Brad the dad makes fashioning a lightweight suit super-easygoing. We say Brad employs correct wardrobe perfection for the pictured summer day in Venice, Italy. We also love the casual and spunky beat Maddox and Pax portrays.

Yes we can…love their style and splendor. When I set eyes on this shot I see modern day J.F.K and Jackie O projecting. The navy bespoke wool suit fit, imparts a suave and elegant presence. (Barack Obama’s suit was tailored by Chicago union workers.)

Mr. “Waiting on the World to Change” underwent some image changes and we’re digging it. The long hair is transformed to a buzz cut to expose a chiseled face we never new existed. John Mayer now shows the edgy side we have become familiar with from his tunes. One advice: Pop some color under the roughhewn leather and you are set!

Mr. MSR salutes the timely photographer who captured a priceless shot. Seen hear, is LeBron (a little fashionisto we see) James demonstrating to Kobe tie tying. The man got basketball talents. And now, fashion mechanics.

This dandy (goes by the name Rob) was shot this summer in my neighborhood and I couldn’t withhold his sartorial inventiveness from the readers. Just focus on the essence (backdrop, subdued lighting, props, etc.) of the picture to understand my urging to share. *And before the e-mails start coming, it was not shot by The Sartorialist.”

This month Harpers Bazaar issue has Karl Lagerfeld channeling one of his favorite music types: Hip Hop! Complete shocker! Although the gloves may seem a” bit questionable for men in Hip Hop, the look, the pose, the clothing mixes up a statement shot we never new Karl could penetrate. Kudos, Harpers Bazaar!



Last Wednesday, Mr. MSR dashed in Thomas Pink (purveyors of premium clothing) for a private shopping event being given by Thrasher Funds—an investment firm analyzing and showing millennials how culture, music, and fashion traverse the stock market. Certainly, Thrashers are leading ahead of the curve. Thrashers’ moniker says: INVEST LIKE A ROCKSTAR. I like already! Thrashers celebrate all-things sexy; we enjoy an investment establishment who marries sexy with finance.

Prior to the libation of Belvedere mixtures and touring Thomas Pink quality merchandise, I spoke with James Perkins, Jr. (Founder and Portfolio Manager) to really catch the nitty-gritty of the investment firm. Before launching Thrasher Funds, James a Yale grad, held high-ranking positions on Wall Street. The fashioned-up Mr. Perkins, who sported coordinated separates with spectacular Tom Ford frames and metallic sneaks (possibly Dior Homme) made clear of his intentions to get the generation—especially the 18-35 demographic—investing in brands and companies whose profits they charge. For example: American Apparel according to James, “are thriving despite the much verbalized recession.”

Thrasher Funds portrays investing in a healthy limelight as suppose to the sea of negative spotlighting witness in business journals and news reports. Speaking of spotlighting, James also expounded on Thrasher TV, the media arm where he and business partner (Khalid Jones) produce shows discussing market financials and forecasting. (The segments are engaging and must-see financial TV. Its delivery is fresh, and topics keep you in sync with the pulse of the financial market(s).)

For more on Thrasher Funds, visit their interactive website (www.thrasherfunds.com) or catch James or Khalid on FOX Business channel where you can see them shooting off market expertise.

Thrasher TV in action:


Yesterday Barneys New York called, so Mr. MSR went over to pay a visit. I see what the excitement was for! The men’s sportswear section received minor yet refreshing additives to the department. Benjamin Bixby (Andre 3000 brand) is on frontal display with stylishly interesting Fall pieces while in the left rear, the revamped shoes section stood place.

VOILA! These screaming quilted patent Nike Dunks (came in fire red and blue) High shouted me out and I went running like a tot in the candy shop. Honestly, I feel these sneakers were the best “Dunk” styles I have seen relinquish from the NIKE factory line. The patent texture, minuscule glittering, and quilting techniques define the Nike sneaker.

Only at $165 (worth every cent), these check-me-out Dunks are part of the “Olympic Limited Edition rollout for NIKE footwear. Great luck finding this killer sneaker, because we left Barneys only with one pair left in-house!



