During the past months we have yap and talked about Andre 3000’s menswear line—Benjamin Bixby. And now we're happy to exclaim the line is incredibly gorgeous!! Style meets structure is the best way to explain the infant menswear line. Benjamin Bixby defies the design commonalities celebrity-turned-fashion-designers normally inculcate. Honestly, we are way over the wacko designs celebrities choose to empower!

On Thursday, I and several colleagues stormed the Benjamin Bixby menswear launch/presentation hosted by Charlize Theron and André Benjamin at BARNEYS. Before arriving, I hoped to see a fuller range than what I previewed earlier in the year. Indeed, B.B. honored my hopes with a complete rollout of Benjamin Bixby perfection. The offerings included: Herringbone plaid Jodhpur pants; savvy braces; classic cotton polo’s (produced in varying designs); comforting shawl knits and cardigans; structured wool military pea coats; classic chinos; and luxe classic rugby’s.

In attendance were the who’s who in fashion and particular celebrities supporting Sir. Andre. Mr. MSR was impressed with Dylan Lauren (Ralph Lauren's daughter) in particular.The resounding munificent comments about the collection flowed continuously. And dapper Andre helped propel the generous responses with his openness to answer questions and inquiries. The merchandise is exclusive to Barneys at this juncture, and hopefully will seep into other better department stores in the near future.


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