During the past weekend Sundance Channel aired a marathon of style-centered feature films and documentaries (entitled Ready to Watch). Due to the back-to-back lineup, I made sure to preset my DVR (aka TIVO to others) settings so not even a speckle of greatness would get overlooked. Plus, it’s excellent for future referencing and/or inspiration.

Loic Prigent’s documentary, in personal belief, gripped the film laurels this weekend amongst the other features. I have been advised relentlessly to ingest the strength-bearing documentary, from numerous friends and colleagues. I understood after watching this weekend, the cause for the verbal repetitiveness. The documentary rocks out!

In short, the documentary journeys inside the expansive world of megastar designer Marc Jacobs as he prepares for two grand Spring collections: Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. The film captures the entire design process—from opening concept to final execution. Loic Prigent extracts viewers making them be apart of the Marc Jacobs’ earth. From Paris to New York to Japan back to Paris you’re on a design-filled adventure. Adding to all the inclusively, you get a defined picture on the intricate process (especially Louis Vuitton) and design workmanship pumped into two storied fashion labels.



In the Present

Each of us has an ego with which our essential identify is associated in space and time. But, this ego is not inherently evil or wicked. It is simply limited and, like any tool or a knife, it can serve a useful function, or it can cause great harm.

In its functional role, the ego allows us to walk and talk and hold down a job and pay our bills. In this sense, the ego and the sense of identity we hold about ourselves is like a coil with a bright light shining inside. The greater the illusion and the stronger the sense of false identity, the more tightly coiled the spring.

However, when we see through the illusion and the false sense of an independent and
separate self, the coil begins to relax and open up, and the light of essence shines through as presence -- naturally radiant, clear and bright.


Designer Tom Ford talks Botox and designing striking suits for Daniel Craig (James Bond actor). (Guardian)

Janet Jackson rushed to the hospital in Montreal for unknown reasons. (MTV)

Jennifer Hudson rocks the music charts with her self-titled debut album. (The Washington Post)

The best looking hotel to hit Miami is nearing to an opening. I can’t wait to arrive! VOGUE Living cites the spectacular creation as “wildly romantic.” (MHG)

The love, respect, and admiration I have enveloped for this creative genius is unimaginable. (NY Times)



I premiered the cutting edge Janelle Monaé music video while trekking the elliptical. I was thrown off course but for meaningful reasons. The video was unbelievable! Janelle Monaé wrote a video treatment which artists just aren’t materializing anymore. The music video finds a close correlation to a short movie a la Michael Jackson. Besides the material creativity, her chic mild androgynous outfits were highly appealing.

Click play below to preview the “Many Moons” single by Janelle Monaé. Also, make sure to get her new CD: Metropolis.


Wayne Brady may have momentarily vanished from the airwaves, however he returned shining in sharp black-on-black attire for the recent Emmy Awards (pictured with a stunning Kate Walsh).

Zac Posen came across old-school dapper walking the reds with Helena Christensen at the Metropolitan Opera opening night. It’s a regal side of dressing Zac rarely employs. Zac implements a modernize twist to the tux—with a textured suit jacket and svelte double-breasted shawl lapel tuxedo vest.

Jada Pinkett glows in style with brother and actor Caleb Pinkett for the Lakeview Terrace premiere. Mr. MSR plans to fasten a watchful eye to Caleb’s dapper style. Just look what the Gent can do with an ordinary suit.

Literally 5 seconds leaving a Brooks Brothers press presentation, a street fashion photographer corners Mr. MSR and colleagues for a quick snap. Clearly, some were snapped off guard but our combined wears definitely were intact.

New Gucci spokesmodel Rihanna slowly cultivated into a woman owning a “clothes body.” That just means a person who can wear most clothing and still look well (as you’ll pinpoint below). For men, I would say Lenny Kravitz have the clothes body trophy.

I know the statuesque figure below showcasing style and class. I was impressed with here ladylike ensemble for Fashion Week. Just amazing! Ladies reading, take notes!

Jay-Z, LeBron James, Maverick Carter (LBJ business partner) taking in a group laugh at the Ralph Lauren Mansion. Purple Label and Black Label is fashioning all over this candid. Love it!

