Spring is officially cooking in the atmosphere. And so will parts of your skin underneath the glaring sunshine. Moistened and hydrated skin is perfect combat for the sun. It constantly attempts to expunge our body casing nutrients and vibrancy. For a couple of years, Mr. MSR have been protecting the skin (especially facial and hand areas) with Carol Daughter’s body butter. Brimming with enticing natural ingredients and fragrant scents, the light-texture (no cake paste available) butter is really awesome! I stopped in Carol’s Daughter storefront space to explore newer selections. However, I can still only opt for “Jamaican Punch” and “SweetHoneyDipChocolate” notes—nothing else.

When the easy-to-smooth-on butter glides onto your skin, seeping moisture into the pores, I guarantee you a product stronghold will operate. The amazement at achieved results with fresh and richer-looking skin arrives shortly after. (I recommend 3 consecutive days of usage post-showering to start noticing lasting results.)

Remember Gents, our skins tells a lot about how we upkeep of our bodies.


Two months before attacking Miami’s searing sands, I was engaged in conversations about the future succession of Benjamin Bixby store shelf life. What brought the discussion topic were the astronomical markdowns the collection met in BARNEYS New York at the time. My remark response to the topic was lukewarm after assessing the soaring price cuts. Mr. MSR same lukewarm response drummed up to mild-hotness last week. While scrolling through SteelCloset.com (another awesome lifestyle blog) I happened to catch Andre Benjamin lively posing alongside B.B. Spring/Summer ’09 collection at HOLT RENFREW (Barneys and SAKS version for Canada).

Nothing new graced within the collection, but I am anticipating Benjamin’s Bixby Fall preview. At that point, I am hoping my mild-hot feelings towards the brands longevity brews to sweltering.

PS: I dig the bubblegum crushed-cotton oxford on Andre!!


OK, Michelle Obama you know I love you...from my inner core, right? Arighty! But I must have to draw the chrome brake pedals about your bold statements spewing : Barack doesn’t understand fashion. I remember Barack's light mom-wearing jeans incident but that’s only 1 faux pas. Barack do not understand the genesis of the Maria Pinto sheaths; Isabel Toledo skirts or Tracy Reese frocks, you so joyously polarize. However, to say he’s fashion clueless might be a bit much. When Barack draws on razor-sharp impeccable suits you’re arm-in-arm beaming on his side. As Barrack arranges his Regan-red or Democrat-blue dimple-windsor knots I’m sure you conjure happy feelings looking on at his orderly presentation!

If you forgot how comfortably and well-together Barack Obama spotlights, as a quick refresher , I gathered some image selections.



Who enjoys shopping in traditional spaces? Not me! Well, if it’s proffering me a good sale I totally can understand traditional. I boldly admit, unalike and disparate clothing shops quickly gets my purchasing dollars moving and brewing. If you dwell (or visiting) in super apple NYC, shopping in character-fueling spaces is a must!! Being that MSR cater to the hombres, here are my must-visit retail destinations in New York City.

Opening Ceremony

Brimmed with luxe eclectic merchandise from aspiring and solid design standards, Opening Ceremony merges both creative artistic elements into a fun and pleasing shopping experience. Another great additive is their rarefied vintage selections intertwined among contemporary designs. Opening Ceremony also carries a namesake label which fuses seamlessly with their participating designers. Men, for inventive shoes and artful constructed outerwear Opening Ceremony—whether in NYC or LA—are your resting places.

Visit Opening Ceremony at 37 Howard Street, or online @ www.openingceremony.us

Alohoa Rag

Tatsugo Yoga introduced the two-decade Hawaiian establishment to Hudson Square territories in NYC. Since migrating to the states, Aloha Rag has included menswear design likes: Martin Margiela, Rogan, Alexander McQueen, Common Projects, Ksubi, into its merchandise philosophy. The assortments are displayed in an art gallery formation. Another merchandise kudos: Aloha’s NYC store strictly penetrate brands in Japan, UK, and other international points that are not readily available on the East Coast region. Upon stepping foot in the full super-white exteriors, you’re moved into a tranquil shopping experience.

Visit Aloha Rag at 505 Greenwich Street, or online @ www.aloharag.com


Early last month the creative team at Designing Minds sent me a media alert opening me up to an extraordinary documentary on A+ fashion shooter Ben Watts. If you really knew Mr. MSR, you would know Ben Watts is the official photographer for the groomsmen clang on wedding day. His style of shooting—often uncontrolled and energized—extracts mannerisms and stylized poses the subject never knew existed. (My favorite Ben captures are his in-the-air shots!) If you thumb through the pages of GQ or click the image editorials of Men.Style online, Ben Watts stamp is on most of the medium’s creative imageries.

In Designing Minds’ Part 1 feature “Ben discusses the power of photography and how his love for the craft enables him to capture timelessness in a frame. He goes on to discuss how the streets and youth of New York City influenced his early work, later shaping his process and practice for commercial work. In part 2 of the great installment series, “Ben recounts the journey of making a name for himself in the Big Apple, while trying to continue to push the boundaries of traditional photography.”

