Outside the Liquor Store pre-opening.

Forgive me for the delayed posting with this feature.

Last week, MaleStyle Review went frolicking to J. Crew’s well-talked-and-buzzed- about new men’s store in Tribeca. The façade and segments of the store still boast remnants of the olden liquor shop that once held court. I felt great to know artistic creators—Andy Spade, Todd Snyder, Mickey Drexler (a genius!)—maintain the regal traces of the old space. Before nose diving towards the edited racks, I made the beeline for Liquor Store’s manager—Jonathan—who made privy, more history of the space.

Liquor Store, happily intoxicates consumers with marvelous tailoring and customized menswear. In honesty, it’s a much more elevated collection to classic J.Crew. The store is broken up in sections which enables easy navigating. According to Jonathan, “a lot of the products you’ll find at Liquor Store are customized exclusively for this store and can’t be found elsewhere—not even other J. Crew locations.” Case in point: The sturdy Globetrotter luggage (blue w/black lining) stacked throughout the space; or the Alden Shoes (seen in Dessert Boot and Wingtip styles) which almost succumbed my dollars quietly in my pockets.

Other merchandise gems I found appealing (especially for Fall) were some Thomas Mason shirts ($125), a stunning yellow trench coat, and exclusively Red Wings for J. Crew brown boots. (The Red Wings have cushion crepe wedges with traction.) Also, their ‘suit expert’ walked me through the handful of options that were breezily on display. Although its reference to some as a “capsule store”, I feel favorable retail figures will only clone more Liquor Store’s in other locations.

For more on Liquor Store, see photos below, or visit the shop at 235 West Broadway @ White Street in Tribeca.

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