This epic photo makes captioning it hard. Words just can portray this dandy’s priceless look. All I will say: Come near me sporting those candy red penny loafers and you’ll be walking away barefoot. Just speaking the real deal…



Mr. MSR’s not one to forecast when temps are still coming in at mid 80s (as it was in the initial part of September). Sorry! These days, breezes are blowing much cooler and it actually feels autumnal. The list below is essentials ALL men should possess to weather the present season. Check a composite of particular essentials I sourced for the Fall wardrobe.

5-Pocket Denim

USA clothing maker Rag & Bone Fall collection are intensely shaking deep-pocketed men everywhere—in a good way of course. This Fall, nab the classic handmade wale cord jean designed by R&B. 5-Pocket classic denims no matter what jeans maker, holds ‘traditional’ and ‘style’ associations premium zip or button fly denims can level with. With slim fit cuts, besom and side pocketing, these 100% cotton straight leg denims shouldn’t be overlooked. Just no way, José.

Cardigans + Vest

Morning or evening chills encourages grabbing out the long-sleeved cardigans or comfy vests. In the cardigan department, we rave for James Perse cardigans for Fall. The cardigans feature apposite V-neck droppings (super deep V’s are more for summer cool nights), matching frontal pockets (functionality!), and numerous subtle design details—giving the garment a simplistic appearance. Just in case cardigans don’t jell well, opt for Gatsby sweater vests from Modern Amusement. The sweater vest enables day to night wearing and can double up with other top assortments for layering implements.

Dress Shirt

The dress shirt travels all the seasons. I think what differentiates the actual shirting, is the color. Yes, the color. I strongly suggest thinking more earth tones when Fall comes bursting. (The earth tone color scheme consists of browns, greens, tans, and some reds.) This season, Dior Homme crafted the ultimate dress shirt. Not the Oxford. Instead, the European label bestowed a forest green high-collar shirt. Besides the appropriate coloring, its boastful French cuffs and curved shirttail rocks!


Besides kick-ass shoes or a remarkable belt, a killer silk tie can complete a spectacular getup. Trust that. Solid colors are OK for the season, but textured and minute patterns are tons better! Why? Fall requires statement pieces, not mediocre options (leave that for spring/summer). I like the tartan print and striped tie; similar to two Ralph Lauren currently has out for Fall. It posses seasonal colors and unquestionably punch up outfits.

Lightweight Jacket

Sometimes you must beef up the warmth—with light jackets—when cardigans and vests help to no avail. Marc by Marc Jacobs rescues us from the chill this season with a Twill Zipped Jacket. Very technical (pouch pockets, snap buttons, pleating, etc.) with the immaculate detailing but very relaxed in the same manner. I bet my entire Fall allowance Marc’s timeless-looking gem offers maximum wearing season upon season.



In the Present

Let go of all identifications, and the truth of who you are will be unmistakable, undeniable and unavoidable: you are the silent, spacious awareness which contains all things.


China’s Milk scandal reports have major delay. (The Wall Street Journal)

Letterman jabs up John McCain after canceling his on-air taping. (Reuters)

WaMu goes under and JP Morgan Chase yanks it up. (Wall Street Journal)

Give do-good meaning to your next getaway. (Men’s Health)

Tattoos and piecing are making bolder visual appearances on the body. (NY Times)



Funnies at its best is a telling identification for the clip below.

I had belly spasms from recurring LOL's. And possibly the same thing occured for the other 6 million who watched the clip.


GANT truthfully was once a boring and uninspiring label at one point. I hark back to teen years when I wondered who shops here and why the store is sited on a posh shopping row? GANT is making me swallow those piercing words with a new look and with-it direction the brand underwent. Especially targeting the younger and twentysomething set. Recently, the label combined various individuals who inserted GANT designs into everyday wardrobe picks. As a result check my favorite GANT captures and witness the reformation of a once limp brand.


Brooks Brothers

The eldest purveyors of classic blazes up our closet racks with modernize styles and silhouettes. Skip winter and fast step into Spring for some killer, remarkable design creations. Upon entering Brooks Brothers’ presentation, I was happy with the anew Brooks Brothers. I previewed over 5 different Spring collection deliveries. The collections on display featured spick and span season requisites: White & Nantucket red pants, nautical stripes, exotic colors and prints, and inclusion of classic colorings—basic blacks and grays.

