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Essence February issue welcomes “Will You Marry Me?” for the gents. In short, Will You Marry Me is specifically for men who want to publicly use the Essence platform to propose to their female significant. This is the second-time-around for the W.Y.M.M contest. In this go-around after a juried selection process, Essence narrowed down the list to 6 men out of 300 (Yikes! See ladies, we are ready for commitment) applicants.

Here’s one of the letters from the final six:

“Dear Carmen,

Surely God is the best matchmaker that exists, and His timing is always perfect. I trained at your facility in Michigan for eight months, yet our paths never crossed. But when you transferred to Texas in 2006, my destiny was fulfilled. As you walked into that first meeting, you immediately caught my attention. It wasn’t until an after-work gathering that we made a connection. You sat across from me, and I was so taken by your presence that I couldn’t eat. You’ve supported me through the low points and kept me balanced through the highlights. It’s time you knew that I would move heaven and earth to have you by my side. Will you marry me?”- Written by applicant Gregory Harden

To see Gregory and the other 5 gents make the BIG step, visit Essence or tune in Sunday, February 3rd (8pm EST / 9pm PST) to Channel TV One.

Great success with married life gents!!

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