In the Present

When you are overwhelmed with the immensity of your own pain and suffering, remember:
Reality and Truth are larger.

Even in the depths of despair, if you allow your heart to remain open, light will continue to flow.

Our attachment to struggle and suffering is often stronger than our clinging to pleasure and desire.


Do I sense a squabble bubbling up between our menswear designer buddies? (WWD)

McCain chooses Sarah Palin as his VP choice. (CNN)

Consumer purchasing norms sees a downturn in the U.S. economy. I guess the stimulus didn’t conjure high prospects as we hoped. (New York Times)

Bloomberg News slacks up by erroneously sending out Steve Jobs’ obituary. (Atlanta Business Chronicle)



Outside the Liquor Store pre-opening.

Forgive me for the delayed posting with this feature.

Last week, MaleStyle Review went frolicking to J. Crew’s well-talked-and-buzzed- about new men’s store in Tribeca. The façade and segments of the store still boast remnants of the olden liquor shop that once held court. I felt great to know artistic creators—Andy Spade, Todd Snyder, Mickey Drexler (a genius!)—maintain the regal traces of the old space. Before nose diving towards the edited racks, I made the beeline for Liquor Store’s manager—Jonathan—who made privy, more history of the space.

Liquor Store, happily intoxicates consumers with marvelous tailoring and customized menswear. In honesty, it’s a much more elevated collection to classic J.Crew. The store is broken up in sections which enables easy navigating. According to Jonathan, “a lot of the products you’ll find at Liquor Store are customized exclusively for this store and can’t be found elsewhere—not even other J. Crew locations.” Case in point: The sturdy Globetrotter luggage (blue w/black lining) stacked throughout the space; or the Alden Shoes (seen in Dessert Boot and Wingtip styles) which almost succumbed my dollars quietly in my pockets.

Other merchandise gems I found appealing (especially for Fall) were some Thomas Mason shirts ($125), a stunning yellow trench coat, and exclusively Red Wings for J. Crew brown boots. (The Red Wings have cushion crepe wedges with traction.) Also, their ‘suit expert’ walked me through the handful of options that were breezily on display. Although its reference to some as a “capsule store”, I feel favorable retail figures will only clone more Liquor Store’s in other locations.

For more on Liquor Store, see photos below, or visit the shop at 235 West Broadway @ White Street in Tribeca.



In the Present

Captives of our own imaginations, we dream of fleeting pleasures and long for deeper passions,
even as life's sweetness is dripping from our lips.


Obama seeks a more tangible approach (the Denver public received invitations) with tonight’s anticipated Democratic nomination speech. On the 45th Anniversary of M.L.K’s “I Have a Dream Speech”, Barack selected great timing to give the speech. (AP)

U.S. economy increases due to surge in exports. (Bloomberg)

If you weren’t in ogle to Biden and Clinton, (the always primetime speaker!) here’s what you slackers missed out on! LOL. Mr. Biden, you and Beau (his son) are my new pals! (Guardian)

Stephen Banks welcomes Norsea to the menswear scene. (Men.Style.Com)

If you’re bored at the office, scroll over to Men’s Health.com to test your style senses with Style Director Brian Boyé. (Men’s Health)




In the Present

Do not expect the finite to be anything other than what it is. This is the key to discovering
your own innate freedom, and your intimacy with the Infinite.

The finite world is steeped in tender, poignant beauty -- precisely because it is finite.

The Infinite is radiant with beauty -- precisely because it transcends the finite.


The DNC convention kicks off today in Denver’s Pepsi Center and we’re riveted to the flat screen.

Ben Stiller’s hyper-funny movie receives No. 1 title at box-office.

Kobe Bryant makes it happen for Team USA at the Olympics! (What a game!!!!)

Madonna flop John McCain with negative video sequences during tour show.

Our 2nd favorite luxury retailer—Bergdorf Goodman—puts an interesting spin on their menswear catalog.



Tough guy NY Rangers brawler Sean Avery (and ex-Men’s Vogue staffer) seen here rocking dark tones in the casual yet chicest way. We’re salivating over the pricey motorcycle bomber.