The contemporary sibling for Brooks Brother—Black Fleece—also showed tailored niceness. Thom Browne (designer renewed contract with label through Spring 2011) produced some fantasy-inspired creations: Color block single-breasted suiting cuddling a shy hemline; a bold jet-black seersucker suit (still praising the suit!), peep toe wingtip heels (for women only) and a off-beat shapely fishtail jacket. I already know whose getting my earned dinero in the ‘classics’ area next season.

Phillip Sparks

Canadian design wunderkind Phillip Sparks (the fresh talent is a tender 26) chose to dish out immaculate and zestful menswear for Spring. Also featured at Gen Art, Phillip had me in full-ogle mode. Model after model, the fashion delights came out with a defined force, enabling instant captivation. Phillip sent some #1’s I recommend to be on the lookout for. Keep vigilant for his lapel-less structured jackets; ‘70s tennis cotton shorts and technical-inspired gray shorts (embellished with oversized pocketing), just to name a few.


The ‘excursionist’ uprooted for the fashion shows, events, and happenings I took part in weeks back. The physical temple was on a pronounced E after about Day 6. Tired or not, we pulled ourselves by the [Dolce & Gabbana] bootstraps and stormed the menswear shows and presentations for Spring/Summer ’09. We previewed many but adored very few. Here are the brands we felt had something to say for Spring/Summer ‘09.

Band of Outsiders

Men's tailoring done in chic formations and finishes bombarded Band of Outsiders collection. Designer Scott Sternberg offered preppy with mixes of relax vibes. And creative design incorporations to boot. The collection transports new creative energy back into preppy menswear. With the “Prepster” look making an echoing reemergence, B.O.O. stimulates forth a timely collection. During the mildly-crowded presentation we received ample face time with the Spring collection.

Our favorites: High-quality navy cotton trench coat finished off with gold shimmer buttons; Double-breasted patchwork madras jackets and above-the-knee shorts; colorful blended braces; splendid Sperry Top-Sider shoes (I was tempted to boost them from the shelf! Lol.) offering laser screen-print eyelets and lace displays and a neat camel cotton tuxedo pant. I recommend including the designer into your designer must-haves for next season.

Hyden Yoo

Does the above name ring familiar chimes? If you are a Fear Factor seasoned loyalist, you might recall the name Hyden Yoo. Hyden, won the show crown several years back. Hyden currently is the fearless fashion-forward whipping up fantastic menswear constructs. Front row at Gen Art Fresh Faces, we were gripped by Mr. Yoo’s well-thought and executed men’s collection.

For Spring, throngs of refreshing and cheery options are birthing out of the Hyden house. Gems in particular: Gray-colored ruche jackets, majestic coral sweaters (unbelievably creative), zippered pewter motorcycle jackets, and scores of cotton ventilated suits. If you’re thinking preppy-edgy flair for Spring, Hyden Yoo is your go-to designer!


In the Present

The light of the infinite shines through each of us as if through colored glass.

Explore your beliefs and assumptions to discover the ways in which you filter the radiance of truth.


This section has been canceled until tomorrow's post.



I decided to implement " Are You Serious?" as a new highlight to MSR. I encounter many unbelievable things—great and horrible—that I want to showoff. In launching the new feature, witness this unreal championship ping-pong match I encountered on Ellen.


We froze in amazement by the well-dressed figure pictured on the right. The denim meets suit jacket whips up a pleasant juxtaposition of the sorts. The pose—surely unscripted—is priceless and superior on countless levels. The shot was encapsulated after the Ralph Lauren collection show last week. The man attended the show Ralph Lauren-ready: Doubled breasted blazer, light pink button-up, richly treated jeans, immaculate skull and bone velvet slipper and relaxed accouterments. And notice the slick-back coiffure. Very Ralph Lauren. What took my attention was his blended perfection of style elements. The culmination of swagger to boot was important as well.

Speaking of swagger, notice how this dandy only utilizes one button on the double-breasted jacket to provoke a form-fitting effect. (A known buttoning process used in various Black Label adverts.) From some inquisitiveness, I found out the gentleman use to be referred to as the best dressed male employee to catwalk through 625 Madison Avenue (R. L. Headquarters). Clearly, we can see why!

Talking of ‘Ralph Lauren’ and ‘Obsessions’ in the same breath, we love the Rugby Fall lineup. Check a few goodies our budgeted pockets are conquering.

We're all over this. From top to bottom!

