This weekend Mr. MS R visited some shops and was elated to see the spring merch being displayed so richly and plentiful. A plethora of bright hues blinded me as I scoured the racks. Overlooking the brightness, I spotted a few items that were definite purchasers. Here’s my breakdown of spring essentials to snatch up when on your spring shopping tour.

MS R favorite win-win Spring essentials.

Ralph Lauren- Classic. Timeless. Ralphie never disappoints when it comes to his American-designed spring collection. The collection this season is fun, vibrant, and outdoors-inspired. Each piece (shorts, chinos, polo’s, denim, knits, etc.) offers its own classic design sensibilities.

Shorts: Carrier Popplin Shorts, $ 89.50

Available Colors: White (lily-white in my opinion); Aviator Blue and Burmese Tan

Check the detailing and equal functionality this piece provides. The snap-tap detailing (back bellow and front tab pockets) and heavy duty zipper are cool elements any gent can appreciate (durable for all your loose pocket trinkets).

(the cotton braided belt in the picture (also R.L) is a perfect pairing for dark-hued denims. also comes in a rope style if you prefer a nautical look)

Nom de Guerre – Über-cool. Nom de Guerre is making the noise with modern style and sexiness to boot. N.D.G classic silhouettes are a pleaser for the savvy gent. This favorite is drawn from their ‘Young Americans’ collection (inspired from Pre-Vietnam).

Outerwear: Trench Coat, $ 862.00

Available Colors: Army

Weather the spring chill breezes in this Japanese construction number. This trench boasts a high collar and thick fleece lining. In addition, the excessive detailing is unbelievably wicked.

(trench coat’s travels any attire seamlessly: from day-to-night)

Vilebrequin- Born in St. Tropez and resides currently in every major 'exclusive' retail stockist across the globe. This [upscale] swimsuit company produces some of the best prints for men’s swim wear (mostly beach trunks). The popping prints and shouting creative designs has earned Vilebrequin recognition on white sands everywhere. Their hefty price tags (I just can’t shell out so much $$$ for meshed swim trunks. Besides, I can purchase fabric from ‘Mood’ and have the tailor next door whip up my own custom Vilebrequins. Aren’t I smart!! Lol.) for sure hurdles over exclusive beach admissions.

Swimwear: Beach Trunks

Available Colors: Too many prints to name (see for yourself), Cost: $150+

Boost up your inner confidence and sport them proud. Be sure to tell MR. MS R what onlooker twists their neck to take a peep.

Sperry Top-Sider- I remember as a lad seeing my dad sporting these and I always thought ‘what corny shoes’. Many years later (more style conscious) I would bite those few words and buy my first pair in Jeffery’s. Honestly, if I could wear them season-round and not just spring/summer I’d be a happy gent. I am sure everyone (ladies too) digs the comfort these cool boat shoes offer.

Footwear: Boat Shoes, Cost: $65.00 +

Available Colors: Come in solid and multicolor variations. (Kelly Green and Navy Blue are the best in my opinion)

Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes paired back to the aforementioned R.L. rope belt seals the naval look!!

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aawesome said...

That trench is MEAN! Oooo weee, I'd rock the hell outta that right there. I haven't heard of this designer. Ok, MS R for putting the KID onto something new. That's a good look for you. I have to check the rest of that collection out. It looks like it has AAWesome written all over it.