Cupid is set to draw + aim the red arrows. Are you ready gents?

I’m happy because this fellow gent is free (this year at least) from the female obligations of Valentines Day. My mother most definite is getting a fine dinner out, but other than that no, no personal obligations to get immersed in for this [overly] celebrated holiday. In my opinion, I think V-day has turned into clichés; couples should celebrate LOVE [and GRATITUDE] each day spent with one another. Another thing I don’t understand (any maybe you gents can comment further) is: Why are relationships and their significance gauge on ONE particular day?

But in the real world we’re living, we must always rise to the occasion on V-day! So here are some tips (from another gent to another) to achieve a successful holiday.

Flowers- Ladies enjoy bountiful roses (a little cliché) that receive the ‘ooh’ and ‘awes’ from spectators or individuals who may come in contact with the floral arrangements. In my opinion for flowers, ditch the generic reds and opt for attention-getting (red and yellow; white and pink; sky blue and red, etc.) contrasts. If you’re local florist fails try visiting online florists: Teleflora, ProFlowers, FTD, 1800-Flowers, Virtual Flowers, just to name a few. Show some artistic abilities—get creative at Zefrank and wow her observers! If you prefer more subtle arrangements purchase block colored roses.

Chocolates- All I can say is purchase premiere and the finest chocolate you can get a grip on.
** White Chocolates are more ideal for the occasion.

Gifts- The most simple and thoughtful (I won points in this dept.!!) gifts are most appreciated and favored. Don’t just overspend or splurge just because.... Get to her core—what is it she likes?; what’s she always buzzing in your ear about; where does she enjoy traveling besides your couple getaways. Be focused and intentional with the gift you lay this V-day.

These short-tips are clear and will definitely make Cupid a happy fellow!


Jason said...

Thanks for the hints man. I think Zefrank and white chocs. will set me in good standing. I think as men its expected to go way out for this day so ladies are watching what we're going to bring to the table or their hearts.

Zandile said...

so this is a girl talking and i thought the tips were spot on. good job kareem!