We froze in amazement by the well-dressed figure pictured on the right. The denim meets suit jacket whips up a pleasant juxtaposition of the sorts. The pose—surely unscripted—is priceless and superior on countless levels. The shot was encapsulated after the Ralph Lauren collection show last week. The man attended the show Ralph Lauren-ready: Doubled breasted blazer, light pink button-up, richly treated jeans, immaculate skull and bone velvet slipper and relaxed accouterments. And notice the slick-back coiffure. Very Ralph Lauren. What took my attention was his blended perfection of style elements. The culmination of swagger to boot was important as well.

Speaking of swagger, notice how this dandy only utilizes one button on the double-breasted jacket to provoke a form-fitting effect. (A known buttoning process used in various Black Label adverts.) From some inquisitiveness, I found out the gentleman use to be referred to as the best dressed male employee to catwalk through 625 Madison Avenue (R. L. Headquarters). Clearly, we can see why!

Talking of ‘Ralph Lauren’ and ‘Obsessions’ in the same breath, we love the Rugby Fall lineup. Check a few goodies our budgeted pockets are conquering.

We're all over this. From top to bottom!

The props accompanied are enhancing this medium carrier.

A shetland and cotton shawl cardigan never looked so stunning.

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