Since MJ's shocking passing I rode a roller coaster of emotions just like many of you may have. Someone said this to me during the weekend: "He wrote our life soundtrack from our childhoods into adulthood." A fitting yet honest quote.

Michael Joseph Jackson imparted musical messages our souls will forever remain knitted with. Over the past few days, people's MJ mementos shared a common tune: Our generation lost a man, a legend, a sheer icon.

We can all sync up our "MJ Hits" as appropriate tributes. MSR platform pays tribute to Michael with decades of captivating images.

Music can be tweaked and remastered, but the camera lens ALWAYS remains true to the man in the mirror.

-MJ Rest Well Sir.



It’s that time of season folks: Father’s Day! What are you brewing up this holiday to get that special man in your life? I know personally, Mr. MSR is blah-blah with the traditional gift bequeathing of tie/shirt combos, printed handkerchiefs, ordinary long-sleeved oxfords, khaki pants, and all those mundane gifts we merrily offer.

To help switch gears from customary to extraordinary gift buying, MaleStyle Review conjured up the hottest must-nab presents Dad needs lacing with this Sunday!


In tweaking traditions a bit, purchase a unique manly scent for dad this season. The days of Brut and Old Spice no more. Mr. MSR sampled a boatload of men fragrances circling the marketplace. I nailed down two dreaming odors: TOM FORD for MEN and Mustang Blue!


Nestled in a fine ridged glassing, the Tom Ford superb fragrance will make Dad great water cooler office chatter amongst his working pals. The luxurious and sensory-activating ingredients of ginger, grapefruits, and other crisp citrusy aroma blends encourages Dad wanting to daily spray dash his work shirts. Mr. MSR must admit, at the cologne's center lays a premium whiff of mesmerizing amber.

Mustang Blue

From the early fabric of Mustang, associations with ruggedness and masculinity always ensued. This time around Mustang is being matched to confident, powerful, sexy, and ultra-cool. Just push the gunmetal nozzle of Mustang Blue and judge for yourself. With high-spirited essences of pine and cedar leaf, contrast infuses of rugged sandalwood, earthy blends of patchouli and hay, Dad deserves this über sexy masculine cologne for his special day!


GYM Membership Gift Card

Mr. MSR says being fit, healthy, and brimming vitality is always on trend. This holiday, gift Dad a present which promotes all the above. Invest in a local gym membership he can take advantage of. The gym doesn’t have to have all the latest tinkers and whistles—a regular servicing workout center is perfect. What I do recommend: Try doing partner workouts to keep him motivated and energized about contracting those once dormant muscles. If Dad is gym-a-holic (Dad, no offense to you!) surprise him with a paid add-on of 6 month or 1 year to his current membership.


Full Body Massage

Hours of work at the office, weekend mowing of the lawns, repairs, and all sorts of body aching workings, adds mucho taxing to the muscles and body. Revive and replenish Dad’s beaten muscles with a gift to the masseuse table. Wouldn’t you rather have a limber and moving dad rather than an achy-walking grumpy one? I would in a heartbeat!


Backgammon Table

During a trip to Miami last summer, Mr. MSR met a super cool backgammon specialist—Walter Gerstein—who heightened the interest about playing the clubby-traditional board game of backgammon. I introduce you to the exquisitely crafted Zimmerman Board Tables:

“If you’re looking for a luxury backgammon table, built to the highest specifications, then this is the backgammon table for you. Built in South America by highly skilled artisans using only the finest materials, you will appreciate the quality craftsmanship found in every one of these products. You will not find a better backgammon table anywhere else.”

Please click link to learn more about purchasing a backgammon board by Zimmerman Boards:

This Father’s Day offer Dad a present he will never forget—Happy Shopping!



Call me crazy but Mr. MSR is head over loafer heels for some St. Barts! Is it legal to wed attractive islands? What a summery locale: Hot sands, clear waters, french-fare eating, and amazing weather ties together a must-visit destination!



