Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: MaleStyle Review GREAT

I stand on so many shoulders of great powerful men that it was important to dedicate a weekly post to a ‘great’ who’s impacting, has influenced or revolutionizing the world’s shape for the better. ‘Greats’ like it or not, impacts us in many ways that we should always remember to speak their names.

It was both fitting and rightful that MS R honors a particular man whose legacy is still resonating greatness. I present to you the man who had, undoubtedly, a clear dream for our nation: Martin Luther King.

We salute you and we say thanks for the great work.

Although he’s moved on, let’s keep his ‘dream’ alive and thriving by supporting the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

We salute you, and say thanks for the job well done.

In closing, one of my many favorite Martin quotes: “He that is greatest around you shall be your servant.”


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