Courtesy of VOGUE

(Fresh-to-kill even donning a hyper-slim blazer with wide leg striped pants.)

Who is this guy? Why is he Vanity Fair’s best-dressed male? Why does the PRESS go nuts for him? Here’s your answer in three words: He’s LAPO ELKANN!

The heir to Italian manufacturer Fiat; this stylish character is admired and lauded for his abilities to bring "life" to the suit. The New York born industrialist is member to major fashion circles spanning the globe. Italy and Paris are Elkann’s preferred circles to chase. Lapo Elkann is grandson to the late Giovanni Agnelli (also a fashion conscious). Presently, Lapo is spearheading the marketing initiatives for Fiat. His marketing achievements are visible in the brands recent financial earnings—amounting over 1 Billion in revenue. Lapo’s marketing cleverness enabled FIAT to become relevant fashion news when he began pairing FIAT-branded clothing with his haute couture.

His vibrant-hued suits (mostly double breasts) are crisp and always measured to the perfect fit. His tall-frame in MS R’s opinion also supports his suave style.

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