During the past weekend Sundance Channel aired a marathon of style-centered feature films and documentaries (entitled Ready to Watch). Due to the back-to-back lineup, I made sure to preset my DVR (aka TIVO to others) settings so not even a speckle of greatness would get overlooked. Plus, it’s excellent for future referencing and/or inspiration.

Loic Prigent’s documentary, in personal belief, gripped the film laurels this weekend amongst the other features. I have been advised relentlessly to ingest the strength-bearing documentary, from numerous friends and colleagues. I understood after watching this weekend, the cause for the verbal repetitiveness. The documentary rocks out!

In short, the documentary journeys inside the expansive world of megastar designer Marc Jacobs as he prepares for two grand Spring collections: Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. The film captures the entire design process—from opening concept to final execution. Loic Prigent extracts viewers making them be apart of the Marc Jacobs’ earth. From Paris to New York to Japan back to Paris you’re on a design-filled adventure. Adding to all the inclusively, you get a defined picture on the intricate process (especially Louis Vuitton) and design workmanship pumped into two storied fashion labels.


Ms. Lyssa said...

I love the blog! You will definitely go on my favorites list!

Keep up the good work and excellent commentary on Men's Style.


MS Reviewer said...

Thank you Ms. Lyssa. Continue journeying with us!