Browsing my regular lifestyle websites, this hipster-look caught my attention. The print sweater, slim-fit jeans, leading to the gentleman shoes, together creates a fantastic getup. I also praise his sockless integration.

Although I am up to ceiling bored with Neyo’s grey suiting I love this still photograph from the Miss Independent video. The pensive face expression defines the lifestyle-esque shot above I believe. In addition, the Louis Vuitton briefcase (gasps!) in the foreground and background décor are cool enhancements.

Karl Lagerfeld is too humorous ! Seen here with his teddy bear double (running for over $1,000 next month at Neiman Marcus) suited up for the lens. Those signature gloves are like a second pair of hands. The man never is seen without them.

Lindsay Lohan gets a “hello.” But we’re fist-bumping and high-fiving DJ Samantha Ronson for her put-together all-white ensemble seen above! We also dig your breezy tunic!

Mr. MSR and cousin seen here shooting for the paparazzi (lol) at a recent wedding.


“Mike Phelps looks really doofus-like and goofy!” exclaimed a male cousin prior to watching the male shark slice pass his fellow aquatic Olympians. My rebuttal, “watch when a menswear magazine or stylist grabs a hold of him—just watch.” And so my statement came into fruition with Phelps starring up in the current Men’s Vogue.

Bite your words cousin!

Pre all the gold medals swathe around his neck, Men’s Vogue believed Phelps possessed winning style and flair—as seen in the shots below. My favorite shot is with Mike settled on the bleachers crossing his hands and gazing out. Mr. Phelps was probably visualizing all those gold medallions he now proudly adorns.



Last week I made mention of my obsession with Neyo’s new single: Miss Independent. Men all over approve the hit track! Why? It’s super-relevant. The days of YouTubin’ the video less song is over. Fresh on the heels of his first single Closer, a new video for Miss Independent recently graced airwaves. After 15 seconds into watching, the video latches on like a great sale steal from Bergdorf Goodman (at least that’s my take about it).

The only disappointment: I would have had preferred sans backup male dancers and new outfit palettes (we continue seeing Neyo in Gray). For a slight second I thought it was additional footages for the Closer video. Fresh faces—Gabrielle Union, Lauren London, and Keri Hilson heightens the video sexiness and appeal. Neyo extol the starlets’ independent and boss-lady strut—all while remaining suave and composed.



Hooray for another publication showcasing the art of men’s fashion!

In the premiere Vogue Hommes Japan, (translated: Japan Men’s Vogue), the publication meshes the art and fashion aesthetic without boundaries. US Men’s Vogue lacks this blend and I’m actually baffled by their artistic reservations. Hopefully, the new publication will encourage exercised creative freedom. (Side note: VOGUE International editions always seem to win over American editions with more relevant fashion, arts, and creative elements.)

The cover shot by photographer Hedi Slimane (ex-designer of Dior Homme) rats out the goodies expected from the men’s glossy. I envision the issue to pack tons and tons of avant-garde elements with also functional and practical fashion rudiments. I’m hearing Kim Jones is a contributing Fashion Editor and stylist Nicola Formichetti have been doled the Fashion Director title.

I will have to have certain colleagues translate the pages but know I hanker the spreads more!

Vogue Hommes Japan is expected to hit newsstands and bookstores September 10th.




In the Present

The present moment is the vortex of all transformation.


The Jamaicans are turning it up in the Olympics! (Telegraph)

Palm is just continuously shelling out sleek smartphone’s. I marvel at the device’s flush panel. (Internet News)

Matt Damon and wife welcomes healthy girl baby into the world. (Reuters)

David Lipke (menswear fashion journalist) reports Sean Combs second wind with Sean John. (DNR)

Coco Rocha turns out the coveted Barneys Fall catalog debuting Aug. 29th. (NY Magazine)



Yesterday I made a pit stop into Takashimaya on 5th Ave. to preview what FALL was saying for men. Arriving on the second level (entitled Jet-Set floor), I was welcomed to a small mix of unique menswear; this includes all categories. Takashimaya buying team selects correctly for the pint-size men’s sportswear department. Paul Smith--among the mix of labels--stood out as a black sheep, but in the most stylish and creative manner.

