There are brands we applaud from the jump, and other brands we favor but have uncertainties. Five Four was the latter when it came jumping on the menswear scene. Fast-forward six years later and people are on pews clapping for Five Four.

Andres Izquieta (Creative Director & Designer) and Dee Murthy cultivated the lifestyle line from a USC Business School project. Clearly, high marks were scored because Five Four is fueling at A-level. Since last year, I had several market appointments with the brand and I have witnessed the impressive journey and culmination with the label.

At PROJECT tradeshow in NY, I met with their Marketing Director to see the Fall immediate(s) and designs brewing for Spring ’09 (you must forecast!). For Fall, Five Four gives us men various options and categories to coordinate with for the season. Case in point: Luxe fitted cardigans blended with coated slim fit denims (the jeans construction is awesome) or opulent ginghams (made with sturdy cotton) nestled under technical jackets. Just backpedaling for a second, the many color ways and detailing on the gingham shirts makes it the top winner among the other designer ginghams in stores.

Five Four FALL designs hold a military presence but never in a bullish or rigid way; think more along the lines: modern, structured, functional, and timeless designing. Packed with epaulets, bone buttons, and remarkable fabrics, Five Four has reintroduced detailed aesthetics to sportswear garments.

Consumers, Five Four can be found at the better department stores such as Fred Segal (LA), Atrium (NY), and Nordstrom. The price points: Denims ($125-$175), Jackets ($150-$300), Wovens ($85-$110).

Below are a few statement pieces for the FALL season.

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