Video Stock Photo Courtesy of YSL

Courtesy of Frillr

Yves Saint Laurent is going against the menswear designer pack for their F/W 08 runway show.

Stefano Pilati, head designer for the Parisian house, mission is to create a more personal feel for the collection. According to an YSL spokesperson, Pilati’s aim is to “reduce the distance between editors and the clothing. And to create a more tangible experience whereby guests can touch and fully appreciate the intricacy of detail in the collection.” The upcoming video-presentation is slated for January 16th for hand-selected fashion press and retailers. The model featured in the seven-minute feature is Brit actor—Brain Woods.

The fortunate is the video is available the next day for the non-selected attendees. Well, that’s thoughtful YSL!

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately it looks like the euro fashion houses are going back to the LOGO crazy days of design...smh