Early this morning, comedian and award-winning actor, Bernie Mac passed away from complications with pneumonia at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Bernie has been dealing with sarcoidosis (tissue inflammation disease) since the 1980s. Reports are saying it’s what possibly fueled the abrupt pneumonia which overtook the comedic superstar this week.

Personal Memento

Bernie Mac, oftentimes raw and uncut, brought me to my knees conjuring tears from his jokes and funny rants. Just rent the "Kings of Comedy" DVD. (Side note: Getting some milk and coookies.) Also, any classic "HBO's Def Comedy Jam" video is sufficed. Still in primary school, I remember sneaking to catch him on the HBO hit comedy show. At that time Bernie was very green yet the platinum joke teller.

Bernie, I bet you're dishing stomach-wrenching jokes wherever you peacefully reside.

We'll miss you Sir Mac!


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