The props accompanied are enhancing this medium carrier.

A shetland and cotton shawl cardigan never looked so stunning.




In the Present

As you attend to your affairs and respond to the demands of daily life, realize they can all be kept in perspective simply by focusing your attention on that which is essential.

Inevitably, everything will be taken care of, effortlessly, when you recognize you are residing within the real.


MAJOR FINANCIAL NEWS: Bank of America takes over Merrill Lynch & Co. for $50 Billion. (The Wall Street Journal)

Barack Obama shatters fundraising record by growing $66 Million buckaroos in the month of August. (LA Times)

This weekend I toppled in laughter at the Tina Fey-Palin skit that kicked off the 34th season of S.N.L. (Washington Post)

I painstakingly watched the made-for-TV Coco Chanel biopic this weekend and can say she was a feisty and sexy woman. Walks like the boss, talks like a boss. (LA Times)

Ron Galella: The man who popularized the ‘modern celebrity.’ (NY Magazine)



C. Breezy aka Chris Brown bangs 10 for the Fashion Rocks feature! Pause for a second and witness the fresh high-waist button-front khaki pants. I need to know who the designer is. How fresh and equally fall-perfect. The kicky braces atop the crisp shirt fall effortlessly in line with the outfit.

Never wavering his British mod looks, Mark Ronson manages to infuse his swagger essence to a killer tux—even with a gorgeous beauty attached at the waist.

Who’s this fashion dandy sitting front row? I have absolutely no clue. We offer him the utmost props for the brave execution to don leather fuchsia and brown cap-toe shoes with striped socks. The gentleman certainly woke feeling ballsy that day.

LeBron James and girlfriend Savannah striking the pose and pearly whites at Mr. Jame’s Foundation Benefit held at the Ralph Lauren Mansion (New York) during Fashion Week. LeBron’s three-piece window pane suit and silk necktie favors on him. I adore the contrasting angle taken with the banker collar shirt. I bet any dollars the complete look is Ralph Lauren Black Label.

I captured the image only because of John Legend. No offense to the other inserted individuals. We love the look because A.) It’s dressing up executed in a sporty-chic manner. B.) The outfit has a flow—from coloring to textures. C.) Although not highly decked-up, John fashionably compliments his girlfriend shown on the right.

Brad Goreski (Rachel Zoe supreme assistant) seen on a recent step-and-repeat highlighting geek-chic with a pinch of hipster vibes. We DIG! I am seeing the exact “look” repeatedly dressed on the men of New York. Let’s see how long it will live.




In the Present

I went to Luke 6:38 in the Big Book for today's In the Present.

Be easy on people; you'll find life a lot easier. Give away your life; you'll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.


OJ Simpson arrives for the start of his robbery trial. And it starts again!

Brittany Spears made a comeback. Let’s pray she remains positively consistent.

Rachel Zoe: A woman that propelled the term “stylist” to higher levels.

NYC births a new winery for wine connoisseurs.

New medical reports circulating are saying Aspirin and Ibuprofen may alter prostate exams.



During the past months we have yap and talked about Andre 3000’s menswear line—Benjamin Bixby. And now we're happy to exclaim the line is incredibly gorgeous!! Style meets structure is the best way to explain the infant menswear line. Benjamin Bixby defies the design commonalities celebrity-turned-fashion-designers normally inculcate. Honestly, we are way over the wacko designs celebrities choose to empower!

On Thursday, I and several colleagues stormed the Benjamin Bixby menswear launch/presentation hosted by Charlize Theron and André Benjamin at BARNEYS. Before arriving, I hoped to see a fuller range than what I previewed earlier in the year. Indeed, B.B. honored my hopes with a complete rollout of Benjamin Bixby perfection. The offerings included: Herringbone plaid Jodhpur pants; savvy braces; classic cotton polo’s (produced in varying designs); comforting shawl knits and cardigans; structured wool military pea coats; classic chinos; and luxe classic rugby’s.

In attendance were the who’s who in fashion and particular celebrities supporting Sir. Andre. Mr. MSR was impressed with Dylan Lauren (Ralph Lauren's daughter) in particular.The resounding munificent comments about the collection flowed continuously. And dapper Andre helped propel the generous responses with his openness to answer questions and inquiries. The merchandise is exclusive to Barneys at this juncture, and hopefully will seep into other better department stores in the near future.