Street Swagger has always been my first go-to choice (runway, magazine, t.v., trend reports were secondary) to see emerging men trends and new styles. These shots of model T. Beckford were cool and unscripted (besides the full body shot), just how I like to take in debonair styles. I find scripted shots never really portray subjects’ authentic and raw style.

What MS R liked about these shots (so much favorable highlights, but we’ll only mention a few for time sake) were the following:

1.Tyson traveled against the ‘fashion safe’ module and included various color palettes and patterns (pinstripe under solid camel top coat).
2.The shirt-tie-combination played back well to seamlessly match the pinstripes on his single breast suit.
3.We’re feeling the light tint copper aviators (never forget the accessory Gents) he paired to compliment the entire look.
4.How can you miss the leather rounded ankle boots (looks like Prada) T. Beckford sported to icing up the ensemble.
5.Last but not least, you have to flash the megawatt smile when being shot in a tailored suit. (Something I’m sure the ladies can appreciate)

T. Beckford, continue laying the wears down strong; if you don’t MaleStyle Review will definitely find out.


AAWesome said...


When I first saw these pics, I was like DAMN! My boy was KILLIN' at The Today Show taping. I'm mad Tyson isn't modeling anymore. He would have the game on smash!

MS Reviewer said...

I agree with you aawesome on him 'monopolizing' the men's model circuit. Thanks for also noticing the 'shot details' for this/previous shots you commented on. You're really on top-of-it!

AAWesome said...

NO DOUBT! They don't pay me the big bucks for nothing...nah mean?! LOL