Brooks Brothers

The eldest purveyors of classic blazes up our closet racks with modernize styles and silhouettes. Skip winter and fast step into Spring for some killer, remarkable design creations. Upon entering Brooks Brothers’ presentation, I was happy with the anew Brooks Brothers. I previewed over 5 different Spring collection deliveries. The collections on display featured spick and span season requisites: White & Nantucket red pants, nautical stripes, exotic colors and prints, and inclusion of classic colorings—basic blacks and grays.

The contemporary sibling for Brooks Brother—Black Fleece—also showed tailored niceness. Thom Browne (designer renewed contract with label through Spring 2011) produced some fantasy-inspired creations: Color block single-breasted suiting cuddling a shy hemline; a bold jet-black seersucker suit (still praising the suit!), peep toe wingtip heels (for women only) and a off-beat shapely fishtail jacket. I already know whose getting my earned dinero in the ‘classics’ area next season.

Phillip Sparks

Canadian design wunderkind Phillip Sparks (the fresh talent is a tender 26) chose to dish out immaculate and zestful menswear for Spring. Also featured at Gen Art, Phillip had me in full-ogle mode. Model after model, the fashion delights came out with a defined force, enabling instant captivation. Phillip sent some #1’s I recommend to be on the lookout for. Keep vigilant for his lapel-less structured jackets; ‘70s tennis cotton shorts and technical-inspired gray shorts (embellished with oversized pocketing), just to name a few.

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