Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Welcome to MaleStyle Review!

The new blog in blogsphere has launched!

Here is a little backdrop on the creation of MaleStyle Review:

“I remember visiting the terrific-and-├╝ber blog: “The Sartorialist.” I was captivated by the imagery and passion Scott Schuman had for candid street style (see photo atop).Besides documenting stylish subjects with his Canon lenses, he expressed a ‘like’ that millions of Sartorialist viewers per-day sync with. With MaleStyle Review, my sole purpose and mission is to proudly showcase and highlight the style offerings men today connect and represent with. Is style only about Fashion and Designers? No! It’s the books we read; the artists we groove to on our iPods; the museums we visit; the stocks we invest in and so much more….. On MS R, we cover a broad style spectrum ranging from new technology to vintage-keepsakes in Milan."

I wanted something fresh; something new; simply put—a cutting-edge blog just for MEN.

Ladies, I welcome you to MS R as well. Where else would you find where to secure a slick new shaving kit for your special gent?! Only here at MS R!

Enjoy the MaleStyle Review blog and should you have any questions, ideas, or concerns feel free to shoot me over a message at: malestylereview@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting and reading MaleStyle Review!

-Mr. MSR


imhaute said...

loving this! about time we had a GOOD blog dedicated to male style!!!!

Mega said...

about cot damn time

eveready1914 said...

I'm proud of you cuzzo, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


NSURANZ said...

From your Brother on the West Coast Madd Love to your creative mindset....we've been blessed.

Zandile said...

woooooooooooww! i am loving the love g uys are giving you mr. msr. it's really nice to see gents being civil and congratulating eachother versus the norm. WELCOME to the blogosphere! besos! zb