Lawrence Tynes after win!

Courtesy of USA Today

Last night was a pretty exciting time for NY’ers! If you been sleeping or hibernating under a massive rock let me be the first to tell you: “GIANTS MADE IT TO ARIZONA FOR SUPER BOWL BABY.”

Ehhm (clearing throat). Before I continue with GIANT praises, let me express my condolences to the Packers; you guys played a good season. However, we showed Wisconsin and all the GIANT naysayer who played the best season.

So here's the victory scene setup .

"I enter my grandparents’ house in the 2nd quarter of the game and plop down with them (best sports watchers I’ve met) to take in the game. Throughout the game we shouted both (excluding Mr. gramps) in cheers and sorrows (Eli and the team started slipping hard). But it came down 00:04 seconds with both teams tied. So Giants decide to field goal (rising score to 23) it in for the victory. Star kicker Lawrence Tynes steps up and readies for the winning quick, but unfortunately misses (Coach Tom Coughlin flips; turning fiery red). Shouts of disappointment and more shouts begin echoing throughout the house. Fast-forward Giants regain the pigskin and guess who’s put to field goal it in again: Mr. Tynes! At this point attentive-watchers can’t believe they chosen Tynes again and the distance now (farther than last kick) he’s aiming for the goal posts. Sidebar: Grams is asking for the bible to PRAY for TYNES (lol). Tynes positions—angling right-foot—and POW, its GOOD!

I don’t even have to share the excitements between us. Let's just say a few more decibels, and the windows would have cracked.

Tynes, Manning, Strahan, Plaxicio and the entire roster for NFC, CONGRATULATIONS! See you in Arizona with my blue on!!

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