This morning I rose to the official 1st fresh day of spring. Before this, I have been meandering into retail spaces to drum up what looks and products would bloom bright. I made a strong effort not to recklessly unload dinero until Mr. MSR covered the seasons product gamut.

A hearty thank you to the retail shops/boutiques who previewed Mr. MSR their freshly arranged merchandise; beauty companies who scented me with new masculine scents, and press agents for introducing us with pleasing products and collections.

Here’s what I highly recommend you debut in spring season.


Since late December up until February I have been reaffirming inward and outwardly plush velvet slippers are going to be a buzzing hit this season. Like major hit Gents! In the current heavy-laden footwear market, brands are beginning to master and craft lofty counts of luxe velvet slippers. With the reintroduction of velvet slippers, I suggest venturing to the confines of Ralph Lauren and Stubbs & Wootton for stately and matchless velvet slipper selections. They're both known leaders on the specific style.


We’re calling up fashion pals Michael Bastian and Kris Van Assche to outline our walk-in closets this Spring. Both collections Gents, are terrific! Mr. Bastian conjured an easy-wear-easy-feel spring assortment. With rich solid colors (very few striping and plaids) being the limelight focus, Michael’s spring pieces convey a relaxed broken-in energy. In union with his day job as chief designer of Dior Homme, Kris still makes us men look dashing-casual with his namesake artsy collection. For spring, I zoomed in on a lot of roomy pants and shape-slimming suits. What I marvel about Kris’ wondrous collection is the variety of styling you can achieve, whether opting for minimized or maximized effects.


Let’s face it—we’re involved in a global warming rollercoaster. Meteorologists, along with the public just can’t predict the weather outcome these days. Side note: I saw snowflake droplets raining from the sky early this morning, before the clouds opened up to its partner sunshine. Just in case we return to spring normalcy , my accessory this season is, not a well-built trench coat, but a sturdy-functioning umbrella. Who better to turn to than world-class manufacturer Victorinox Swiss Army! This season, check in with V.S.A and seize up the 3-staged automatic titanium-alloy umbrella.


To complete a look, even after loading on your few accessories Gents, a pleasing touch of fragrance touch is end result for any ensemble. This season I had the opportunity to whiff Donna Karan’s new Men’s fragrance, DKNY MEN, and it’s the perfect mix for spring—especially during the night hours. Boasting super-firm aromas of lavender, clary sage, sandalwood, the congruently –angled bottle (inspired by NYC’s historic Flatiron building) is a must-must (twice for importance) grab.

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