It’s that time of season folks: Father’s Day! What are you brewing up this holiday to get that special man in your life? I know personally, Mr. MSR is blah-blah with the traditional gift bequeathing of tie/shirt combos, printed handkerchiefs, ordinary long-sleeved oxfords, khaki pants, and all those mundane gifts we merrily offer.

To help switch gears from customary to extraordinary gift buying, MaleStyle Review conjured up the hottest must-nab presents Dad needs lacing with this Sunday!


In tweaking traditions a bit, purchase a unique manly scent for dad this season. The days of Brut and Old Spice no more. Mr. MSR sampled a boatload of men fragrances circling the marketplace. I nailed down two dreaming odors: TOM FORD for MEN and Mustang Blue!


Nestled in a fine ridged glassing, the Tom Ford superb fragrance will make Dad great water cooler office chatter amongst his working pals. The luxurious and sensory-activating ingredients of ginger, grapefruits, and other crisp citrusy aroma blends encourages Dad wanting to daily spray dash his work shirts. Mr. MSR must admit, at the cologne's center lays a premium whiff of mesmerizing amber.

Mustang Blue

From the early fabric of Mustang, associations with ruggedness and masculinity always ensued. This time around Mustang is being matched to confident, powerful, sexy, and ultra-cool. Just push the gunmetal nozzle of Mustang Blue and judge for yourself. With high-spirited essences of pine and cedar leaf, contrast infuses of rugged sandalwood, earthy blends of patchouli and hay, Dad deserves this über sexy masculine cologne for his special day!


GYM Membership Gift Card

Mr. MSR says being fit, healthy, and brimming vitality is always on trend. This holiday, gift Dad a present which promotes all the above. Invest in a local gym membership he can take advantage of. The gym doesn’t have to have all the latest tinkers and whistles—a regular servicing workout center is perfect. What I do recommend: Try doing partner workouts to keep him motivated and energized about contracting those once dormant muscles. If Dad is gym-a-holic (Dad, no offense to you!) surprise him with a paid add-on of 6 month or 1 year to his current membership.


Full Body Massage

Hours of work at the office, weekend mowing of the lawns, repairs, and all sorts of body aching workings, adds mucho taxing to the muscles and body. Revive and replenish Dad’s beaten muscles with a gift to the masseuse table. Wouldn’t you rather have a limber and moving dad rather than an achy-walking grumpy one? I would in a heartbeat!


Backgammon Table

During a trip to Miami last summer, Mr. MSR met a super cool backgammon specialist—Walter Gerstein—who heightened the interest about playing the clubby-traditional board game of backgammon. I introduce you to the exquisitely crafted Zimmerman Board Tables:

“If you’re looking for a luxury backgammon table, built to the highest specifications, then this is the backgammon table for you. Built in South America by highly skilled artisans using only the finest materials, you will appreciate the quality craftsmanship found in every one of these products. You will not find a better backgammon table anywhere else.”

Please click link to learn more about purchasing a backgammon board by Zimmerman Boards:

This Father’s Day offer Dad a present he will never forget—Happy Shopping!

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