Paul Smith Fall accessories were not the expected eye-dazing stripes. Instead, a portion of items are imagery-centered. Sir Smith provides visual appeal to the products. Bold photo prints are the focal of the designs. My top picks (pictured below) were the men’s shoulder bag; sleek credit card holder; and the laptop case.

Mr. Smith, don’t hesitate to incorporate the new technique to your sporty shoes collection.



In the Present

Find the silent, clear Center within all the world's movement. This is true identity.

Trust the energy moving out from this source, into the world.

This is also a manifestation of your own innate essence. Your true identity includes and transcends all thought, emotion and appearance.

Find the clear center of all manifest things and efforting will cease.


The recent discovery of BIGFOOT was all a massive hoax. (BBC)

We’re on toes just waiting for the release of Obama’s VP choice. (NY Times)

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi say “I DO!” (LA Times)

J. Crew set to debut new men’s shop in Tribeca. I plan to cover their grand opening tomorrow for MaleStyle Review. (Shophound)

LeRoi Moore (saxophonist of David Matthews Band) passes away from complications stemming from recent ATV accident. (CNN)



There are brands we applaud from the jump, and other brands we favor but have uncertainties. Five Four was the latter when it came jumping on the menswear scene. Fast-forward six years later and people are on pews clapping for Five Four.

Andres Izquieta (Creative Director & Designer) and Dee Murthy cultivated the lifestyle line from a USC Business School project. Clearly, high marks were scored because Five Four is fueling at A-level. Since last year, I had several market appointments with the brand and I have witnessed the impressive journey and culmination with the label.

At PROJECT tradeshow in NY, I met with their Marketing Director to see the Fall immediate(s) and designs brewing for Spring ’09 (you must forecast!). For Fall, Five Four gives us men various options and categories to coordinate with for the season. Case in point: Luxe fitted cardigans blended with coated slim fit denims (the jeans construction is awesome) or opulent ginghams (made with sturdy cotton) nestled under technical jackets. Just backpedaling for a second, the many color ways and detailing on the gingham shirts makes it the top winner among the other designer ginghams in stores.

Five Four FALL designs hold a military presence but never in a bullish or rigid way; think more along the lines: modern, structured, functional, and timeless designing. Packed with epaulets, bone buttons, and remarkable fabrics, Five Four has reintroduced detailed aesthetics to sportswear garments.

Consumers, Five Four can be found at the better department stores such as Fred Segal (LA), Atrium (NY), and Nordstrom. The price points: Denims ($125-$175), Jackets ($150-$300), Wovens ($85-$110).

Below are a few statement pieces for the FALL season.



In the Present

This morning I received this powerful message from Joel Osteen and I decided to make this truthful piece today's In the Present.

"In this day and age, our culture has become so accustomed to having constant activity going on; computers, cell phones, television, email, video games. And there’s nothing wrong with that stuff but sometimes, we have to stop and be still so we can focus on knowing God.

This is especially true during the difficult times in life. When you are facing a challenge, it’s easy to want to run to a friend or talk about it with a neighbor, but at some point, you have to stop and say, “God, I rest in You. I know You have me in the palm of Your hand.” "


After settling for the bronze, Shaw Johnson balances out for the gold medal. (LA Times).

Over 100 college presidents are rallying to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18. (Newsday).

Ladies get ready for the outpour of free cosmetics from brands like M.A.C, Clinique, CKOne, Chanel, and many others. Due antitrust issues with retail price-fixing, consumers get pretty on their dime. (NewYork Magazine).

Award-winning Actor Laurence Fisburne to join the CSI cast. (NY Times).

Being of Jamaica heritage never felt so well! Watching Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt (only 21, might I add) shatter records at the Beijing Olympics is glorious. (International Herald Tribune).




