In this week's style lineup I found the most appealing men offering up premium style—with hints of flair and panache.

Earlier in the week, Amanda Brooks of Men’s Vogue featured my friend, Kwesi, for her “In Her Eyes” blog column. According to Amanda, Kwesi was part of the men’s fashion pack sporting the rolled-up pants matched with plaid shirt look. I dig his togetherness. And I don’t say this because we’re pals.

A constant favorite outfit by red carpet dons Will Smith and David Beckham, Tom still manages to instill a personal youthful energy to the jacket and jeans combo. I would love to see your stylist gunning for more of the above pairings Tom.

I was speechless (and a bit floored) by this number producer Ryan Leslie pulled out for VIBE Magazine’s 15th Anniversary recent soirée. I have heard him in conversations say he gets a lot of his garments custom tailored in Italy—much kudos to the tailor. The piping techniques trickled from shirt to pants is really neat and superb. In my belief, the two-tone shirt catapults the outfit to a solid 10!

Out of all the Jonas Brothers, little Nick is my favorite. Young with tons of spunk, he rocks suits like a sharp gentleman. Without excessive drooping or untidy sag, his suits (maybe Dior or Dolce & Gabbana) sit on him with sartorial perfection.

Mary J. Blige and husband Kendu are summer perfect with matching glowing skin and chic-and-breezy ensembles. The fabric game on the dress is sick Mary! (I mean that in a nice way of course.)

This picture is worth a thousands words. If I can use two words out of many: Style and Confidence would be the model words. Just look how Jamaica sprinter—and now world record golden Olympian—Usain Bolt clench the victory with style and arm-stretching assurance.

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