Part I

Part II



Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush traveled a might long way to execute the mastery you witness radiating above. Both decked in deep blue fitted selections, the couple equally compliments one another. Keep up the great work!

Beyonce glittered NYC streets in a shape-accentuating jeweled frock last week. Of course she caused mayhem. The backdrop style players however oozed mucho style boldness. A big Peace greeting to her subject who Mr. MSR calls brethren.

When I saw this shot I shrieked, "It's about time Nick! Show the masses you can lace on a sharp suit and command respect!" And top it off with glossy curve-toe shoes to boot.

James Franco on set looking retro chic for his movie character!

The first shot of Amber Rose and Kanye West that made me pause, analyze, and commend. Amber's neon green motorcycle jacket and Kanye's rose pink cardigan are staples for the pair's sidewalk flair.

Speaking of sidewalk flair, Gossip Girls' cast mate lovers strolled with their white pooch all while cornerning a hipster-esque style appeal. PS: Does anyone know the maker of Ed Westick two-tone awesome olive boots?

What more can I say other than that the girl has swagger-a-million!



Eric Dane issued a strength-bearing pose for viewers who bought New York Times' recent T Magazine Men's Spring Fashion edition.


This morning I rose to the official 1st fresh day of spring. Before this, I have been meandering into retail spaces to drum up what looks and products would bloom bright. I made a strong effort not to recklessly unload dinero until Mr. MSR covered the seasons product gamut.

A hearty thank you to the retail shops/boutiques who previewed Mr. MSR their freshly arranged merchandise; beauty companies who scented me with new masculine scents, and press agents for introducing us with pleasing products and collections.

Here’s what I highly recommend you debut in spring season.


Since late December up until February I have been reaffirming inward and outwardly plush velvet slippers are going to be a buzzing hit this season. Like major hit Gents! In the current heavy-laden footwear market, brands are beginning to master and craft lofty counts of luxe velvet slippers. With the reintroduction of velvet slippers, I suggest venturing to the confines of Ralph Lauren and Stubbs & Wootton for stately and matchless velvet slipper selections. They're both known leaders on the specific style.


We’re calling up fashion pals Michael Bastian and Kris Van Assche to outline our walk-in closets this Spring. Both collections Gents, are terrific! Mr. Bastian conjured an easy-wear-easy-feel spring assortment. With rich solid colors (very few striping and plaids) being the limelight focus, Michael’s spring pieces convey a relaxed broken-in energy. In union with his day job as chief designer of Dior Homme, Kris still makes us men look dashing-casual with his namesake artsy collection. For spring, I zoomed in on a lot of roomy pants and shape-slimming suits. What I marvel about Kris’ wondrous collection is the variety of styling you can achieve, whether opting for minimized or maximized effects.


Let’s face it—we’re involved in a global warming rollercoaster. Meteorologists, along with the public just can’t predict the weather outcome these days. Side note: I saw snowflake droplets raining from the sky early this morning, before the clouds opened up to its partner sunshine. Just in case we return to spring normalcy , my accessory this season is, not a well-built trench coat, but a sturdy-functioning umbrella. Who better to turn to than world-class manufacturer Victorinox Swiss Army! This season, check in with V.S.A and seize up the 3-staged automatic titanium-alloy umbrella.


To complete a look, even after loading on your few accessories Gents, a pleasing touch of fragrance touch is end result for any ensemble. This season I had the opportunity to whiff Donna Karan’s new Men’s fragrance, DKNY MEN, and it’s the perfect mix for spring—especially during the night hours. Boasting super-firm aromas of lavender, clary sage, sandalwood, the congruently –angled bottle (inspired by NYC’s historic Flatiron building) is a must-must (twice for importance) grab.


To cover the missed In The Present, take in the full-load of a great quotes and simple lessons.

“There are times when we may fool ourselves. There are times when we can fool others. But we can never fool our body. It is the most sensitive barometer of our inner world.”

-- Sherrill Sellman

“Instead of frittering away your vibrancy with worry or distraction, realize your mind and body are inextricably united. What calms and tones up one, soothes and improves the other.”

-- Marsha Sinetar

"When you are saying that you are happy and you are not, there will be a disturbance in your breathing. Your breathing cannot be natural. It is impossible."

-- Osho

"Your body is the ground and metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your body. In the marriage of flesh and spirit divorce is impossible."

-- Gabrielle Roth

"If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?"

-- Unknown source



In Mr. MSR's PEOPLE Michelle Obama photo post I wrote "keep the covers coming Michi O." She listened! On the April cover of O Magazine, Oprah and Michelle graces the cover. (Note: Oprah's first time sharing her cover with another person.) Also, the First Lady Official Photo plastered a lip-curling gesture to my face!!


As of lately style subjects have been flailing all sorts of interesting style statements (due to Spring fever maybe!) and MSR is cornerinhg every imparted style swing.
Even fully decked in moody Gray getup, V. Beckham makes us stand attention and salute!

J.T. models a sharp and dandy William Rast car coat and whisker-distressed slim fit denim.

Brit TV personality Jeff Brazier street-strolling with his sons!

Complimenting imparts nicely with Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson.

Already a fierce facial expression, the stylista matches the facial with her fashions!