.

My splurging list for 08’ is as follows:

1. Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Cost: $135.00 (I personally think it’s worth much more)

2.Johnathan Adler Meurice Butler Tray Table. Cost: $565.00
( Perfect for the 10+lb. Ralph Lauren book and cool compliment to my apartment).

3. Valextra off-white leather laptop case for the lapy. Cost: $3110
( Don’t think I would purchase it this year but Mommy did say “Dream BIG”. lol).

4. Groom VIP Package from BBraxton. Cost: $200
(I don’t plan to wed this year but the package offerings almost push you to the altar).

5. Gucci Leather Moccasin. Cost: $550
(There articulate front definitely points you in the forward direction).

Whatever your splurge this year might be, remember,SPLURGE WISE!



My favorite Jamhuri Wear T-shirt

Courtesy of Jamhuri Wear

Friend and colleague Kimathi sent me this recent video footage for his brand—Jamhuri Wear. I thought the MS R readers would appreciate the design talents and work put into making Jamhuri’s stellar garments. The video is showing Kimathi (Chief Designer) crafting the brand’s ‘Pride Hoodie.’ If the brand chimes a familiar bell it’s because Jay-Z, Akon and Tom Morello have all donned Jamhuri creations.

Visit the Jamhuri Wear site for more information on products.



Courtesy of DavidBartonGym

Why is it, that every New Year everyone gets bitten by the ‘new gym membership’ bug (No lie though, I got bit hard last year. lol)! It amazes me at the new-member floods gyms worldwide receive. Time Out New York magazine dedicated four (4) consecutive issues for the month of January simply encouraging [people] readers to “GET YOUR S…. TOGETHER.” But on a serious note, I encourage gym memberships. Home calisthenics is cool, but nothing beats plowing the boxing bag.

As a proud and active member of CRUNCH, I have to say health wise you’re body is in total balance when consistently exercising. The icing on the cake is always: RESULTS.

So take the first step and incline your walk to the local gym. Also, a great offering most gyms are currently providing: slashing initiation fees (those fees can skyrocket); get a month free and even no fees for this month (only applies for David Barton Gym).

MaleStyle Review Gym recommendations:

With locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami

NYSC (New York Sports Club)
With locations in New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia

DavidBartonGym (there’s no spacing in title)
With locations in New York, South Beach and Chicago.

**Note- The experience this GYM provides it’s not normal. Just picture Ian Schrager designing a gym!

Unfortunately, there only location is in New York.

Gold’s GYM
Gold’s GYM has locations in most states.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for gym or workout suggestions. Do you need a workout regimen that breeds results? If so, I have two trainer friends (one at CRUNCH, the other at NYSC) whose boot camp fitness training will GET IT RIGHT and TIGHT!

Feel the BURN….

After I made this post, I got this link for a free workout at Chelsea Piers.




Photo Courtesy of TabletHotels.com

Those who are close to me know why I mess and dig Ian Schrager Properties (excuse the slang proses). I.S.P boasts the acclaimed Delano & The Shore Club in Miami; The Mondrian in LA; The St. Martins Lane in London and many others in it’s strong portfolio. I’m very affectionate though towards his 1st gem: Morgans. Recently after checking out the Royalton I think there’s a new GEMin my life! Trust me Fellas, it’s everything you want and will ever need in a hotel. Plus, I’m sure a one-night stay will add more magic to the relationship. Ehhmm. Don’t have any previous experience…….I’m just saying.

Visit their website to get a glimpse at what I’m referring too.

Recent NY POST article on the hotel for an additional inside view.


Time-to-time I check-in on other blogs just to see what they’re providing to the cyber communities. With that said today’s Blog highlight reigns from my neck-of-the-woods: Brooklyn! “The Brooklyn Circus” is co-run by my friend Ouigi a.k.a. The Bearded Man. His lifestyle mens boutique in Park Slope always provides a great experience each time I get the chance to visit. Often times, I tend to visit the boutiques’ blog to keep in the loop of everything The Brooklyn Circus. So navigating the blog earlier I saw these shots and was impressed with the gentlemen's hook-up.

I present to you Casual Luxe at its BEST:

The comfy hoodie paired over a rugby and slim-fitting denims are key items I appreciate in the luxe hook-up! Other accessories like the Gucci carry-on and slouch beanie seals the deal

'The Bearded Man' also sporting a chill luxe-look!

All photos Courtesy of "The Brooklyn Circus"