In the Present

Happiness depends upon the vicissitudes of circumstance. Satisfaction resides within the abiding completeness of Reality.

When you discover Reality, nothing else is needed. Until you discover Reality
nothing else will satisfy.

When you need nothing, there is room for everything.


Obama selects VP candidate possibly this week.

Jared Leto and band sued for $30 million big ones.

The cubicle-favorite Pandora radio might be tuning out.

Japanese tech manufacturer Fujitsu produces CD-size computer that stocks DVD burner functioning and Wi-Fi. Where do I swipe the Amex?

7 cool ways to rid distraction at work.




In this week's style lineup I found the most appealing men offering up premium style—with hints of flair and panache.

Earlier in the week, Amanda Brooks of Men’s Vogue featured my friend, Kwesi, for her “In Her Eyes” blog column. According to Amanda, Kwesi was part of the men’s fashion pack sporting the rolled-up pants matched with plaid shirt look. I dig his togetherness. And I don’t say this because we’re pals.

A constant favorite outfit by red carpet dons Will Smith and David Beckham, Tom still manages to instill a personal youthful energy to the jacket and jeans combo. I would love to see your stylist gunning for more of the above pairings Tom.

I was speechless (and a bit floored) by this number producer Ryan Leslie pulled out for VIBE Magazine’s 15th Anniversary recent soirée. I have heard him in conversations say he gets a lot of his garments custom tailored in Italy—much kudos to the tailor. The piping techniques trickled from shirt to pants is really neat and superb. In my belief, the two-tone shirt catapults the outfit to a solid 10!

Out of all the Jonas Brothers, little Nick is my favorite. Young with tons of spunk, he rocks suits like a sharp gentleman. Without excessive drooping or untidy sag, his suits (maybe Dior or Dolce & Gabbana) sit on him with sartorial perfection.

Mary J. Blige and husband Kendu are summer perfect with matching glowing skin and chic-and-breezy ensembles. The fabric game on the dress is sick Mary! (I mean that in a nice way of course.)

This picture is worth a thousands words. If I can use two words out of many: Style and Confidence would be the model words. Just look how Jamaica sprinter—and now world record golden Olympian—Usain Bolt clench the victory with style and arm-stretching assurance.



Hi MSR Readers,

Starting today I take another road trip. Where I plan to excursion, Internet may be nonexistence or limited for a good ole' blogging.

Relaxation and being of service beckons, so I happily answer.

Scroll back to your favorite posts to cushion you until I return (gone 1 week)—stay course.

The above photo gives you a hint of the surroundings I'll be immersed in.

Take care until,

-Mr. MSR



I am a believer of Neyo's new single. Having an independent woman is ultra-sexxy!


Early this morning, comedian and award-winning actor, Bernie Mac passed away from complications with pneumonia at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Bernie has been dealing with sarcoidosis (tissue inflammation disease) since the 1980s. Reports are saying it’s what possibly fueled the abrupt pneumonia which overtook the comedic superstar this week.

Personal Memento

Bernie Mac, oftentimes raw and uncut, brought me to my knees conjuring tears from his jokes and funny rants. Just rent the "Kings of Comedy" DVD. (Side note: Getting some milk and coookies.) Also, any classic "HBO's Def Comedy Jam" video is sufficed. Still in primary school, I remember sneaking to catch him on the HBO hit comedy show. At that time Bernie was very green yet the platinum joke teller.

Bernie, I bet you're dishing stomach-wrenching jokes wherever you peacefully reside.

We'll miss you Sir Mac!




Last night during dinner with friends, I spoke about how excited I was to start leafing through September magazines. As a mag lover, its clear publications--no matter the category type--beef up September issues with plentiful content and unfortunately, loads of advertisers (Vogue and GQ pierce eyes with ad pages). Therefore, generating and upping readership numbers.

With September issues already hitting newsstands, you can't help but notice the skipping pupils taking in Obama's on different magazine covers. Even Tyra Banks, after landing a coveted Fall Harper's Bazaar cover (which I'm still psyched about) channels the Obama family in her powerful spreads.

September monthlies featuring the Obama's.