In the Present

The simplest, easiest way to understand life is to accept it on its own terms, exactly as it presents itself to you. Notice, in contrast, how seeking is predicated on an assumption of
incompleteness and inadequacy -- a belief that life is somehow inherently, fatally flawed.

Notice how seeking lures your attention out of the present moment and toward an imagined state of completeness and satisfaction.

Imagine now, instead, accepting life exactly as it shows up -- with no expectation that life ought to be or should be any different from what it already is, right now.

Let go of imagining what LIFE would be like if....


Over 10,000 children in China still seriously ill due to the milk scandal. (AP)

The presidential debate on Tuesday earned 63 million viewers. (LA Times)

Nothing completes a stately outfit more than a slick hat—newsboys, felts, bowlers, you name it, are outfit finishers. (GQ)

The new and spiffy software depicts what your ideal face should resemble. Interesting. (NY Times)

Halle Berry in my tome was always the sexiest creature to strut the earth. Esquire shares the same thought. The cover is wicked!!! (Telegraph)

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