At the break of New York Fashion week, global weekly TIME, up the ante with style coverage and content (gracias to chief editor Kate Betts). Chanel Iman (new leading supermodel) encouraged fashion week passerbies to grab her TIME cover before attacking the multitude of shows. I glimpsed the sold-out powerful issue a few weeks back (thanks to a colleague at TIME Inc. offices) and gave applauds. For the October 5th issue, TIME Style & Design provided high levels of self- excitement with zooming in near on the Global Menswear Market. To top things off: Tom Ford graced the cover with ample swag and suave. And to shoot Mr. MSR over the ledge, Karl Lagerfeld shot the cover and inserted Ford spread.

Overflowing with cheerful emotions, I read cover-to-cover in one sitting. It’s just DARN FRESH AND BLISSFUL! While TIME provides Style and Design issues as a supplement to the original TIME issue, L'hiem to them for crafting an amazing menswear issue. I made sure to get double copies—one I can dog-ear and hyper tab up for referencing. As for the second mag, it’ll get savored and plastic encased as a revered collection item. I know Marvel comic aficionados and/or devotees understand the encasement factor!!

If you can’t get a hold the prized issue, click here to preview various featured articles from the issue.


obucky said...

It was a good article, but ain't nobody fresher than me

JD said...

I'm diggin this I read the article in an office, n went n got Time right after...couldn't jack it from the office

Randy said...

I kno obucky know that Aint isnt a word