We all know fashion is cyclical. The revisit is just appropriately modernized for the era, simply put. With Benjamin Bixby taking similar cues from the 20s era, and other gentlemen plunging their hems into boots for Jodhpur pant effect, the roaring 20s—as its referenced—remains barking in the millennium years.

The gentleman atop, I refer to him as a character dresser and also an inspirer for the birth of this piece. A character dresser in my opinion references characters or periods when putting their daily garbs intact. This current day, I was told, the sported look channeled actor Nate Parker (pictured below) in “The Great Debaters.” If you seen the blockbuster you notice the central influences.

Do you think 1920s menswear fashion influences will be picked up from other designers? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section!

1920s Fashions:

President Ronald Regan as a lad in the 1920s.

Even ladies were donning 1920s menswear. Notice the shawl neck chunky sweaters that's currently being replicated by designers.

Actor Nate Parker in The Great Debaters.

A look book shot from Benjamin Bixby.

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