Last night during dinner, I was asked by two lovelies “did you preview Scarlet takes a tumble on YouTube?” I immediately laughed just from the title then replied “not yet.” Thankfully an iPhone was on hand and dinner was not present. The sleek contraption synched up and I went OFF, tears dripping and all, just watching this hilarious character!

PLEASE WATCH THE FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER CREATED FOR YOU TUBE! **If at work, please refrain from earsplitting and forceful outbursts.



In the Present

Good morning. It is not the man who has too little, but the man who CRAVES MORE that is poor.....
-Seneca (Roman Philosopher)


Obama airs 30-minute infomercial on CBS this Wednesday. Can we say “Obamercial”!!

Our stylish bloke Prince Harry to become helicopter pilot.

Sarah Palin denies the $150,000 threads and gets slapped in face by Alaskan newspaper endorsing Barack Obama.

This news of Jennifer Hudson’s horrific ordeal since released on Friday has left us in shock mode! Her nephew is still missing as you may know. However, officials found a unidentified boy body (we’re hoping it’s not the nephew); no word if it’s her nephew—Julian King. UPDATE: The body found was her nephew. This is very tragic. (Sad Face)

We’re fainthearted for tremendous wing tips! You will too—after previewing the fly-high styles.



At the break of New York Fashion week, global weekly TIME, up the ante with style coverage and content (gracias to chief editor Kate Betts). Chanel Iman (new leading supermodel) encouraged fashion week passerbies to grab her TIME cover before attacking the multitude of shows. I glimpsed the sold-out powerful issue a few weeks back (thanks to a colleague at TIME Inc. offices) and gave applauds. For the October 5th issue, TIME Style & Design provided high levels of self- excitement with zooming in near on the Global Menswear Market. To top things off: Tom Ford graced the cover with ample swag and suave. And to shoot Mr. MSR over the ledge, Karl Lagerfeld shot the cover and inserted Ford spread.

Overflowing with cheerful emotions, I read cover-to-cover in one sitting. It’s just DARN FRESH AND BLISSFUL! While TIME provides Style and Design issues as a supplement to the original TIME issue, L'hiem to them for crafting an amazing menswear issue. I made sure to get double copies—one I can dog-ear and hyper tab up for referencing. As for the second mag, it’ll get savored and plastic encased as a revered collection item. I know Marvel comic aficionados and/or devotees understand the encasement factor!!

If you can’t get a hold the prized issue, click here to preview various featured articles from the issue.



In the Present

As you allow your resistances to melt, clarity and spaciousness will naturally arise -- and you will be able to move through life, with graciousness and ease, guided by the confidence and spontaneity--the fruits of trusting Life.


Sorry, no NEWSIES today. Stay tuned for NEWS BITS tomorrow!



We all know fashion is cyclical. The revisit is just appropriately modernized for the era, simply put. With Benjamin Bixby taking similar cues from the 20s era, and other gentlemen plunging their hems into boots for Jodhpur pant effect, the roaring 20s—as its referenced—remains barking in the millennium years.

The gentleman atop, I refer to him as a character dresser and also an inspirer for the birth of this piece. A character dresser in my opinion references characters or periods when putting their daily garbs intact. This current day, I was told, the sported look channeled actor Nate Parker (pictured below) in “The Great Debaters.” If you seen the blockbuster you notice the central influences.

Do you think 1920s menswear fashion influences will be picked up from other designers? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section!

1920s Fashions:

President Ronald Regan as a lad in the 1920s.

Even ladies were donning 1920s menswear. Notice the shawl neck chunky sweaters that's currently being replicated by designers.

Actor Nate Parker in The Great Debaters.

A look book shot from Benjamin Bixby.


Before you witness it plastered in every Monday newspaper, or hear it verbally gallivanted from colleagues, see Collin Powell give a unflinching endorsement to Senator President Barack Obama this morning on Meet the Press (a Sunday morning must-see people!).



With Election Day close on our heels, the spot-on Harpers Bazaar presidential-esque shot earned our fitting style nomination. Side note: The male model is a splitting image of a more youthful (early Senator years) Barack Obama.

Check Marc Jacobs sporting a tartan men’s skort (skirt and short combo) in a carefree way. Not my favorite Marc ensemble. I must say: MJ OWNS the Scottish garment in a contemporary and eclectic way I applaud.

The two Hollywood dynamites are fashionably well turned-out on the reds. Will you’re forever beaming with style and panache. As for Tyler, I never knew you had the sartorial finery. Continue trotting the debonair route moving forward!

I took a while analyzing this neat and well-dressed fellow. Besides looking straight from the 18th century, the ankle-height chocolate lace up boots makes the entire ensemble fashionably kicky.

The fashion chameleon brings out another interesting side. The browline frames (looks like Tom Ford from afar) served with a suede trio-color puffer underneath the crisp gingham is a novel combo. WE LIKEY!

This chap is making me think, are G-man eyewear making resurgence? If they are, he’s leading the trend pack by making it look dashingly appealing.

