Last month I arrived face-to-face with many pairs of Adidas limited edition inventive delights. VIBE Magazine fêted the sneaker release at Adidas Originals in Soho, New York. To commemorate VIBE’s 15th year, the authoritative voice for urban content, in conjunction with VIBE ex-staffer, Will Perkins, juiced up Adidas’ Forum Hi XVIBE sneaker. Boasting ostentatious snakeskin and ostrich materials, the show-stoppers are heaven-sent for sneaker collectors.

I was a fan due to: The intricate Greek design motifs traveling across both sneaker sides—onto its fat shoelaces. Another involved element: The inside soles showoff the editor in chief letter copy text from the debut issue. Speaking of one-of-a-kind, only 1,500 styles hit stores on September 25th! I think encasing or artful displaying works best for the sneaker. The sneaker is too ferocious for walking ground.

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