Mr. MS R was doing his daily online readings and came upon this picture of Jay & Beautiful ‘B’ in Milan for the menswear shows. I didn't take notice of Beyonce pristine face (ok. busted. B then onto J.), but Jay Z’s lax-styled scarf and matching jacket. The grey-black-white elements in this unified look were on point! Since meeting his girlfriend [fashionista] Beyonce, I have notice Jays’ gradual wardrobe transformation. From his music videos to leisurely paparazzi walks the male glitterati stays merchandise in the best wears (even in his jeweled sweatshirts!). In addition to B, I’m certain his personal stylist—June Ambrose—plays a part for his recognized style

This photo seals Jay-Z’s transformation and wins him a spot in MS R style icon log.


AAWesome said...

Man, no hate...Jay Z and Beyonce are not fly when is comes to fashion. I'm sorry! I'm extremely baffled at why peeps keep bigging them up. They got doe and can buy the hottest fashion items, but I'm soo not convinced at all. Not even close! Now, Jay's style has changed a lil' bit and I'm sure that has something to do with B and/or June. I'm sure his presence at the Versace show is all B, because prior to her, he wasn't at ANY fashion shows. That's dope though. Part of relationships is about inspiring each other and I'm all for that!

MS Reviewer said...

I think both in their respective ways are fashion-forwards. Clearly, they have much more to go before their a Posh + Beck

AAWesome said...

DISAGREE! Rihanna is fashion forward. Pharrell and Kanye are fashion forward. B and Jay Z are not hot when it comes to fashion and DEFINITELY aren't fashion forward! Everyone has their opinion though.