Yesterday I made a pit stop into Takashimaya on 5th Ave. to preview what FALL was saying for men. Arriving on the second level (entitled Jet-Set floor), I was welcomed to a small mix of unique menswear; this includes all categories. Takashimaya buying team selects correctly for the pint-size men’s sportswear department. Paul Smith--among the mix of labels--stood out as a black sheep, but in the most stylish and creative manner.

Paul Smith Fall accessories were not the expected eye-dazing stripes. Instead, a portion of items are imagery-centered. Sir Smith provides visual appeal to the products. Bold photo prints are the focal of the designs. My top picks (pictured below) were the men’s shoulder bag; sleek credit card holder; and the laptop case.

Mr. Smith, don’t hesitate to incorporate the new technique to your sporty shoes collection.

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