I love outfit matching with couples—when executed correctly. Ralph and Ricky Lauren in the 70s were iconic for fashion twining. She feminizes the manly look with a strap stiletto. Awesome guys!



With the scarcity of exceptional menswear designers around, my senses tend to bolster and curry-up when I find design talents specializing in men’s fashion. I have a trained intuit for newcomers making the [tailored] cut and my discernments are a sure thing. More importantly even now, designer Victor Glemaud pluck up those elated emotions. I caught news of the design sensation through Kate Young (stylist and fashion editor at large for Interview) via a style commentary.

Former aide to designer Patrick Robinson and publicist with KCD PR firm, Victor Glemaud brings an evident flair into his menswear collection(s). Just perusing through Victor’s collections (from 2007), a multifarious of menswear options, silhouettes, fabric and textures, skillfully weaves together. True ingenuity. Most menswear designers—especially in newer stages—don’t travel way out because of neediness to ensure commercial acceptance. I feel traveling towards the polar opposite, in an elegant and concentrated mode, the responses will shore-up. Case in view: The mammoth PRESS accolades I see Mr. Glemaud receiving.

Witness the Spring/Summer ’09 favorites from Victor Glemaud.


Entrance of a Corcoran property in NYC. Breathtaking.

Real Estate across most hemispheres has taken major about-faces when it comes to selling real estate properties. The ancient times of newspaper advertising and listings have seemingly scrunched up. With large uproars of luxury condominiums and elite penthouse sprawls, real estate companies are shelling out the capital for valued exposure—via notable publications or primetime billboard spots. Consistently, the Corcoran ($5 Billion-dollar real estate business) firm produces winning campaigns that I firmly believe are rousing buyer dollars. Even as a pup in the real estate market, Mr. MSR mild coins are accruing for a solid Corcoran pied-à-terre.

Several years ago and still counting, the luxury firm is jailing the titanic real estate market (mostly the Eastern Coastal of USA) across global fronts. With that said, Barbara Corcoran (savvy business woman) shows other real estate noteworthy giants the reaped financial benefits when focused branding and luxury mashes.

Paramount real estate campaigns by Corcoran.



For several seasons, Fall/Winter boots were easy identifiers. Either short cropped styles (leather Chelsea boots) or suede lace-up half-boots. For Fall, I am witnessing PRADA (pictured: FLAUN+ Magazine spread displaying PRADA's Fall Applique boots), Burberry, Gucci, and hordes of designers hiking up men’s boots—some mid-calf length and others close to below-knee lengths. I pose one query: How can these towering-up boots be considered functioning men's footwear? Particular styles surely surpass androgynous connotes and are noticeably high femme. Case in point: GUCCI men’s slouch boot. I have come to the conclusion the new trend-of-the-moment (I stress!) boots scream fashionable rather than functional. I pray Spring/Summer styles plummet in height.

Update: (6:00am) I picked up today’s edition of New York Times and read a similar article (entitled "A Right Way to Go Wrong") by David Colman pertaining to men indulging in the latest trend: High boots. Excerpted from the article, David says, “Boots that are knee high, can be too costumey.” The article also featured the Gucci slouch boot.



Last month I arrived face-to-face with many pairs of Adidas limited edition inventive delights. VIBE Magazine fêted the sneaker release at Adidas Originals in Soho, New York. To commemorate VIBE’s 15th year, the authoritative voice for urban content, in conjunction with VIBE ex-staffer, Will Perkins, juiced up Adidas’ Forum Hi XVIBE sneaker. Boasting ostentatious snakeskin and ostrich materials, the show-stoppers are heaven-sent for sneaker collectors.

I was a fan due to: The intricate Greek design motifs traveling across both sneaker sides—onto its fat shoelaces. Another involved element: The inside soles showoff the editor in chief letter copy text from the debut issue. Speaking of one-of-a-kind, only 1,500 styles hit stores on September 25th! I think encasing or artful displaying works best for the sneaker. The sneaker is too ferocious for walking ground.


In the Present

The simplest, easiest way to understand life is to accept it on its own terms, exactly as it presents itself to you. Notice, in contrast, how seeking is predicated on an assumption of
incompleteness and inadequacy -- a belief that life is somehow inherently, fatally flawed.

Notice how seeking lures your attention out of the present moment and toward an imagined state of completeness and satisfaction.

Imagine now, instead, accepting life exactly as it shows up -- with no expectation that life ought to be or should be any different from what it already is, right now.

Let go of imagining what LIFE would be like if....


Over 10,000 children in China still seriously ill due to the milk scandal. (AP)

The presidential debate on Tuesday earned 63 million viewers. (LA Times)

Nothing completes a stately outfit more than a slick hat—newsboys, felts, bowlers, you name it, are outfit finishers. (GQ)

The new and spiffy software depicts what your ideal face should resemble. Interesting. (NY Times)

Halle Berry in my tome was always the sexiest creature to strut the earth. Esquire shares the same thought. The cover is wicked!!! (Telegraph)