With Election Day close on our heels, the spot-on Harpers Bazaar presidential-esque shot earned our fitting style nomination. Side note: The male model is a splitting image of a more youthful (early Senator years) Barack Obama.

Check Marc Jacobs sporting a tartan men’s skort (skirt and short combo) in a carefree way. Not my favorite Marc ensemble. I must say: MJ OWNS the Scottish garment in a contemporary and eclectic way I applaud.

The two Hollywood dynamites are fashionably well turned-out on the reds. Will you’re forever beaming with style and panache. As for Tyler, I never knew you had the sartorial finery. Continue trotting the debonair route moving forward!

I took a while analyzing this neat and well-dressed fellow. Besides looking straight from the 18th century, the ankle-height chocolate lace up boots makes the entire ensemble fashionably kicky.

The fashion chameleon brings out another interesting side. The browline frames (looks like Tom Ford from afar) served with a suede trio-color puffer underneath the crisp gingham is a novel combo. WE LIKEY!

This chap is making me think, are G-man eyewear making resurgence? If they are, he’s leading the trend pack by making it look dashingly appealing.

I love outfit matching with couples—when executed correctly. Ralph and Ricky Lauren in the 70s were iconic for fashion twining. She feminizes the manly look with a strap stiletto. Awesome guys!

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You should really think about giving credit to the photos (i.e. Satoralist). It might also drive your site's traffic by linking up to them.