Valextra Laptop Case!

Splurging: gratification your core feels after purchasing a well deserved (definitely creating some gawking) product. I told myself I wanted to be realistic in splurging this year………even though it might be challenging. What’s on your list this year? Whatever is, splurge smart and wise. Splurging aimlessly is pointless and only brings mounting debts.

My splurging list for 08’ is as follows:

1. Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Cost: $135.00 (I personally think it’s worth much more)

2.Johnathan Adler Meurice Butler Tray Table. Cost: $565.00
( Perfect for the 10+lb. Ralph Lauren book and cool compliment to my apartment).

3. Valextra off-white leather laptop case for the lapy. Cost: $3110
( Don’t think I would purchase it this year but Mommy did say “Dream BIG”. lol).

4. Groom VIP Package from BBraxton. Cost: $200
(I don’t plan to wed this year but the package offerings almost push you to the altar).

5. Gucci Leather Moccasin. Cost: $550
(There articulate front definitely points you in the forward direction).

Whatever your splurge this year might be, remember,SPLURGE WISE!


Robert A. said...

A wise note for you is purchasing the Raplh Lauren book on Amazon.com It's way cheaper.

aawesome said...

My splurge list for 2008 is sooo HEAVY!!!

FYI, I can't reveal ALL that is on my splurge list right now. I will where I can and hint where I can't, until I ROCK the hell out of it and/or until they're in my possession! LOL

1. Purchased Jan. 1, 2008 (YOU CAN SEE HOW FOCUSED I WAS AND AM)...I can't say right now! HINT: Someone was recently pictured with it and I was like DAMMMMMNNNNNN!!! I had mine before h** (him? or her? lol), but fashion week I will put it on blast...HEAVY!!!


2. PHARRELL - LOUIS VUITTON JEWELS. I was one of the first with his millionaire glasses. Since LV re-released them, ebody has them, even at a $1000 a pair (WACK!) Hopefully, with the higher price point for the jewels, ebody will not be rocking my ISH!

3. An updated LIMITED EDITION version on a classic from the 80's. NOPE...I AINT SAYING ISH UNTIL THEY'RE IN MY HANDS!!!

Those are the most important ones. Everything else, I'll get as the year moves along.