Last Wednesday, Mr. MSR dashed in Thomas Pink (purveyors of premium clothing) for a private shopping event being given by Thrasher Funds—an investment firm analyzing and showing millennials how culture, music, and fashion traverse the stock market. Certainly, Thrashers are leading ahead of the curve. Thrashers’ moniker says: INVEST LIKE A ROCKSTAR. I like already! Thrashers celebrate all-things sexy; we enjoy an investment establishment who marries sexy with finance.

Prior to the libation of Belvedere mixtures and touring Thomas Pink quality merchandise, I spoke with James Perkins, Jr. (Founder and Portfolio Manager) to really catch the nitty-gritty of the investment firm. Before launching Thrasher Funds, James a Yale grad, held high-ranking positions on Wall Street. The fashioned-up Mr. Perkins, who sported coordinated separates with spectacular Tom Ford frames and metallic sneaks (possibly Dior Homme) made clear of his intentions to get the generation—especially the 18-35 demographic—investing in brands and companies whose profits they charge. For example: American Apparel according to James, “are thriving despite the much verbalized recession.”

Thrasher Funds portrays investing in a healthy limelight as suppose to the sea of negative spotlighting witness in business journals and news reports. Speaking of spotlighting, James also expounded on Thrasher TV, the media arm where he and business partner (Khalid Jones) produce shows discussing market financials and forecasting. (The segments are engaging and must-see financial TV. Its delivery is fresh, and topics keep you in sync with the pulse of the financial market(s).)

For more on Thrasher Funds, visit their interactive website (www.thrasherfunds.com) or catch James or Khalid on FOX Business channel where you can see them shooting off market expertise.

Thrasher TV in action:

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