The past few days I have spent immersed in Ralph Lauren's 40th Anniversary fantastic tome. Every time I delve through the giant sheets either a new thought or visual gem unearths. Another style pioneer bubbled my mind seeing the youthful Ralph Lauren -- of course well-together in a aged leather bomber atop his signature visual-detailed monogram knit sweater.

The pioneer is none other than "The King of Cool" Steve McQueen. The academy award-nominated actor epitomizes the term cool. Known for his fast-and-furious flair with cars and motorcycles, the in-demand actor knew how to coordinate a wardrobe.

MSR wanted to pay ode to a style legend who never appeared not with-it, but always relevant and effortless in appearance.

See for yourself...

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stace g. said...

JUST talked about Steve McQueen in a meeting today! Awesome!!!