With the scarcity of exceptional menswear designers around, my senses tend to bolster and curry-up when I find design talents specializing in men’s fashion. I have a trained intuit for newcomers making the [tailored] cut and my discernments are a sure thing. More importantly even now, designer Victor Glemaud pluck up those elated emotions. I caught news of the design sensation through Kate Young (stylist and fashion editor at large for Interview) via a style commentary.

Former aide to designer Patrick Robinson and publicist with KCD PR firm, Victor Glemaud brings an evident flair into his menswear collection(s). Just perusing through Victor’s collections (from 2007), a multifarious of menswear options, silhouettes, fabric and textures, skillfully weaves together. True ingenuity. Most menswear designers—especially in newer stages—don’t travel way out because of neediness to ensure commercial acceptance. I feel traveling towards the polar opposite, in an elegant and concentrated mode, the responses will shore-up. Case in view: The mammoth PRESS accolades I see Mr. Glemaud receiving.

Witness the Spring/Summer ’09 favorites from Victor Glemaud.

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