Wayne Brady may have momentarily vanished from the airwaves, however he returned shining in sharp black-on-black attire for the recent Emmy Awards (pictured with a stunning Kate Walsh).

Zac Posen came across old-school dapper walking the reds with Helena Christensen at the Metropolitan Opera opening night. It’s a regal side of dressing Zac rarely employs. Zac implements a modernize twist to the tux—with a textured suit jacket and svelte double-breasted shawl lapel tuxedo vest.

Jada Pinkett glows in style with brother and actor Caleb Pinkett for the Lakeview Terrace premiere. Mr. MSR plans to fasten a watchful eye to Caleb’s dapper style. Just look what the Gent can do with an ordinary suit.

Literally 5 seconds leaving a Brooks Brothers press presentation, a street fashion photographer corners Mr. MSR and colleagues for a quick snap. Clearly, some were snapped off guard but our combined wears definitely were intact.

New Gucci spokesmodel Rihanna slowly cultivated into a woman owning a “clothes body.” That just means a person who can wear most clothing and still look well (as you’ll pinpoint below). For men, I would say Lenny Kravitz have the clothes body trophy.

I know the statuesque figure below showcasing style and class. I was impressed with here ladylike ensemble for Fashion Week. Just amazing! Ladies reading, take notes!

Jay-Z, LeBron James, Maverick Carter (LBJ business partner) taking in a group laugh at the Ralph Lauren Mansion. Purple Label and Black Label is fashioning all over this candid. Love it!

This epic photo makes captioning it hard. Words just can portray this dandy’s priceless look. All I will say: Come near me sporting those candy red penny loafers and you’ll be walking away barefoot. Just speaking the real deal…

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