Frank Gehry

Courtesy of EGO Design

Guggenheim- Bilbao, Spain

Joining T.E.D. (Technology. Entertainment. Design.) has enabled me to the privy best-of-the-best in modern day culture. Recently, I had the opportunity to see Frank Gehry[architectural genius]speak at their forum. If the name doesn’t ring familiarity I am positive his designs wonderments will: IAC Headquarters in New York City; Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain; Issey Miyake NY store or the Disney Village in Paris!

Hands down, I appreciate Gehry for his out-of-the-architect-box approach to designing! Looking at a Frank structure, you almost would think it’s going to plummet to into the earth. His quirky architectural silhouettes and award-winning talents have ensured his mainstay in modern day design culture.

In addition to creating thought-stimulating structures, the influential architect and design icon is a distinguished professor of architecture at Columbia University and YALE.

Sidebar: Mr. Gehry is coming to my neighborhood to design the "Atlantic Yards" for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. Stay tune for more info here on the project

Frank Gehry video at TED session:

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Carl Lowe said...

Frank's the best creative architect we have! Thanks for sharing this.