Photo Courtesy of YouBar

Granola Bars. Wheat Bars. Boost Bars. Since the YouBar launched ,all aforementioned bars became a thing of the ‘boost-me-up’ past. YouBar is the first ever bar that enables consumers to customize their own ingredients. YouBar uses a step-by-step checkbox interface to help you engineer a fully [bespoke] energy snack that'll get you racing out of your comfy bed. To start, you customize a base (peanut butter, sesame butter, etc.) and up to three (3) Arnold(Arnold produces great whole grain products!) protein powders such as wheat, soy, and eggs. Then you choose your picks for nuts, berries, dried fruits and seeds. Hold on, just a couple more items to include…… Next, add grains, sweeteners (honey, molasses, and brown sugar), and seasonings (coffee, cinnamon, etc. ), before topping off with extra shots like "vitamin", "fiber", or "femme”.

After your create-my-bar process, the company stores your ingredient preferences for future orders and re-ups. How cool, huh? Think about it--who would want to customize all those ingredients again?

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