Anything Tom Ford creates immediate obsessions erupts--even over soap cleansing bars.

Recently, Tom Ford's amazing Beauty PRESS team sent over a bundle of superior men's grooming goodies. The caramel-hued soap-on-a-rope makes you want to dash home and awash in its micro-exfoliants splendor. Don't think for flash it has relations with Irish Spring soap bar Gents.

Tom Ford introduces his consumers with a plump bar (it's not averaged size one bit) stocking the best natural additives: coconut and palm tree ingredients (absolute great skin cleansers). The scentful subtle hint it imprints leaves you yearning for multiple and multiple usages. Trust Mr. MSR on that! Another clear and evident result I gathered: Your skin is left feeling super-moisturized and dewy (the perfect compliment for these summer days).

I absolutely love Tom's innovative and non-traditional approaches taking with the Tom Ford for Men Ancillary Collection! For $18 at Nordstroms (nationwide and online), it's a top recommendable purchaser, not matter the season lurking outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

Tragic: Overpriced, branded soap-on-a-rope.

The things people will buy to showcase status.