Brad the dad makes fashioning a lightweight suit super-easygoing. We say Brad employs correct wardrobe perfection for the pictured summer day in Venice, Italy. We also love the casual and spunky beat Maddox and Pax portrays.

Yes we can…love their style and splendor. When I set eyes on this shot I see modern day J.F.K and Jackie O projecting. The navy bespoke wool suit fit, imparts a suave and elegant presence. (Barack Obama’s suit was tailored by Chicago union workers.)

Mr. “Waiting on the World to Change” underwent some image changes and we’re digging it. The long hair is transformed to a buzz cut to expose a chiseled face we never new existed. John Mayer now shows the edgy side we have become familiar with from his tunes. One advice: Pop some color under the roughhewn leather and you are set!

Mr. MSR salutes the timely photographer who captured a priceless shot. Seen hear, is LeBron (a little fashionisto we see) James demonstrating to Kobe tie tying. The man got basketball talents. And now, fashion mechanics.

This dandy (goes by the name Rob) was shot this summer in my neighborhood and I couldn’t withhold his sartorial inventiveness from the readers. Just focus on the essence (backdrop, subdued lighting, props, etc.) of the picture to understand my urging to share. *And before the e-mails start coming, it was not shot by The Sartorialist.”

This month Harpers Bazaar issue has Karl Lagerfeld channeling one of his favorite music types: Hip Hop! Complete shocker! Although the gloves may seem a” bit questionable for men in Hip Hop, the look, the pose, the clothing mixes up a statement shot we never new Karl could penetrate. Kudos, Harpers Bazaar!


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