Mr. MSR’s not one to forecast when temps are still coming in at mid 80s (as it was in the initial part of September). Sorry! These days, breezes are blowing much cooler and it actually feels autumnal. The list below is essentials ALL men should possess to weather the present season. Check a composite of particular essentials I sourced for the Fall wardrobe.

5-Pocket Denim

USA clothing maker Rag & Bone Fall collection are intensely shaking deep-pocketed men everywhere—in a good way of course. This Fall, nab the classic handmade wale cord jean designed by R&B. 5-Pocket classic denims no matter what jeans maker, holds ‘traditional’ and ‘style’ associations premium zip or button fly denims can level with. With slim fit cuts, besom and side pocketing, these 100% cotton straight leg denims shouldn’t be overlooked. Just no way, José.

Cardigans + Vest

Morning or evening chills encourages grabbing out the long-sleeved cardigans or comfy vests. In the cardigan department, we rave for James Perse cardigans for Fall. The cardigans feature apposite V-neck droppings (super deep V’s are more for summer cool nights), matching frontal pockets (functionality!), and numerous subtle design details—giving the garment a simplistic appearance. Just in case cardigans don’t jell well, opt for Gatsby sweater vests from Modern Amusement. The sweater vest enables day to night wearing and can double up with other top assortments for layering implements.

Dress Shirt

The dress shirt travels all the seasons. I think what differentiates the actual shirting, is the color. Yes, the color. I strongly suggest thinking more earth tones when Fall comes bursting. (The earth tone color scheme consists of browns, greens, tans, and some reds.) This season, Dior Homme crafted the ultimate dress shirt. Not the Oxford. Instead, the European label bestowed a forest green high-collar shirt. Besides the appropriate coloring, its boastful French cuffs and curved shirttail rocks!


Besides kick-ass shoes or a remarkable belt, a killer silk tie can complete a spectacular getup. Trust that. Solid colors are OK for the season, but textured and minute patterns are tons better! Why? Fall requires statement pieces, not mediocre options (leave that for spring/summer). I like the tartan print and striped tie; similar to two Ralph Lauren currently has out for Fall. It posses seasonal colors and unquestionably punch up outfits.

Lightweight Jacket

Sometimes you must beef up the warmth—with light jackets—when cardigans and vests help to no avail. Marc by Marc Jacobs rescues us from the chill this season with a Twill Zipped Jacket. Very technical (pouch pockets, snap buttons, pleating, etc.) with the immaculate detailing but very relaxed in the same manner. I bet my entire Fall allowance Marc’s timeless-looking gem offers maximum wearing season upon season.


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