In the Present

Each of us has an ego with which our essential identify is associated in space and time. But, this ego is not inherently evil or wicked. It is simply limited and, like any tool or a knife, it can serve a useful function, or it can cause great harm.

In its functional role, the ego allows us to walk and talk and hold down a job and pay our bills. In this sense, the ego and the sense of identity we hold about ourselves is like a coil with a bright light shining inside. The greater the illusion and the stronger the sense of false identity, the more tightly coiled the spring.

However, when we see through the illusion and the false sense of an independent and
separate self, the coil begins to relax and open up, and the light of essence shines through as presence -- naturally radiant, clear and bright.


Designer Tom Ford talks Botox and designing striking suits for Daniel Craig (James Bond actor). (Guardian)

Janet Jackson rushed to the hospital in Montreal for unknown reasons. (MTV)

Jennifer Hudson rocks the music charts with her self-titled debut album. (The Washington Post)

The best looking hotel to hit Miami is nearing to an opening. I can’t wait to arrive! VOGUE Living cites the spectacular creation as “wildly romantic.” (MHG)

The love, respect, and admiration I have enveloped for this creative genius is unimaginable. (NY Times)

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