Even with a pouty expression Yeezy,  the punctuated accoutrements offers a cool gentlemen appeal with your suited look. 

Nothing gets style dashers out like a rooftop NYC party. Over the weekend an awesome-upon-awesome party was thrown for writer and bon vivant Lesley Blume (sporting Jackie O frames)!! This capture highlights the ultra-swag partygoers imparted! 

June Ambrose--Style Architect to the celebs--premieres a glamorized version of the Safari trekker. Mr. MSR digs a woman with boldness and confident strut to boot. 

My POPPA displaying a somewhat disheveled swagger at last week's 50th anniversary for the Four Seasons Restaurant! What a night!!!! Sidebar: The jeans are RL Purple Label if you were wondering.

Menswear designer Yigal Azrouël serving 'rocker chic' with and bevy of glitzy women for an event, honoring GQ creative director Jim Moore, at Barneys New York last week. (Jim, congratulations on the Eleanor Lambert honor you will  receive tonight at CFDA Awards.) 


Recently, All-American shoemaker Florsheim closed their retail glass doors in Midtown, New York. I held court at the now defunct store window first disappointed, then secondly hoping the brand would breathe new footwear using a different selling platform à la online store. Mr. MSR is happy to hint you Florsheim continues pumping. 

With renewed energy and design strength,eclectic label Duckie Brown have stepped in (since at least January) to modernize their classics with attractive and modern touches. The collaboration collection include: wingtip boots, unique color-code brogues, warm-hued slip-on loafers, and other updated selections. The new styles ranges from $395 upwards. 

Witness why Mr. MSR feels the new designs are worth your last penny!



Anything Tom Ford creates immediate obsessions erupts--even over soap cleansing bars.

Recently, Tom Ford's amazing Beauty PRESS team sent over a bundle of superior men's grooming goodies. The caramel-hued soap-on-a-rope makes you want to dash home and awash in its micro-exfoliants splendor. Don't think for flash it has relations with Irish Spring soap bar Gents.

Tom Ford introduces his consumers with a plump bar (it's not averaged size one bit) stocking the best natural additives: coconut and palm tree ingredients (absolute great skin cleansers). The scentful subtle hint it imprints leaves you yearning for multiple and multiple usages. Trust Mr. MSR on that! Another clear and evident result I gathered: Your skin is left feeling super-moisturized and dewy (the perfect compliment for these summer days).

I absolutely love Tom's innovative and non-traditional approaches taking with the Tom Ford for Men Ancillary Collection! For $18 at Nordstroms (nationwide and online), it's a top recommendable purchaser, not matter the season lurking outdoors.



The past few days I have spent immersed in Ralph Lauren's 40th Anniversary fantastic tome. Every time I delve through the giant sheets either a new thought or visual gem unearths. Another style pioneer bubbled my mind seeing the youthful Ralph Lauren -- of course well-together in a aged leather bomber atop his signature visual-detailed monogram knit sweater.

The pioneer is none other than "The King of Cool" Steve McQueen. The academy award-nominated actor epitomizes the term cool. Known for his fast-and-furious flair with cars and motorcycles, the in-demand actor knew how to coordinate a wardrobe.

MSR wanted to pay ode to a style legend who never appeared not with-it, but always relevant and effortless in appearance.

See for yourself...


Mr. MSR (inset) with two other highlighted bloggers (forefront).


Boy, did I miss you all. The short departure resulted with loads of amazing happenings. I will actually return with exult dishing about the 'NYC Indie Blog Bash' fete last week. MaleStyle Review was one of the celebrating blogs! Zandile Blay--PAPER Magazine Style Market Editor and NYC personality--celebrated several awe-terrific blogs last week in the intimate environs of Bjorn Borg.

To add, a hearty Thanks to the slew of sponsors for the evening: FACTORY PR, Orange Vodka, and Deussen Global Communications (Wine sponsors). The evening--all-around surefire! They patrons came out heavy style-wielding, making the creative energy and artsy-ness glide through the Bjorn interiors all night.


Event host Zandile Blay pictured right.